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A public fling at a baseball park.

If you want to go and see your friend, go ahead. I think I'm going to take a shower, then lay down for a while."

"Yeah, OK," the young man said, "maybe I will." He had no intention of leaving the house. He wanted to hang around with Aunt Kay. He knew nothing would happen, but at least he'd be close to her.

Kay found herself feeling uncomfortable sitting in the dining room, chatting with Frankie. The lustful thoughts she'd been having about him and memories of the things she'd felt when she was in his arms in the water continued to intrude on her consciousness and were causing considerable turmoil in her body and mind. She should have gone with Sue and Gloria, which would have been a lot safer. "Ah...I...I guess I'll go take my shower now," she said.

She stood up, walked down the hall to her bedroom and stripped off her shirt and swimsuit. She got her white terrycloth robe out of closet in the bedroom, slipped into it, and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Once she was there, she turned on the shower and took off her robe.

When the water was warm enough, Kay stepped into the shower stall, which was quite large, had two clear glass sides, and was located in a corner of the bathroom. She soaped a washcloth and, when she began to sweep the soapy washcloth over her body, she felt a warm, tingling sensation between her legs. "I don't believe I'm feeling like this., ah...horny!" she mused as the spray caressed her and caused an unfamiliar, but delightful, reaction, "I can't believe I'm getting turned on from taking a bath!" She shuddered as another powerful wave of bliss swept through her.

Frankie went to his bedroom when Aunt Kay went to hers, and was lying on the bed with his ears carefully attuned to the sounds in the house. His bedroom was across the hall from the one Aunt Kay and her husband were using, so he heard her when she emerged from her room and walked down the hall. Then he heard the bathroom door close.

Memories of what Aunt Kay looked like in the black bikini and how her body had felt against his continued to arouse him. After he heard the bathroom door close he got up, slipped out of his room and, sporting half an erection, he tiptoed down the hall, and took a position outside the bathroom door. He knew he was taking a big risk trying to spy on Aunt Kay while she took her bath, but he couldn't help himself. He reached out a quivering hand and, slowly and carefully, turned the knob on the bathroom door. He hoped she hadn't locked it.

His heart began pounding faster when he felt the doorknob turning. She had left it unlocked! He pushed the door open just a tiny bit. The clear glass shower enclosure was visible from where he was standing and he could see Aunt Kay standing under the spray, washing herself. At that moment she was moving a sudsy washcloth over her breasts which, although they were small, looked as perfect to the young man as any he'd ever seen. And her nipples were incredible. They were quite a bit darker than the breast, had hardened, and were jutting out through the white suds covering Aunt Kay's skin.

Frankie stared at the woman in the shower and felt his chest tightening. He had a hard time believing he was actually living out his long-held fantasy of seeing Aunt Kay naked. "God!" the young man thought while his heart slammed against his ribs and his penis began to harden as he gazed for the first time on the nude body he'd yearned to see for so long. "She's really gorgeous! She...she has a fantastic body!"

Kay finally stopped washing her breasts, even though it felt wonderful, and began to slide the washcloth over the rest of her body. That felt surprisingly good, too. So good she was soon purring with delight and trembling with anticipation.

Frankie watched, wide-eyed, while Aunt Kay bent and washed her shapely legs. He couldn't believe his good fortune! He really was seeing her naked! This was turning into the neatest summer ever! He was sure glad his mother had invited the Tobins up to the lake for a visit.

Kay finished washing he

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