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A night to remember.

His right hand cupping my head, fingers stroking my hair as he pulls me in closer; His left hand moving down my back, slowly but with purpose. I feel his fingers as they massage my lower back before his hand finds my buttocks and lifts me off the bed towards him, cupping them firmly. His intent made clear by the low growl in his throat as my arms wrap around his neck and the dance begins.

His right hand moves out of my hair and down to the string at my neck. His left hand comes up to aid the other as he unties the knot with his fingers and then moves down to lift the material up and over my head; leaving me standing there breathless as he takes a step back to admire his work. As he stands there gazing down at me, I bring my arms behind my back and undo the zipper, sending my skirt to the floor with a hushed whisper as it circles my feet. Turning around, I hook my fingers into the waist of my panties and seductively slide them over my hips allowing them to join the pile of fabric at my feet. His hands find my waist as he comes up behind me and his fingers make their way up my sides, exploring the smooth skin and subtle curves.

I hear his breath catch in his throat as he slides my long hair to the side and then softly kisses the exposed area of my neck. I feel my knees begin to buckle as he whispers into my ear and I hear his voice for the very first time.

"So beautiful," He says to me as his fingers find my breasts.

I whisper his name as my head slides back against his shoulder, feeling his arm tighten around my waist as his free hand continues to explore the supple skin around my right nipple. I know he wants to, he knows I want him to. Yet still he slides his fingers along the skin of both breasts, taking care not to brush up against my now very hardened nipples. My skin turns to gooseflesh as he works his fluttering magic, stopping only long enough to turn his head to the side, mouth against my ear, and whisper my name in return.

The sound of our names emerging from one another's lips is like music, setting the tempo for this dance we have spoke about for so long. Whispering in the chat room our utmost desires, which now we are preparing to write upon our very souls. I reach down behind me and using both hands to pop the button of his shorts. His hands leave my body for the longest second of my entire life, to quickly slide his shorts to the floor. He turns me around to face him, his eyes twinkling as I look him over for the very first time. I blush when I see his hardness. Drawn by my own desire for him, my first impulse is to reach down and touch him. Giving into my desire I do just that, gasping as I feel how smooth and soft his skin is there.

I feel him twitch beneath my touch as let out a moan and slide to my knees before him. He is looking down at me now in amazement as I stroke him up and down. Driven by everything I've known of this man, from the stories he's shared, the fantasies we've played out, to the sound of his growls and cries when he would cum for me on the phone. I take his member firmly into my hand and slide my half parted lips along the underside of the shaft, flicking the skin with my tongue and delighting in the noises that escape him.

I slide my free hand down to cup his balls, my heart quickening when I hear him moan. He thrusts his hips forward as I begin to massage them while I devour the head of his manhood with half parted lips. I feel it begin to slide through my mouth as my muscles relax and I allow my tongue to carry him deep into my throat. Satisfied as my nose touches the skin of his belly and I hear him cry out. His hands find my head as he wraps his fingers through my silky hair and he guides me.

He guides my mouth up and down, slowly at first and then faster as my tongue slides around his massive rod.

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