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He graduated a year early and went to Harmony College, one of the last good schools in North America. The how and why behind his departure astounded many people. At a press conference, the six-foot-four, 240-pound African-American running back announced to the world that he was bisexual.

Everyone was shocked. I wasn't. I've known Steven ever since I could remember. In our youth, he was the bold, intrepid leader of the guys and I was the tomboy who followed them around. I got into the whole volleyball thing because of him. He encouraged me to play volleyball when my family members thought I was just a chubby brat with zero athletic talent. Steve believed in me when nobody else did. I wasn't about to turn my back on him simply because of his sexual orientation. I'm not that shallow. In today's world, decent people, both men and women, are hard to find. When you find a good friend, it's something you should treasure. I treasured my relationship with Steve, the chronic do-gooder I have loved ever since I could remember.

I ran into him at Harmony College, which is exactly what I wanted all along. Harmony College was a fairly liberal place, and I was pleased to discover that Steve was on the Men's Varsity Rugby team. He didn't play Football anymore. I was surprised. He told me that although most of the folks at Harmony College were cool, some of the student-athletes, both male and female, didn't exactly approve of an openly bisexual African-American athlete. There was a lot of homophobia among the coaching staff and the Athletic Department administrators as well. I was ticked off. What kind of a place was this? They clearly stated that they didn't allow discrimination of any kind. Yet Steve, one of the best running backs in New England High School Football history was denied his place on the Football team. Bunch of homophobes. How I despised them for it.

All I could do was to be there for the man that I....Oops, I mean my best friend. If only Steve would stop and notice what was right in front of him. I'm a tall, fit, and dare I say damn gorgeous woman. Men and women have been hitting on me for a while. Everyone from male and female professors to the Women's Volleyball team captain and a certain sexy Field Hockey star have been eyeballing me lustfully. Oh, well. Truth be told, I enjoyed the attention. Who can honestly say they don't like getting checked out? No matter how much I enjoy flirting with both sexes, I am strictly heterosexual. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

I've dated a few guys in high school. However, the only person I've ever loved is Steve. He's like a god among men. Unfortunately, he dates other women and sometimes men, but never sees me as anything more than a friend. He's a good guy, really. He comes to all of my Volleyball games. Win or lose, he's there to cheer me up. I'm always happy to know he's out there in the stands, cheering for me. My parents would be the ones normally doing that but they're all the way back in Brockton, Massachusetts. Hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Steve hasn't spoken to his parents since he left Brockton. They had known he was bisexual and didn't approve of it, though it's not something they discussed at the dinner table. When he came out at the press conference after winning the Massachusetts Division One High School Football Championship for Brockton High School, they were crushed. They thought he was throwing his life away. Before he came out, scouts from schools like Boston College, Northeastern University and even Ohio State University had come calling. Since he outed himself to the world, they stopped calling.

Luckily, he still had an academic scholarship from Harmony College.

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