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Friends get revenge on rude girlfriend.

I actually began to put my hands up to get her to stop, but by that time I was pissed! Bastard? What the hell was all that about? I was still sitting next to the laptop in shock as Laura removed her sweatshirt and threw it on the floor at my feet. Snorting at me once again, she unbuttoned her jeans, dropped them around her feet, and kicked them at me. Now I was looking at the real thing, not an image on my monitor, standing before me in nothing but bra and panties and obviously pissed as hell! My immediate reaction was two-fold; my tongue became tangled in my teeth, making me speechless, and my cock suddenly decided to become absolutely rampant!

Once again, she stared at my crotch, her face twisted in disgust. "My mama was absolutely right," she continued. "Men are pigs!"

As she finished saying that, she reached behind her back to grasp her bra strap but hesitated for a moment or two. Then, apparently making up her mind, she said "Well, you've already seen more of me than my family has, Pervert!"

Unsnapping her bra, she flung it at me too, hitting me across my knees. I barely noticed however, as my attention was riveted to her beautiful tits! In her excitement, her breathing had gotten deeper and faster and was making them quiver right in front of my face! Her nipples resembled little pink bullets, and the surrounding areoles were tightly crinkled in emotion, probably anger. No matter, I was still speechless...

Standing in front of me, hands on her hips, Laura again snorted at me in disgust and, hooking her fingers into the top of her white granny panties, she yanked them down, dropping them around her ankles. She kicked them at me, kicked off her loafers and assumed a martyr's posture, completely naked, hands at her sides and face looking upward towards--who knows what. I was pissed, really pissed by then! On the other hand, I was confronted with an entirely naked, sumptuous, hunk of extremely sexy "girl next door," who apparently was prepared for "the very worst!" from her point of view.

I just looked at her for a while, until she finally cracked, dropping her gaze to meet mine, and exclaiming in anger, "Damn! Now you expect me to act like a common harlot, pleasuring you! Mama told me that men would expect that kind of submission! I'll do it, but don't even think that I enjoy it! Just make sure that those videos are never viewed by Mama!"

"Harlot?" I thought. Who the hell still talks like that? Once she finished her rant, she dropped to her knees in front of me and began unbuttoning my pants. Pulling them off and returning to my boxers, she reached into the fly and liberated Mr. Boner, apparently much to her surprise. Springing into the daylight, it bounced in front of her, while she stared at it in confusion.

Confusion? Based on her behavior on film and over the past few minutes, Laura shouldn't have been confused by the sight of a cock, but she reached for my very stiff member with the caution usually reserved for approaching a cobra. Watching me extra carefully, she grasped my erection, carefully fondling it, squeezing it gently and, eventually, sliding her hand up and down along the shaft.

"Mama said that a man's brains were always ruled by his penis," she griped.

On that note, Laura slowly lowered her head, and breathed her soft, warm breath across the head of my cock. Watching her face just inches from the head began to stir stronger feelings within my psyche, and I brought my hands to her head, and guided her face to it, waiting for her mouth to open and taste me.

Slowly, hesitantly, her lips parted and allowed my cock to enter. Feeling her tongue tentatively running up and down the shaft, I got the feeling that she was a complete novice at this, and I began to worry about the introduction of teeth, given her shitty mood as she "submitted" to me. Sure enough, I soon felt her incisors scraping across the top of my cock, and I had to grab her hair and growl "No teeth!"

My gruffness was not due to anger; it

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