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The game continues.

She knew this was driving me mad and when I finally came back up my brother in law asked me what I was doing down the so long. "Admiring the view." She didn't even acknowledge what had just happened but slowly moved her hand to my cock and squeezing it hard and fast through my pants smiling at the knowledge that she does this to me. By this point I was so Horney that I thought another grab like that would have me exploding in my pants. The evening dragged on forever and I couldn't wait to get her home, she had some wine and I could tell she was as Horney as I was I just hoped that the kids went to bed early.

Once we arrived home we opened another bottle of wine and relaxed as our kids changed for bed. We had already wrapped their gifts so all we had to do was wait for them to crash. I had just refilled both our glasses when I realized the kids were in bed so Santa quickly got everything in place and we settled down on the couch to enjoy the night. We have a sectional couch and she sat in the corner I of course placed myself near the corner so I could feel her legs and feet. She propped them up on the ottoman before me. "Honey my feet are sore from being in these heels all day."

Like I needed to be told twice! I set my glass down and slid to the floor sitting between the ottoman and the couch with my legs stretched out under hers and my back against the other part of the couch. She had turned a bit towards me making it easier for me as I slowly almost reverently removed her left shoe. I stared for a second admiring her perfect feet and toe then brought her shoe to my nose breathing in her scent. I repeated this with her right shoe and it was like manna from heaven for me. I took her left foot as it was closest to me and gently at first massaged her foot working my way down to her toes and we continued to talk about the kids and family and events of the evening. This was hard for me because other things was hard and guys know that when the little brain starts to take over big brain loses the battle but I was doing ok.

"That felt wonderful baby, now do the other one."

She moved her foot a bit so I could easily reach her other one and then without warning she placed it on my chest right below my neck flexing her toes and continued talking like nothing was happening. She had gotten up to fill her glass and when she came back I was about to continue my massage when she placed both feet on my chest and again acted like nothing was happening. I took this opportunity to massage her calves and as far up her leg as I could reach. She was now teasing me and would slide her foot down to my cock and step on it flexing her toes and squeezing me. I could feel the pre cum starting to soak through my pants and I think she did as well as she kept her foot there flexing her toes over the head of my cock for a while then brought her toes to my lips and forced them in. I opened my mouth willingly and accepted her toes licking them and enjoying their taste. While I sucked on her toes she took her other foot and rubbed the side of my face gently Lord almighty she was pushing all my buttons and she knew it. I spent a full hour there on the floor at her feet and it was the greatest gift for a hosiery and foot fetishist!

My lovely wife got up without warning and headed into the bedroom, I knew she was ready and at this point so was I.

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