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"I saw you dancing. You're going to need it!"

I laughed off the last comment, and decided on buying a couple of joints and also bought a few condoms as well from the bathroom vending machine.

During the cab ride back, Madison could not keep her hands off of me. She was a little drunk.

"Babe, you have to cool down, we don't want this guy to crash into a palm tree because he's too interested in what we're doing," I said.

Madison laughed. "Hey taxi driver, do you speak English?" Madison asked.

"A little," he replied.

"Well this is my stepfather and tonight he is going to fuck me with his big, fat dick," Madison laughed.

The cabdriver laughed either not fully understanding or assuming she was kidding. "I hope he spanks your ass first," he said.

After being dropped off, we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves. We stumbled into the room and Madison said she wanted to change, and asked if I could wait on the balcony. I took the opportunity to light up one of the joints.

It had been about 15 years since I had indulged, but I figured this was a special occasion.

Madison came out wearing a white teddy. She looked and smelled great -- like vanilla. The moon was no where to be seen and the ocean looked amazing under thousands of stars.

"Dad! Are you smoking pot!?" she asked incredulously. "You always said you'd kill me if I smoked pot."

"Sweetheart, I'm planning to fuck you all night long. I think this will be OK," I said.

Madison sat on my lap and took the joint from me. "You know I've smoked pot before right," she said. I have to admit all these confessions were not sitting well with me. My dick told me to let it go.

"No I didn't. But before you tell me about that, tell me about Lisa eating your pussy," I said.

Madison exhaled and smiled. "I knew you would want to hear that story."

"Do you remember the weekend you ungrounded me for coming home drunk? I spent the night at her house. Well Lisa was watching me get dressed and said that she was jealous of my big titties," Madison recalled, while I stroked her hair with my hand.

"She said she had heard that getting your titties sucked would make them bigger. I asked her why she didn't just get some guy to do that then. I knew that Lisa was she was still a virgin, but that she had had sex with her hitting instructor who's a woman. She said she didn't feel comfortable letting a guy do that," Madison continued.

Lisa was six months older than Madison. She was very athletic and had a tight muscular body. Lisa was an all state softball player. I always thought she had a very pretty face, but she wore very little make up. While she had amazing legs and a very tight ass, she was rather flat chested. Madison always admired her abs however and was always pointing out how "perfect" they were.

"I guess it's true about those softball players," I joked.

"Anyway," Lisa said, "she asked if I would suck her titties, or at least her nipples since she's kind of flat. I said I'd do it but that she couldn't tell anyone. After a few minutes I began to get really wet. Lisa was moaning and I was shocked when she put her hand in her panties and started to jerk herself off!"

"Lisa said that we should take all our clothes off and finger ourselves. I was getting pretty horny so I said OK. Then Lisa said she wanted to suck my titties. I laid back and let her. I was getting so hot. Lisa then started fingering my pussy. She said that my pussy was so hot," Madison said.

I was getting very horny and was getting very stoned.

"All of a sudden, Lisa starts kissing down my stomach and starts eating me out. You know like I said, kinda rough. It was OK though, and I let her. I came like three times because she ate me out for like two hours. I told her that I wasn't gay and didn't want to eat her out. She said that was OK but that she would go down on me whenever I wanted," Madison said.

"Has she, you know gone down on you since?" I asked.

"Sure, about five times.

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