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He needs sex, she needs money & tells all.

The two escorting guards drew their revolvers and stood in the far corners of the cell.

"Now you two darlings," Koko said with a stern voice looking at the women, "I want every man hard."

Koko purred and cooed like a stroked cat as the two women began their task. They had been told to strip and now both naked in the warm humid cell they wanked and on command from Koko sucked each captive man to rampant erection.

The men moaned and shouted some disgusted some accepting their fate. Rachael had been made to swallow the eighteen year old boy soldiers cock to the hilt the young man grunting and gyrating never experiencing such a heavenly delight before. Few of the men had even seen a white woman naked let alone received the attention of a growing expert sex slave like Rachael.

Her big tits were glistening, bobbing back and forth as she gobbled the young man, other men rock solid just at the view. Her sultry oriental colleague was holding two cocks at once as she then sucked another; the three men of differencing ages and appearances all groaning in unison.

Rachael was told to do the same; reaching out with her hands to coax firmer ball tight erections from flanking prisoners.

The boy was near orgasm and she pulled her mouth off him moving her attentions to another. Koko had said if any came she would shoot them herself here and now.

Rachael felt totally helpless; she was a toy in this cruel game. Some of the men thrust back eager for her attentions others looked to the ceiling embarrassed. Others spat at her, angry, seeing her as a Mobana whore; representing all they were fighting against.

But all of them were steel hard under her spell.

Koko walked up and down the line every so often gripping a cock giving it a hard forced wank; looking at the prisoner deep into his eyes enjoying her control over him.

She was teasing, laughing, and goading her prisoners. Asking them if they liked it, were they about to shoot? How did it feel to be the president daughters little doggies? She explain tonight after they were dead she would use a big vibrator on herself remembering their faces. "Can you imagine that?" She cooed seductively, elegant long nail fingers pressing on their bulbous rampant cock heads.

Rachael spat a dripping cock from her mouth the anger building

"For fucks sake you bitch, you fucking evil bitch!"


Koko's hand struck her face and Rachael went sprawling on the floor.

"It looks like our reporter cares for these wretches. Good listen up."

Koko explained as one by one the men were unfastened from the wall and their hands tied together in front of them. "You have five minutes for this bitch to make you come." She said pointing to the curvaceous blonde curled on the floor. "Anyone fails to shoot then your deaths will be unpleasant indeed."

As the guards and Mi Lei stepped back Koko peered down at the kneeling Rachael.

"Now it's up to you sweetie. Show them what you've got. And remember don't let them down."

The men descended on her almost instantly. They needed to come. Maybe it was the thought of a long death or the realisation that soon they would be no more and to seize this final chance of satisfaction. Or maybe it was revenge, a chance to a least hammer away at one of their cruel seductresses. Whatever reason Rachael in moments became entwined in a heaving mass of torsos, legs, mouths and cocks.

She arched her back as a cock slid without care into her anus the owner thrusting hard against her rubbery walls. She felt her tits pushed up into a mountainous cleavage as another torso straddled her thin waist his cock pounding into the fleshy tunnel created between her two pressed tits. Another man, old but with an erection of a teen slid into her open pussy, her thighs widening to allow him in

She gave grunts of sensation her body bouncing with the attention and she reached out with each hand grabbing cocks, her fingers tugging frantically the men thrusting their hips eager for her to bring them off.

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