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Followup to "Grandmother and Summer Break".

My beautiful Valkyrie touches her fingers to my cheek. "Sleep well my sweet sticky thing," she says, mimicking the lyrics of the song we just heard the beginning of.

"Don't think I can. Too much coffee."

"I will keep you safe." Ngomi begins running her fingertip slowly down my nose before picking it up and taking another run. "And I will help you sleep."

"Goodnight kiss?"

I feel the softness of her lips on mine as she answers by planting another sensuous kiss on me. I don't get a chance to see if the Sharpie comes out again, I've already closed my eyes.

In my dream, I'm standing under a gazebo in a beautiful outdoor space. My parents are there, as are Ngomi and her mom and dad. Some guy in a dark suit says, "You may now kiss the bride," and we embrace. A cheer goes up from the crowd and the Ohio Players start in with Sweet Sticky Thing. I smile and hope that I will remember this moment when I wake.


"We've got a plan, sleepyhead," Johnny says as he hands me a peanut butter sandwich. "Wanna hear it?"

I sit up and rub the back of my neck. "Mmm. How long was I out?"

"A while," Sarah says. She offers me coffee, but I wave her off.

Ngomi comes around to sit on the floor behind me so that I find my backside nestled up between her legs while she wraps her strong arms around my waist. I settle my head back against her chest and smile. A girl could definitely get spoiled having a Valkyrie around.

I hear the soulful sounds of Maceo Parker's saxophone drifting through the air as Johnny lays out the details of their plan. "Here's the deal, people. We know that Jazz and Funk mellow them out. Everybody saw what happened in the kitchen, right?"

Nods from Ngomi and me. Rapt admiration from Sarah as she gazes upon him with star-struck eyes. "We'll go out, three of us together for safety, and start turning on every radio we can find."

"And the fourth person?" I ask.

"Somebody has to stay here and keep the music playing, otherwise we're in trouble."

"I already told you Johnathan, I will not go anywhere without my sweet American girlfriend." Ngomi leans forward to kiss me on the back of my neck. I smile at her affectionate touch and the way she's determined to come to my rescue all the time.

"Fine," Johnny says. He's clearly irritated. I don't know if it's Ngomi's throwing a wrench in his plan, or the fact that she's called him Johnathan, or if he's just plain exhausted from everything that's been going on for the past eighteen hours. "Fine. We'll go in pairs."

"We'll need a place to put them," I say. "The mob that is. In case they get the idea to wander off and come after us again."

"Already got that covered," Sarah says.

I'm trying to pay attention to Sarah's part of the plan, I really am, but Ngomi is still kissing the back of my neck. It feels nice, and for the moment I'm barely able to concentrate on Sarah's description of the holding area. Something about using a couple of the meeting rooms as a disco.

I just nod my head and enjoy the warm soft feeling of Ngomi's lips brushing against my skin. I swear if she starts in with her tongue, I'm going to throw her down right here and ravage her, to hell with the plan.

"What do you think?" Sarah asks.

I give Sarah a little thumbs-up and go back to daydreaming about having my body pressed up against my beautiful Valkyrie. Mmm. And then the kisses stop. Why did you stop, Ngomi?

I soon understand as she lifts her head and begins to speak. "How will we keep them entertained? So they don't wander off?" Ngomi asks, before returning to plant more of her sweet kisses on the skin of my neck. Mmm.

"We've already scoped it out," Sarah responds. "Each of the meeting rooms is equipped with a PA system that we can patch into a radio tuned to the college station."

"The only thing we don't know yet is how to cure them," Johnny adds.

I reach over to my backpack to pull out the remainder of the Acapulco Gold.

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