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A vivid imagination.

He could hear my heart on high volume as it pounded in his ear pressed to my body. I caressed the silky clean hair of his head as his one arm went around my waist and left hand cupped the ribs next to the pout of my right teat.

This position the two of us had engaged in reminded me of something that had happened very long ago but was fresh in my mind thinking about my son and sex. "Honey? Do you remember when you came downstairs on a few occasions back in when we lived on Ridgecrest Drive, and you found mommy and daddy doing it?"

"God! Mom, I'd never forget it!" David's deep voice reverberated in the depths of my lungs and in the delicate shells of my ears both. "I thought the first time that Dad was hurting you. I heard you crying "No, no, NOOO!" and I wanted to go and protect you from him. But when I got downstairs and you realized I was there, dad assured me everything was all okay."

He continued, "I remember that you had your gown up to your waist and dad's boxers were down around his ankles and he was squatting between your legs. You were on the old blue easy chair. I didn't understand what was happening, so I snuck down to spy. The next time and the one after that, I was so curious as to why you were making the noises I heard, I had to see what was going on and if you were having sex. But I was too open in looking and got sent to bed with dad being angry. I wasn't sure why, but it was more than because it was just past my bedtime, I knew that."

"Yes, your father had been almost about to cum and didn't appreciate being hampering when humping. Coitus interruptus was not on our agenda in those days."

"I did sneak down twice more and peaked at what you two were doing when you were making those cries. I was very curious to see what intercourse was all about. You didn't catch me those times. I saw dad's penis erect and going into your tummy where it was hairy. I wanted to assured myself that you were not being hurt, plus I had an idea of what was really happening and was lured by the prospect of seeing sex. When you both shuddered in a paroxysm I knew something exciting and important had happened and the hugs and kisses afterward meant that it was all okay and nothing bad."

"I got news for you kiddo - I saw you, even if daddy didn't and that is why from then on we made love only in the bedroom with the door closed or when you were away at camp or your grandparents. But I kept quiet because I knew you needed to know that I was not being abused, but that it was a loving act between your father and me. But after that second time I was afraid that your father would catch you again and spank you for spying. So I decided to raise the level of privacy to our bedroom on the second floor."

David responded, "After I learned the facts of life, and was wise to what was going down, you should pardon the expression . . ." We both chuckled, "I listened almost every night on the stairs, with my ear to the door and ready to bolt back to my bedroom if you came out to use the bathroom. You only caught me a couple of times doing that!"

"Darling," I sighed and shifted a little with my hips to get more comfortable, "after a couple of times realizing that you were not going to quit being curious, we decided to just let you listen. We had the same problem with your sister; at least she used the intercom. So we knew you were there, we just determined it was not going to put a damper on our sex life." Speaking of damp, his lump on my mound was keeping me moist. I shifted again, not for relief or easement, but to enjoy the erection rubbing my clit though the thin, twin layers of silk.

"Did you use the Vaseline then when you were ease dropping on your parents going at it?"

"No, I had my underwear on, in case you caught me, and I brushed it up and down on the edge of the step thinking that I was entering your pussy!"

God! All this reminiscing was getting me hyper-aroused.

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