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Denise convinces him dress as her twin for Halloween.

Hence, it was definitely scary, not to mention surreal, to look back and see not one, but five different, insanely hot, older women, all of them perfect tens, each bringing their own unique flavor, turning from one outrageously slutty costume to another, as I stood there thinking how great it would be to one day see all of them beautifully featured in the pages of my own filthy, cum-splattered, porn rag, with Mom naturally on the cover, aptly entitled 'Eye Candy.'

Breathing in, I took just a moment for a short, silent pep talk. Over six months, my whole body had undergone rigorous training for a major challenge like this. I'd conquered the fear of fucking my mother, so how much harder could this be?

Seeing her next to Jasmine, in a leotard clearly intended for high school gymnasts, sleek, shiny, fire engine red, I couldn't believe how well she embodied my greatest comic book fantasy. Clearly, something as tight as that wasn't designed for a fully grown woman, lusciously filled out; busting with curves my eyes lingered over with forbidden lust.

Truly deserving to be worshipped, my first thought was making Kim crawl over and lick Mom's boots. With no other option, she nodded back, quietly spinning on her hands and knees. Reaching Mom, I watched from behind, enjoying the sight of her full-bottom, white cotton panties peeking from the rising hem of her short, navy blue skirt. Using her tongue, she then proceeded to polish the latex, tracing a line from the spiked heel over my mother's angled knee.

"Now lick the pantyhose," I told her, loving the power almost too much, watching as Kimberly followed orders with blind obedience, moving higher, tasting the nylon, leisurely grazing her tongue over the glossy surface, rising toward the cleft where Mom's leotard pressed up against her precious cunt.

"Kiss it," I said. "Kiss her pussy all over." Sure enough, Kimberly had no problem with this.

Sucking air sharply in her mouth, I noted Mom's excitement, despite feeling the tingle of Monique's lips, soft kisses pelting down my neck, sensing what seemed to be her growing infatuation with my cock, rubbing her black stocking against my leg, with one hand permanently fixed to my bulging hard-on, squeezing it over my spandex shorts.

Soon, Mom was gripping Kimberly by the back of her head, pressing the Asian schoolgirl's face flush up against her twat.

In my left ear, Monique warmly whispered, "May I suck your cock?" To which she failed to wait for an answer, dropping down, pulling it back out, before hungrily stuffing it in her mouth.

The challenge of orchestrating everything all at once grew more difficult the longer Monique demonstrated her wet, messy, highly persistent, sword swallowing technique.

"Lift her up," I said, meaning Kim, directing my mother to pull down her panties and bend her face down over the pool table. "Now spread her ass," I ordered next, watching as Mom roughly parted her cheeks. "Now," I said, turning to Jasmine, quietly held by Cynthia. "Make her eat it."

In no time, Cynthia forced Jasmine down to her knees, one hand clutching her by the hair, using it to shove Jasmine's face straight toward Kimberly's ass.

"That's right. Lick it bitch!" Cynthia yelled. "Lick that dirty ass!"

Judging from her tone, the hatred between her and Jasmine was unmistakable, as Cynthia cheerfully attempted to smother her bitter rival, shoving with all her might, laughing at Jasmine's whimpers, pushing with such anger and aggression that Kim's ass seemed to be swallowing Jasmine's face.
"Hope you like sushi, bitch!" Cynthia raged, laughing as Jasmine flailed her arms, Mom gleefully egging her on, spreading Kim's cheeks, aiding the penetration of Jasmine's tongue, which however reluctantly, Kim clearly enjoyed, literally squealing like a schoolgirl.

Seeing Jasmine, knelt down, forcibly rimming Kim's ass, my eyes moved from her smothered face, mostly covered by her long, sweeping black hair, down to the sight of her white lace bra, visible through her open blue shirt, loving the contrast of black an

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