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Susan and Carrol change in a surprise status.

I lifted her shirt up to her shoulder blades and began rubbing the palm or my hand lightly over her back. I worked from her neck down to the top of her thong, never venturing lower, then back up, moving all over her back. I rubbed each side, then massaged her spine, then rubbed all over her back again. After about 10 minutes she said "Rub my lower back, please?" My heart skipped and I began to feel a tingle of excitement. When she wants her lower back rubbed, it includes her ass cheeks and that is the magic phrase. At that point, I knew I was going to do more than rub her back.

I slowly moved my hand down to the top of her thong and then started rubbing and massaging her spine just above the band. Slowly I moved my hand down the left side of her bare ass cheek, crossed at the bottom just above her legs, and rubbed my way back up. I let my hand roam all around her beautiful ass, but not dipping between her cheeks at this point. I detected the slight change in her breathing. Her breathing was becoming slow and deep. Not fast yet but I knew it was just a matter of time. I continued my gently caresses on her ass and lower back until she rolled over onto her back and said "Rub my tummy."

The fun was about to begin. When we went from lower back to tummy it meant her pussy was wet and ready and we were minutes away from turning this sensual back rub into sexual pleasure. She pulled her shirt up, exposing her gorgeous breasts to me. However, in keeping with my current pattern, I didn't touch them. I rubbed from the top of her thong to just below the mound

of her breasts, rubbing her entire abdomen and stopping occasionally to play with her belly ring. (Another huge turn-on. I love to suck on it.) Still using my flat palm, I rubbed her skin gently but firmly all over. The desired effect finally took hold. She grasped my hand in hers and guided it to her right breast. That was my cue. I cupped it for a few seconds, then began to caress it and to play with her nipple. It was hard and erect and wanting to be touched. I moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment for several minutes. Then I looked at her and asked "What do you want me to do?"

"Suck them. Please suck them," she replied. I moved my face over her chest and gently took her left nipple into my mouth. I knew what she wanted. We had fantasized many times about her being pregnant and me nursing on her milk engorged breasts. She loved it when I sucked on her nipples like a nursing baby. I began sucking and manipulating her nipple as I believed a baby would who was trying to eat. "That's it Baby," she said. "Nurse on mama. Drink my milk." Her breathing was coming more quickly now and I knew she was really getting worked up.

I moved to the right nipple and began the same regimen. When I did, she grabbed my left hand and slid it slowly down her belly and into her panties. It was time. When my fingers touched her pussy I could feel the wetness. I rubbed my fingers over the length of her wet slit, getting them wet and slippery. "Make me cum, Papi," she said. "I need to cum."

I gently slid my middle finger into her wetness, then pulled it out and re-inserted it with my index finger. I then curled both fingers toward the front, knowing how to stimulate her G spot. (I learned this early in our relationship. I didn't have to pump my fingers in and out of her. All I had to do was curl my fingers up against her G spot and rock my hand up and down. That was all she needed.)

I began rocking my hand up and down while still nursing on her nipple. Her breathing became erratic and her hips began slowly moving up and down in a rhythm. I knew it wouldn't be long.

My cock was throbbing in my shorts and I was looking forward to her orgasm, knowing I would be inside her in minutes.

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