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After a few seconds of this she felt his balls tighten in her hand and his moan grew louder and his fingers probed her ass deeper. Then all at once she felt like exploding again.

She didn't fight it. His tongue was deep inside her tight cunt and his fingers were magic on her clit. She sucked him harder and swallowed more of his cock. She could taste something slippery and salty move down her throat as he released his pre-cum. She began to scream now as his finger was in her ass, his tongue in her vagina and her clit pinched between the fingers in his free hand. Then, she gagged. A hot, sticky liquid was being shot in her mouth. His cock pulsated and then her pussy began to twitch.

Brandon felt Brittany's orgasm rushing to her pussy and then his mouth tasted her sweat cream at last. They came together in each other's mouths. He was amazed at how sweet his sister tasted. He sucked her long afterward savoring the sweet taste and stench of her twat. Brittany kept her mouth over Brandon's dick for a long time as well, sucking every drop of the tasty liquid out. Then at last, they stood together in front of the mirror. Brittany's legs glistened with pussy juice, his cock glistening in cum and Brittany's saliva and Brittany's chin dripping semen. They kissed and then they decided to shower, together.

Brandon stood up and looked down at his little sister. He couldn't believe his luck. Brittany looked so amazing with his semen still on her chin. He turned around and turned on the shower waiting for the water to warm up.

As he waited for the water to heat, he decided to pass the time with his sister. He lay down next to her and used his fingers to wipe the cum from her chin. Brittany gladly accepted his finger and sucked it, swallowing the last of her brother's semen.

Brandon kissed Brittany's forehead, nose, and then mouth as his hands rubbed her slick, wet inner thighs, slowly making their way back to her smooth pussy. Brittany gasped against her brother's touch and sucked his tongue inside her mouth as his finger found her pussy again. She began to press her pelvis into his hand as she swirled her tongue around his. As Brandon continued to slide a finger insider her she felt something strange building deep inside her.

"Use two fingers", Brittany whispered and Brandon obliged her.

Brandon was using the two middle fingers on his right hand and it was situated so that as he curled them inside his sister they would press towards her stomach. As Brittany slipped her tongue inside his mouth and her moans increased in intensity, he began to work his fingers in and out faster and faster.

Brittany screamed her pleasure as the feeling deep inside her continued to grow. It felt like nothing she'd ever felt.

"Yes, God yes! Brandon yes! Harder! Faster!" Brittany screamed as the feeling deep inside intensified.

Brandon had heard that you could you make a girl squirt by fingering her like he was. He had even watched a porno detailing this method. As his speed increased he began to press up with his fingers each time they entered his sister. He was excited when he felt Brittany's response.

Her vagina was clenching against his fingers and judging by her screams she was close to another orgasm.

Brandon felt his fingers getting pushed out of his sister. He decided she was actually going to squirt for him so he thrust them in once more and held them inside her until her pelvis started to spasm. As he removed his fingers he slid his face between her legs, mouth open. As Brittany exploded, Brandon tried to keep his mouth in the stream of juices being expelled by his sister. By some miracle he was able to keep his mouth close enough to his sister that he was able to keep the flow mostly contained and in his mouth. God she tasted good.

He had just helped Brittany squirt for the first time. He looked at his sister and saw her ecstasy deep within her eyes. She was out of breath as she whispered, "Wow, I didn't know I could do that."

Brandon just smiled, licked his fingers and then started to lick his si

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