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Faulty goods can't be returned.

"Jackpot." Jade exclaimed.

Colin knew what she had discovered. The drawer was where Belinda kept her lingerie and nighties. Jade placed her beer on the dresser and began rummaging through the items. She settled on a pink babydoll and turned, holding it against her body. "This one! What do you think Mr. Avery?"

Colin didn't respond, instead looking at his daughter. "This is going too far Cassie."

"I think he needs to see it on you babe, before he can decide." Cassie remarked to Jade.

Colin looked back at Jade and couldn't believe what happened next. Jade placed the nightie back down and pulled down the aqua mini she was wearing, kicking it onto the bed. She began to lower the straps of her bathers and Colin looked away.

"It's O.k Mr. Avery. You can watch!" Jade offered.

Colin looked again at his daughter who nodded and then back at Jade. She lowered her swimsuit beneath her breasts and then further, down across her plump stomach and then below her hips. She in turn kicked it onto the bed and it landed beside Colin's leg. Colin's eyes were drawn to her pussy like a bee to pollen. Her perfectly hairless mound and the slit at the top of her thighs. And then she turned, presenting her large rounded ass to him, the dark crack and the treasure hidden inside. She lifted her arms into the babydoll and pulled it down over her breasts and ass. Turning and modeling for her audience, Jade asked how she looked. Her breasts were larger than Belinda's as well as her hips and she filled out the lingerie beautifully.

"Well I think you look pretty." Cassie said. "But what about you Dad? What do you think?"

Again Colin didn't respond, he was ashamed at himself, his body had let him down, had given in. He cursed himself for changing into sweatpants and at any moment the girls would notice. And then it happened.

"Oh. I think that's your answer." Cassie pointed towards her father's crotch and the erection that proudly protruded through his pants.

"Oh Mr. Avery, Is that for me? I'm so flattered." Jade looked at herself in the mirror. "Are there matching panties?"

Colin shook his head. He couldn't find words. His wife was away from home and his daughters best friend was parading around his bedroom first naked and now half naked. He was a nervous wreck.

Cassie watched her father's eyes, not leaving Jade's body for an instant. What she felt inside was strange. Was it jealousy? Why would I feel jealous, he's my father? Do I want him to look at me like that? She asked herself. The answer came unexpectedly. Yes she did.

"Actually I think I might wear something of Mom's as well, what do you think Daddy?"

The prospect of his daughter wearing his wife's lingerie wasn't something Colin had ever contemplated. He'd never looked at her sexually. Of course he noticed her body had matured and she did now look very much like his wife when he met her but he had no desire to see her naked, or did he? "Honey I think that's enough now. You girls have had your fun, it's time for bed."

"But Dad, you didn't finish doing the laundry, I don't have anything to wear to bed. Mom won't mind, I'm sure."

Colin felt trapped on the mattress. His mind was screaming for him to get the hell out of there but he didn't dare stand up. They'd again see his erection which he had managed to cover with his arm. He'd have to walk between his daughter and Jade. The potential of touching either of them was too risky.

"Well I have to pee!" Jade declared and walked into the en-suite. Colin followed her progress with his eyes. The toilet was visible from the bed and she didn't close the door behind her.

Oh Jesus, now where do I look? He asked himself. He chose his daughter. Cassie had picked a white lace babydoll very much like Jade's. He loved the item when Belinda wore it on special occasions.

"I think this one!" Cassie decided.

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