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A BDSM story.

ave all the hot water we need, and don't worry, no one around for miles"!

Removing her clothes, my knees became weak. Her body resembled that of a goddess. Still nicely tan from the summer, her skin a golden brown. She has firm full round breasts with pointy nipples, which continually become hard as the cool air sweep over them. Her slender legs with well-defined muscles from hours at the gym lead to nicely painted delicate toes. But what was this? She was clean-shaven! As my eyes cascaded down her body, the desire in me almost became intolerable.

Attempting to recollect myself I commented, "We need towels!" but as I moved around her, her hand grabbing my swollen member. "Please, not now", I said with a quivering voice. She laughed and smiled.

Escorting her to the shower, I wrapped both towels around her and then started the process of making hot water for the shower. In seconds, the water coming from the creek was hot. The steam rising into the air added to the clouds in the sky. I tested the water and helped her in, then carefully entered myself.

With a single flickering lantern hanging above, I could see every detail of her body, from her beautiful eyes to her red painted toes. She is indeed a goddess, "I thought". Reaching for the soap, I brushed against her hard nipples. A slight, almost inaudible moan escaped her lips. As I stood, she put both arms around my neck and pulled me to her, crushing her breasts against my chest.

The warmth of her pressed against me felt so wonderful; it had been years since I had felt a body next to mine. With my hands on her face, I lifted her chin and passionately kissed her. She spontaneously started to grind herself into me. While kissing her, I started to soap her body from her neck to her ass, caressing anywhere that I could reach.

Breaking the kiss, I looked deeply into her eyes and knelt. Taking one of her feet, I placed it on my knee and lathered her leg from her pretty toes to just below her pussy, and then I continued the process with the other leg. Each time I came close to her pussy, a soft moan would escape her lips. Standing, I lathered my hands and slowly slid them down towards her beautiful shaven pussy. With slow circular motions, I softly caressed her outer thighs, and then move to the inside. Never breaking eye contact, I then slid a soaped finger into her delicate mound, softly and ever so slowly as I began to rub.

She was now pushing her mound hard against my hand, while bracing herself against me. Within seconds she started to shake and with a load "YES!" she came. Smiling, I gently rubbed her while holding her tight while she recovered.

With a wicked smile, she pushed me back, grabbed the soap and said; "Now it's my turn!" With her delicate hands she worked her magic; making sure never to touch my hard throbbing member. She made sure every inch of my body was clean, then she leaned forward kissed my ear and whispered, "I think I have forgotten something"! Slowly, she knelt down, trailing her hands down my body as she knelt, until she was level with my cock

Wrapping her soapy hands around the base, she started to slide her hand up and down. I had to hold onto the bar, which held the shower together as her hands worked their magic. She then rinsed my cock and looking into my eyes slowly slid me into her mouth.

What a feeling! I had never felt anyone give me this much pleasure with a mouth. I couldn't remove my eyes from her as she slid my cock from her mouth and using the tip of her tongue lightly pressed it into the hole, then swirled her tongue around the head.

Sucking my cock back into her mouth she started moaning which sent shivers up my spine. This was too much for me, almost yelling I exploded in to her mouth. She never missed a drop, sucking and licking till my cock became soft.

With my weakened arms, I picked her up and kissed her deeply. After the kiss, she whispered, "did you enjoy that"? At a loss for words, I hugged her tightly and kissed her neck.

Regaining my strength, I turned the water off; and playfully we helped each other dry

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