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Cori Banks goes on vacation in paradise, but pays a price.

Then kick the shorts away."

Again, I did as I was told. The zipper was a quiet one, but with the phone held close, I'm sure Celeste could hear it. My shorts dropped to the floor, and I kicked them.

"Now, describe your boxer briefs"

"Calvin Klein. Black. Very flattering pouch in the front, with a slot for easy access. Makes me look sexy. I confess to looking at myself in the mirror with only my Calvin Kleins on, and it creates the illusion that I am one hunky guy."

"That's no illusion, Jim. You are one hunky guy. And to prove it, I want you to reach in and pull your cock out from the slotted front. Do not remove your Calvins"

This was getting hot. I was already hard. I removed my cock, and it pointed up at about 45 degrees, very stiff.

"Are you hard?"

"I am rock hard and throbbing."

"Wow. That's what I'd hoped for. Now I can begin fingering myself."

She got quiet for a half minute, and I heard moaning. I couldn't help myself, and I started stroking.

"Hey, I can't hear you, but I know what you are doing. Stop it. Stroking comes later. I want you so turned on that you will be like Odysseus, needing to have your hands tied to the mast so that they don't go to your dick"

I laughed and brought my hands down to my sides. I was throbbing all right, but I understood the excitement of delayed gratification. So I obeyed.

"Now, unbutton your shirt slowly, and drop it to the floor behind you. From this point forward, I will be fingering myself ever so slowly so that I don't cum too soon"

I unbuttoned and dropped my shirt. I turned to look in the mirror. Just me and my Calvins, with my dick sticking out hard and proud.

"So, I'm pointing my cock at you, and I want you to take it in your mouth"

"Hey, who told you that you were allowed to make requests? I'm in charge. Just stand there for a minute and let me visualize your cock. Are you long and thick?"

"I'm about average in length, but very thick. I've been known to please women, if that is what you are asking."

"It is. And I'll bet you do."

"Are your balls also outside the Calvins, or are they packed within?"

"Outside. I like the fresh air feel."

"Speaking of outside, you're on the right track. Tell me about where you are right now, describe your abode, and then the neighborhood"

I didn't quite get what she was driving at, at least not yet. "I live in a 4 room apt. in the city. I am in my bedroom right now, standing next to the bed, talking to you on my cell phone. Outside the back of my apt. is a small private park, usually empty, as this is an all adult apt. complex, and most of the adults work during the day. As it is 11:00 a.m., I'd say it is empty now." As you can tell, as I was speaking, I was getting her drift, if you get my drift.

"Now you're talking, Jim. I want you to take your body, your Calvins, and your rock hard cock outside to the park. Sit on one of the benches. I will instruct you from there. God, this is getting me hot. We'd better hurry, or I'm going to cum too soon."

I was apprehensive about what she was suggesting, but so turned on, and so into risky, that I thought WTF, I'll do it. I held the phone in my left hand, opened the apt. door, scanned the hallway, and walked out. Fortunately, I was on the first floor with a direct line of sight to the back entrance that opened on to the park. I walked down the hall, which was very quiet, as I suspected it would be. I talked to Celeste the whole time, describing exactly what I was doing. I slowly opened the outside door, scanned the park for people, saw that it was empty, and went out. The door slammed behind me, just as I realized that I did not have my key, and there was no way to get back in except to go around to the front entrance. As they say, excrement happens. "Celeste, I'm in trouble. I'm locked out."

"Good. The riskier the better. Don't worry about it. You'll figure something out when the time comes. Now go sit on the bench"

I did.

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