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She arrives at his place.

She nearly exploded then, so he quickly pulled out.

"Oh, my precious little Katy... not just yet."

"Oh... oh please..." she began to beg without being prompted this time, he smiled and began kissing her all around her pussy, without actually touching it. She squirmed and writhed, desperate for his mouth to be back on her, desperate for him to increase the tempo of his fingers... but he only went slower, and pulled out a finger so that only one remained, slowly in and out, feeding her frenzy but not giving her the friction she desperately needed. She was wound so tightly... she just wanted release.

"Katy... would you like me to fuck you?" His asked in an overly-polite, teasing voice.

She tried to slow her breathing, to bring herself back down from this intense, pleasurable, desperate high that she was riding... but she couldn't. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her, and he wanted her to ask for it.

She didn't want to give him the satisfaction. How was he able to make her feel so good? Was this normal? She had been given very little information about intercourse... and no one had ever mentioned this. She had been under the impression that pleasure during sex was something only men experienced... men and prostitutes? Not proper ladies... but, oh, god... she needed it so badly. To be filled up. To get some release. She relented quickly.

"Yes, master, please." Her voice sounded foreign to her... husky and laced with desperation.

"Yes what, Katy?" he asked as he moved up the bed, without removing his finger from her cunt.

She closed her eyes, took a breath, and said, "I want you... to take me... please... master..."

Though he probably could have had her on her knees begging and pleading with tears, he was too wild with need himself to wait any longer, so this was all the invitation he needed. He removed his finger; he pressed his weight gently on her body; pulled back to place his hard, throbbing cock at her slick entrance; and then he thrust in hard and deep.

Her eyes flew open and a gasp wracked her body. She grabbed his arms with both hands, clutching on so hard her nails were digging into the flesh and muscle of his biceps. "Ooohhhh" a loud, raw noise rushed through her teeth. It was almost primal.

He stilled for a moment, letting her acclimate to his size and the sensation of him inside her. After the initial pinching pain deep inside her, the pain began to wane and she relaxed a little, loosening the grip on his arms. He waited until he was sure she could handle it, and then he slid out and buried himself in again.

She closed her eyes and moaned at the sensations building inside her. It did hurt, but not as badly as she had expected. She had been sure, on some level, that he would tear her up, and she was relieved to find that her body was made for this... it stretched and accommodated his size, though it was certainly tight. Also, the natural wetness from the overwhelming pleasure he had given her made his dick slide in and out, tight but moist. The initial pain had turned into a dull ache, and the ache was somehow pleasurable.

"You okay?" he asked quietly, with a husky voice. She was surprised he even asked. She nodded, then quickly added "Yes, master," because she didn't want to risk angering him in this position. He smiled, "good girl, Katy." And he began to slide out and thrust in over and over. She closed her eyes and soaked in the amazing sensation. It was spectacular... the now familiar building she had come to know that meant she was going to orgasm was coursing through her body, moving rabidly like a wildfire; but it was different this time. It was deeper, more intense... her entire body was being wound up tight, and she was tingling all over with need and wanton desire.

She started to feel faint, and the captain said, with a small amused smile, "Breath, Katy.

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