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A contest of skill turns into a steamy clinch.

He closed his eyes and gave into the soothing relaxation that the steamy liquid provided.

Time passed before Victor heard anyone or anything disturb the soft slumber that had overtaken him. He opened one eye and watched three men, all as naked as he had been when he walked out, come toward him. He sat up, with both eyes now open and smirked. "Looking a bit deflated there fellas." He nodded to the three limp cocks and heard the chuckling and cajoling that came from his three friends.

Jake and Baker slid in as did Samuel. Victor watched their facial expressions change from frigid cold to welcomed ecstasy. He laughed, knowing full well he had probably made that same face. The three men eventually opened their eyes and looked at the man in front of them.

"Did you enjoy the party?" Samuel asked, scooting himself closer to his lover and placing his arm around his shoulder.

"I did. It was a great surprise, babe." Victor's hand came up and fingers eased into Sam's hair. He pulled him closer and slid his tongue over Samuel's open and eager mouth. Their lips pressed tightly together and the warm muscles swept along side each other, tasting and drinking the flavors of the night's activities.

They pulled apart, each man feeling the effects of their kiss rush through them. Victor's hand trailed down Samuel's neck and over his shoulder, before skating down his chest. Samuel shuddered, enjoying the feel of his lover's fingers playing over his skin.

The other couple in the hot tub watched, both had known Samuel for several years and were glad that he had found what they believed was Samuel's soul-mate. Samuel had struggled with lovers, sometimes finding himself too dominating and the men in his life not open to it. They liked Victor though, he was a mixture. It was obvious to them as they watched the two men kiss and touch that Victor was comfortable with being submissive, but when push came to shove he'd become the dominating voice in the relationship.

Jake smiled and wrapped his hand around his lover's cock. He stroked it slowly as he watched Samuel suck on Victor's neck while Victor's hand dipped below the water. He heard Baker moan and knew that he too watched the show. Turning his head, he met Baker's hungry mouth with his and began to lap at his tongue with firm strokes and heady urges.

Baker's cock jerked in his lover's hand and he moved his under the water to grip and toy with his testicles. He groaned when Jake increased his rhythm and felt his partner's tongue slide over his lips and then away from his mouth. He trembled when Jake began to nibble against his jaw and then suck on his neck. "They look hot; don't they?" he heard Jake whisper in his ear.

"Yay," he answered back with a thick groan.

Jake began jerking his lover's cock faster and ran his mouth over Baker's slippery shoulder and bit the tender flesh. "Been a while since you've seen Vic's cock hasn't it, baby."

Baker felt his eyes flutter as Jake jerked his tool. "Sit up here on the edge of the tub and let me suck that meat off," he heard Jake tell him. Baker dropped his balls and sat up on the edge of the hot tub. The steam rolled around him. The contrasting temperatures shocked his body, but with Jake's experienced hands Baker wasn't concerned. He watched his lover's mouth open and he spread his legs wide, welcoming the blanket of hot tissue and warm muscle that enveloped him.

Victor watched; his hard on became a nagging presence that throbbed in his partner's hands. Samuel glanced at their friends and his cock slapped against his stomach in anticipation for some erotic play. "Vic, I need you man."

Vic groaned and felt his lover's fingers release his swollen member. He moved slid onto Samuel's lap. Sam aimed his dick head at the welcoming crack and ran it down the tight length. Vic moaned, reached back and grabbed a hunk of flesh in both hands, spread his cheeks wide and growled when he felt Samuel's hard cock slide across his puckered entrance.

Baker watched the scene behind Jake play out.

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