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Tack laughed. "Nah, he landed on his feet. He's working for the man now- under real close supervision, of course. And the man wants to talk to you real bad about who hired you."

That little fucking bastard, she thought. "So you're a bounty hunter?"

He smiled. He had a nice smile, she thought. "Yeah, we're bounty hunters."

Hoof beats approached, and Tack looked up. "Anything?"

Ythes would have taken a step back if she'd been able. The man dismounting from the horse was the identical twin of the one kneeling before her, right down to the lop-sided grin.

"Nope, nobody behind us. They'd have played hell following our trail out of town, though." He glanced at her. "She OK?"

Tack waved at the other rider, grinning. "This is Lathan. You'd never know it, but we're twins."

Lathan bowed in greeting. "I guess Tack's been explaining what the deal is. Its three days to Lake City. You behave, and you get to ride. You screw around, and we'll tie you face and hooded the whole way. We wouldn't want to hurt you, but we won't lose any sleep over it, either. The boss just wants you to be able to talk, that's all."

She nodded. "You have all my 'toys', as your brother put it, and I'm sure Pony told you I'm no fighter, like he told you I have no magic of my own." She said, and then added in a purring tone. "But tell me, boys: why exactly am I naked?"

Tack shrugged. "Pony told us everything you had on you might be magical, right down to your underclothes. We'll give you something to wear, but it was hard to dress you when you were tied up, and we needed to keep moving."

That little fucking bastard, she thought again. "Don't bother, boys. At least, not tonight." Her voice had dropped down to a husky whisper. "I guess Pony didn't tell you about the other part of my curse?"

The twins glanced at each other somewhat uneasily. "What other part?"

"I have to get fucked each night. It's not a matter of choice- I literally can't go without it. If I don't get it, I start to get sick. I must have thrown up at least a little today?"

Tack nodded. "Some, but we figured that was from the knock on the head, or the drug."

She shook her head, drawing her legs up under the blanket, her knees obviously far apart under the material. "No. I can feel the need already. Another night and I'll be doubled up in pain- I won't be able to ride or do anything but scream by the end of the day. After the third night I'll be dead." She began to wobble her knees back and forth slowly. "So you see, I'm going to need at least one of you tonight."

Tack stood up, and the brothers looked at each other again, their faces stunned.

"She's bullshitting us." Lathan decided. "This is some kind of trick."

Ythes rolled over, throwing the blanket aside. Her naked ass was thrust up and back at the twins. Her cunt jutted back at them from beneath, the lips puffy and obviously wet already. "No bullshit, boys. Why would I lie? I just need one of you to fuck the hell out of me- where's the danger to you in that?"

Tack took a step towards her. "Goddamn! Lathan, I think she means it. One of us better give her what she needs." His eyes were riveted on her writhing ass.

"Wait a minute!" Lathan said. "This aint professional. We have to think this through."

Ythes stuck her bound hands down between her cunt and slipped a finger inside her pussy, moaning aloud with throaty passion. "Come on, boys. Just give me some cock. That's all I need."

Tack began to remove his belt. "Goddammit, I'm fucking her whether you are or not, bro."

"Wait. Wait- at least stash your weapons and shit out of her reach. And her hands stay tied, no matter what. Don't try anything cute, you little bitch." Lathan snarled, but she saw the bulge in his breeches as well, and just moaned louder as her hand danced against her pussy.

"Come on, Tack. I need it bad."

Tack hurriedly unlaced his breeches and thrust them down below his knees, having thrown his weapons belt a good distance away.

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