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One man's experiences with women.


His hand is massaging my ass in an exquisite way. I place my hand on his cleanly shaven muscular chest.

Amanda is brazenly tweaking his nipple.

He looks at her. "Amanda, dear, let me undo a couple of your buttons. It's only fair. In a private dance like this we can do a lot of fun things."

Amanda has a wild look in her eyes as she looks down at his hand undoing half of her buttons revealing a lot of cleavage and a lacy red bra. He knew she wouldn't object.

Oh my god I think. Will he do that to me? I just have on my old sports bra.

He looks me in the eye. "May I?"

I say nothing and drop my hands submissively to my sides. His hand leaves my ass and slowly undoes four buttons. I can feel the cool air on my skin as the dress parts.

He stares at my chest. "Very, very nice, Cindy.

The compliment feels good. I place my hand back on his chest. It is so hard and masculine.

He looks back at Amanda. "Do you like the feel of my chest, sweetheart?"

"Oh yes, it feels so good."

"Is it okay if I feel your chest?"

Amanda's eyes open wide as she processes what that means. "Please do."

Billy's hand is first flat on her upper chest then slips down to the top of her bra and next cups her breast inside, skin on skin. She closes her eyes in pleasure. Without asking, he dips his other hand in my bra and cups my breast. I almost faint from the exquisite sensation. I can't move but just drink in the erotic pleasure of his expert massaging of my breasts and nipples.

"You ladies are so perfect. Yes, so perfect. Please sit"

We sit back on the sofa. Amanda's one breast is still outside the cup of her bra and she leaves it like that. I'm learning things about her that I never would have suspected. My breasts are small and naturally tuck back into the bra on their own.

The music continues its strong rhythmic beat as our dancer struts back and forth. I look over at Amanda and she has her dress hiked up to her waist and her hand is deep inside her red lace panties that are in full view. I'd often hear her masturbating under the covers when we shared a bedroom but had never actually seen her touching herself.

She looks over at me with a stern face, "If you ever breathe a word about this to Jack or mom, I'll kill you." Then she looks back up at Billy with a look of lusty wonder.

He looks down at her, "You have such beautiful legs Amanda. If you are showing me your legs I should show you mine. Fairs fair." Then he looks over at my legs, still covered by my dress.

What harm would it do to show him my legs? I take the hem of my dress and pull it up to my upper thigh still hiding my panties It's not that I'm ashamed of my panties. They are a new, very girlie pair. But I know there is a wet spot on the crotch and that's just too embarrassing.

"Cindy your legs are so beautiful. They're perfect." He is such a flirt but the compliment makes me feel great.

He stands back and slowly unbuckles his belt and unzips. Jet black underwear show. He turns and slowly drops his pants revealing two bare buttocks with a small black G-string in the crack. The ass-cheeks are perfectly toned and tanned. He gyrates and thrusts his hips as if he's having sex.

Amanda gives a husky groan at the sight. My pussy is crying to be touched and I can't stand it anymore. I spread my knees like a common harlot and slip a hand to the outside of my damp panty crotch.

He turns back and looks at me pleasuring myself and smiles that beautiful smile. I can die of embarrassment, but I can't stop my hand from stroking my cunny. Billy thrusts his hips in a purely sexual way as we two women stroke our private parts. I can smell the sweet aroma of my and my sister's love juices.

Billy can smell it too and inhales deeply, "I love the smell of pussy. Oh, so sweet."

He looks down at us. "Here I am just wearing my G-string and you ladies are fully clothed. Is that fair? Why don't you strip down to your panties so I'll feel better about showing you everything I've got?

Amanda leaps up and it's off

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