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On the invention of marriage.


She slowly got up and walked gingerly to where I had told her.

"Hold out your hands," I ordered her. She immediately did as she was told. I cuffed both wrists with the first set of hand cuffs. Then I attached one end of the second set of cuffs around the chain the separated her two wrists. I attached the other end of that pair of cuffs to the metal rail that ran across the top of the foot board, "Back up and bend over."

She started backing up until her arms were fully extended. Then she attempted to bend downward. She couldn't bend far, but it was enough to have her ass sticking out relatively well.

"What are you doing Joe?" she asked worriedly. .

"Amy get up and come stand behind Jenny," I ordered her, not responding to Jenny. Amy did as she was told.

"Joe?" Jenny asked again, now figuring out that she was about to get a whipping, "What did I do?"

"I told you not to get off until you got Amy off," I reminded her, "I think it's only fair that she punish you. I want you to ask her to spank you for not eating her out until she got off and that you're sorry for getting off first."

"No! Please don't spank me," she said beginning to cry, "I won't do it again. I promise."

"Do you want more licks? You are already getting twenty-five licks. Do you want forty?" I asked getting angry.

"No! I'm sorry," she said quickly, "Amy, I'm so sorry for getting off before I got you off. I really enjoy eating you out. I just couldn't stop myself."

I had moved behind Amy during all of this and was running my hand down the crack of her ass. I whispered to her what I wanted her to say.

"I am glad you're sorry," Amy began, "But you must be punished for not obeying. But I am going to take away ten licks. But you must agree to do something for me in just a few minutes and you must do so with a smile and be very willing."

"Okay! I promise. I'll do anything," Jenny replied sniffing.

"Don't forget to count the licks," Amy reminded her as I nodded at her to begin. She swung the belt upward before bringing it down on Jenny's ass causing them to jiggle slightly. A red mark came up almost immediately on Jenny's white ass cheeks. Amy's tits bounced wildly as she did. Even though I had just gotten off a few minutes before, I was getting turned on by the scene unfolding before me. Jenny was handcuffed to her bed naked, while one of her best friends, who was also naked, was whipping her ass with a leather belt-and Jenny was counting the licks.

Amy turned Jenny's pale, white ass cheeks into a fiery, red surface. Jenny was sobbing uncontrollably. I uncuffed her from the bed and had them hug.

"Kiss her Jenny," I continued to spout off orders. They shared a kiss as I put Amy's hands on Jenny's freshly spanked ass cheeks. I made them feel each other up for a few minutes before ordering Jenny back onto the bed.

I had her lie on her back. I cuffed each hand to the headboard, directly above her head. This caused her arms to be pulled tight against the side of her head, making her tits flatten out-which she didn't like.

I then got between her legs and pushed them way back, causing her ass to lift off the bed slightly. This drew a protest out of her, but I quieted her with a "shut the hell up" look. I used the shackles to cuff her feet to the headboard as well. They were cuffed at shoulder width. Her pussy and asshole were totally open.
I helped Amy put the dildo on and helped her onto the bed.

"Jenny," Amy began, remembering what I told her to say from a while ago, "Ask me to fuck her asshole. Remember to say it like you really want it and smile!"

As I said before, Jenny likes it in the ass as long as it isn't really hard, and as long as it is from behind. She hates taking it when lying on her back. With her legs bent back as far as they were, the dildo would go a lot farther than what she was accustomed to taking.

"Amy, please fuck my asshole," Jenny said as seductively as she could in the position she was in.

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