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Teresa teaches Thomas not to hurt her.

I kissed her once more and got up to go see where my wife was and if she was ready.

I walked into the bedroom, and saw how beautiful and sexy she looked. Of course I was still hard as a rock, and she noticed it right away. She said to me, you must be very glad to see me... I said, I am... She asked me to fasten her necklace for her and zip up her dress. I was more than willing to do it. I walked up behind her and pulled her to me. I proceeded to give her very soft kisses on her neck which always turned her on.

She reached behind her and grabbed my cock. She rubbed it a little and I proceeded to pull her dress down. She immediately stopped me and said we are going to be late, now help me with the necklace and my dress. I stopped and did what she asked. I know I had blue balls, and I could not wait until tonight. Little did I know what was in store for me.

I took my shower and got dressed. I went out to the living room and saw my wife sitting where I had just finger fucked the baby sitter.

Thankfully she had cleaned up her pussy juices when I went to check on my wife. My wife filled the baby sitter in on everything and told her we would see her later that evening. I agreed and winked at the baby sitter, and she gave me a very devilish smile.

My wife and I left and headed to the dinner theatre which was one of her favorite places to go. We arrived and as is usual we stood in line waiting on the doors to open. As we stood there waiting I pulled her to me with my hands holding her against me.

I began to kiss her neck and she reacted by pressing her sexy ass into my rock hard cock. She began to grind against me and whispered she could not wait until we got inside. At that time the doors opened and one at a time we filed into the theatre.

We were escorted to our table in a corner of the theatre. I seated my wife and then proceeded to take my seat. She grabbed my hand before I could set and pulled me down to her.

She unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock and began stroking it and said are you up for some fun? I said can you feel it? She just smiled and YES I CAN! She could feel the precum from my cock and how it was getting harder by the stroke.

All I could do was stand there and let her do it and did it feel good. I took my seat and the host came out to announce dinner was being served and the show would be starting soon. I looked I at my wife and she gave me that are you ready wink.

We ate dinner and flirted back and forth both said finally when dinner was over and the show was beginning. There were tables all around us, and they all had table cloths on them.

The table cloths draped kind of low, but if you paid attention you could easily see legs and feet under them. With the lights pretty much off making it dark and the focus on the stage, my wife pointed for me to go under the table.

I did and crawled over to her and as I got close to her pussy, I noticed her panties were soaked. I reached up and pulled them down over her sexy legs. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a dildo vibrator and handed it to me. I took it and place it in my pocked for a little later. I then began to kiss and suck on her inner thighs, leading to my prize....

I love the smell and taste of pussy and I certainly loved my wife's. I started using my tongue to rub and suck all around her pussy lips. She let out a little moan and slammed my head into her pussy. I started sucking on her clit and suddenly she clamped her legs against my head stopping me from what I was doing.

I noticed our waiter stopped by the table to make sure everything was alright. My wife assured him everything was more than all right and we had everything we needed. She smiled and gave him a wink and he left abruptly.

She opened her thighs back up and allowed me to continue. She then clamped them against my head again as she smashed my face deep into her pussy... Ohhh she moaned as my tongue flicked across her clit. I then stuck two fingers into her dripping pussy causing a louder moan to escape from her lips.

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