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Guy recruits a beautiful coed to dominate him.

He kissed her everywhere the rose touched. He stood up and removed the chocolate dip and the roses, leaving the single rose, strawberries, and box of chocolate. He went to the closet and pulled out a chest. She looked at him quizzically but never said anything, only smiled.

He opened the chocolate and gave her a bite, as she bit into it there was something in her mouth; she pulled it out and was confused as she watched him smile. There was a piece of paper in her chocolate that had a message. She read the message and it said, "Another". He fed her another, this time the paper read, "Robe off" so she removed her robe; he also undressed at this point. She offered him a chocolate and his paper read, "Kiss" and he leaned over and kissed her. With a smile she let him know she was excited, he decided to give her another and it read, "Scarf". She was looking at him with a raised eyebrow and he pulled a scarf out of the chest. He tied her hands to the head board. He pulled out another chocolate and it read, "Right breast". He placed a chocolate on her nipple and told her not to move. He walked out of the room and came back with a bucket and a towel. She was giddy with anticipation.

He gave her another chocolate and it said, "Ankles high". She had no idea what that meant. She soon came to understand as he brought out some soft rope and began tying her ankles to the same post her hands were tied to. This spread her legs to an almost uncomfortable position. He told her to choose a chocolate and she chose the one in the bottom right corner of the box. That one said "left breast". He placed a chocolate on her breast and had her choose one last chocolate. Her choice was the very middle of the box. The last chocolate said, "Strawberry". He pulled out a strawberry and she opened her mouth, awaiting the fruit she watched him trail the fruit down her neck, across her stomach, down to her pelvis, and felt it being pushed into her freshly shaven pussy.

Her eyes got wide and he just winked. He removed the remainder of the chocolates and removed one last chocolate letting her know that this was his pick. The chocolate read, "begin". He picked up the bucket and pulled out a piece of ice. He started at her forehead and rubbed it down her nose to her lips. He rubbed it over them until her mouth opened, and she stuck out her tongue. He rubbed it down her chin onto her neck and continued the path to her belly button. He left the ice there and kissed back up the trail the ice had made. He then removed the chocolate from the right breast and the paper inside it said, "Remove strawberry". He winked at her and grabbed the other chocolate, knowing it would fall once he removed the strawberry from within her. The last piece of chocolate read," candles".

He slid down her body and slid his tongue all around her labia making her squirm and moan. He licked across her slit and barely flicked her clit. He placed his mouth over her slit and sucked to remove the berry. He ran his tongue around her clit and back over her slit tasting her juices mixed with the strawberry juice running out of her. He placed his mouth over her opening one last time and sucked the strawberry out. He slid back up her body and shared the pussy juice covered strawberry with her. He then removed another piece of ice and grabbed what was left of the one in her belly button and slid them both over her nipples and down her tummy across her pussy lips.

When he heard her moan he slid first one then the other into her hot pussy. He held them there with his finger while he returned his mouth to her clit and licked her into an orgasm. Once she came her finger fucked her pussy feeling the ice melting. He slid his tongue over her clit and replaced his finger with his tongue. He tongue fucked her and lapped up all her juices from her asshole to her pussy. He slid a finger into her ass and another into her drenched pussy making her moan louder than before.

They had never experimented with anal, but he was planning on it tonight.

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