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"Hi, Paula," he said. I noticed that he was in the shallow end of the pool, and he kept his arms and hands under the water, in front of his crotch. With the water moving like it was, I couldn't quite tell for sure, but it certainly looked like he wasn't wearing anything.

I picked up the towel and his trunks and I took a few steps back with them.

"How's the water?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"Hey, it's great. Did you bring your suit?"

"I'm wearing it, under my clothes."

"Well, come on in."

I just smiled. It was kind of thrilling to me, to think that I had caught my grandfather naked in the pool. I could feel myself actually getting turned on by the thought that he would have to come out and get his trunks from me. I leaned closer, peering into the water.

He stood there, and then moved to the deeper end, flailing his arms. I could just about make out his bare butt. He dog-paddled in the deep end, far to the other side of the pool.

"Come on, Grandpa," I said. I picked up the towel. "I'll dry you off."

I will never forget the next few moments as long as I live. My grandfather pulled himself to the steps at the deep end and hauled himself over the side of the pool. Naked, I could see his big balls, tightly pressed against his body, hanging just beneath his asshole, as he spread his legs to climb out.

He stood and turned toward me. His chest was hairy, and his nipples were dark brown. His arms were muscular, and his body had the healthy shape of a guy that works at keeping in shape. I had no idea that my grandfather was such a hunk. He looked sexy, in a mature sort of way; his hips were straight and muscular. His pubic hair, wet and dripping, was thick and peppered with gray hair. His cock swayed back and forth gently as he walked toward me. He had a big smile on his red face.

He walked right up to me. His body was beautiful. His cock was a good size, the head of it swollen and pinkish-brown, pointing at me as it grew. He was getting a hard on!

"Dry me, then," he said quietly.

I looked into his eyes and I could see the smile playing on his lips. I dried his face, dabbing at the water droplets gently, then his shoulders and chest and belly. He didn't move. I moved behind him and dried his back, caressing his buttocks through the towel as I dried each firm cheek. I dried his legs, then, on my knees, crawled around to his front.

I dried his feet and moved up his calves slowly, then his thighs. That left only his nutty-brown balls and hard cock to dry. I gently pressed the edge of the towel against his balls, feeling the taut skin beneath the terry cloth. I rubbed the towel along the length of his cock then, stroking slowly. I pretended that I had to lift it up to dry the underside of it, and I could feel it throb in my hand.

The skin was smooth, the cock just beneath it hot and hard. I looked up into his eyes again, and they were narrow slits looking down at me.

"Suck it, Paula, if you want to," he said simply.

That is exactly what I wanted to do. I took his hand and lead him into the house and into his bedroom. Without saying anything I knelt down on the floor and leaned forward to pull the head of his dick into my mouth, moving my tongue around the head of it.

It tasted a little like chlorine and salt, and there was some sticky fluid right on the tip of it. I knew what that was, and that I had caused it. It was tangy and salty at the same time, and I licked it off. I could feel the smooth head of my grandfather's in my mouth, my tongue exploring the little crevice right at the tip. Grandpa moaned when I sucked hard on it.

Enjoying myself immensely I cupped his hairy balls in my hand. They hung low and heavy, having warmed up a little. The cool pool water had made them contract and pull up into the body. Then with enthusiasm I took his cock deeper into my mouth and let the head rest against the roof of my mouth as I licked the underside of it.

I sucked harder, and more of his slimy cock-fluid stuck to the roof of my mouth.

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