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Nina's saucy mouth earns her a place on the naughty list.

"I'm... just about to find out, Neil," he answered with an adorably na__ve smile on his face.

I couldn't help but smile again to match his own, attracted by the consensual assurance that Matt was expressing. Returning back to my member, he advanced, offering a long and conclusive stroke of his wet tongue up across the length, which again started from the base.

Predictably, I was overjoyed to have my member now totally soaked in a warm coat of his saliva, a shiver running down my spine.

Reaching the top again, he transitioned from the messy lick to completely encompassing the head inside his mouth, pressing down to take several inches further.

I collapsed down onto the couch with a quiet thud, my head lifting as I let out an embarrassing squeal in response. Matt, too, followed suit; he adjusted himself to trail down along with me, obviously enamoured for receiving such a pleasant reaction.

I felt him place his hands on both sides of my waist, taking somewhat of a supportive grip for leverage. His tongue continued to explore my cock, which pulsed lovingly inside his mouth.

"Nnnnh," I groaned aloud again, raising my head strenuously to glance downwards at him. With one of my hands falling to brush against Matt's cheek, he looked back up too, our eyes meeting briefly.

The sight was enough to evoke another consequential moan, seeing him beleaguered with sucking and pulling on my cock tiresomely. He looked infinitely cute, doing his best to please me dutifully.

I continued to groan and mumble, feeling him once again adapting a rhythm. He ritualized sliding down to take a little more than half of my cock-about as much as he could bear-into the warmth of his mouth, and then pull back, sucking and pulling.

The sensation was alcoholically exciting, also serving to express how we felt about each other.

For one irregular instance, he pressed further than usual, trying to take the entire length into his throat deeply. Only managing an extra inch though, Matt started to cough and gag involuntarily.

"Hey, hey," I soothed, letting him stop indefinitely again. "Please don't hurt yourself."

Matt sat up a little, looking to me. He kept a passive hand still on my member, stroking slowly while he took some time to recuperate and collect himself. I moved to bring myself upwards too.

"B-But I... I want to-"

Our lips connected again, cutting off his plea as I pushed forward to bring him down onto the length of the couch carefully. As we started kissing slowly, I tasted some of my own juices from merely seconds ago, and we enjoying the element of much more passion in our kiss this time around.

Regretfully, his wet hand slid off of my member, and I let him completely press into the pillows on the opposite side of the couch now, still moving forward with him to continue the kiss longer.

It was my turn.

Holding my weight with only my knees and his lips, I brought my hands down to my roommate's waist, tugging his own EMT uniform down to his ankles, boxers and all, just like he'd done to me earlier.

Our kiss broke, and I used one of my arms to support myself again, bringing the other hand over to grab Matt's cock. He was substantially shorter than myself, but no less firm, a large pool of his warm pre-cum pooling at the head temptingly.

I didn't want to lose points for a lack of originality, but I did certainly want the satisfaction of getting to taste his flavour too. Running two fingers across the head of his cock, I pulled as much of the sticky liquid off as possible.

Looking back up, our eyes meeting directly again, and I brought my fingers into my mouth, sucking while I stared. Victoriously, my cute lover blushed, biting his lower lip and smiling shyly at me.

With some of his warm, thick, and creamy juice spreading to puddle in my mouth, I enjoyed the texture much more than the taste, strongly bitter and peculiarly coppery in its st

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