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Sensia falls for Logan’s spell, or was she a White Tigress?

Then they switched. Peggy and Mathilda worked together, one of them would kiss and suck Marcel's cock while the other licked and sucked his balls. Marcel's legs trembled as he leaned back, groaning and relishing the pleasure while two beautiful women used their mouths to make love to his cock.

Peggy moved around and knelt behind Marcel. She began rubbing her hands on his buttocks while Mathilda sucked on his balls and stroked his cock. Peggy pushed Marcel's ass cheeks apart and kissed his cheeks before running her tongue gently into the crack of his ass. Mathilda moved Marcel's cock to her mouth, she knew her husband loved to have his ass played with and that he would cum soon. Peggy flicked her tongue closer and closer to Marcel's asshole. She spread his cheeks further apart and dipped her tongue deeper into the crack. Mathilda furiously worked her mouth up and down on her husband's cock as she fondled and massage his balls. Peggy's tongue slowly circled the sensitive skin around Marcel's anus. He flinched and groaned at the contact. Peggy then pushed her tongue up into his asshole. Marcel shuddered and cried out as the pleasure overwhelmed him. Peggy kept up her rimming of Marcel's ass. She pushed her tongue as far as she could into his asshole. That drove Marcel over the edge.

"Oh god, I'm cumming," Marcel cried out as his cock fired spurt after spurt of cum into Mathilda's mouth.

Mathilda swallowed as fast as she could but some of Marcel's cum dribbled out of the side of her mouth, down her chin and fell on her breasts. Peggy was still rimming Marcel's asshole when he pulled his cock from Mathilda's mouth and stepped away from them. He moved over to the bed and fell back on it. His cock flopped back against his belly as the last of his cum dribbled out. Mathilda swiped a finger across her chin and breasts, gathering up any spilled cum and offered it to Peggy. Peggy grabbed Mathilda's hand and sucked it down, savoring the tasty treat.

Peggy and Mathilda then moved over to Marcel. Mathilda got up and stood between his legs. She bent over Marcel and licked the cum off his cock and belly while Peggy moved behind Mathilda and spread the cheeks of her ass apart. She could see Mathilda's beautiful pussy and asshole staring back at her. The lips of her pussy were puffy and glistening with a coat of her feminine juices already. Peggy ran her tongue through the center of Mathilda's pussy, but stopped just short of her clit. She used her thumbs to pull Mathilda's pussy lips apart as she stuck her tongue deep into her opening, drinking up the sweet nectar. She kept returning to the area near Mathilda's clit but never touched it, working Mathilda to a fever pitch. Mathilda shuddered and moaned with each tantalizing flick of Peggy's talented tongue. She needed to cum and she needed it bad. She took her mouth off Marcel's cock but continued stroking it.

Peggy used her tongue on the hood over Mathilda's clit and gently pushed it back, exposing the sensitive organ. She slowly drew circles around the clit with the tip of her tongue. Mathilda groaned in pleasure as Peggy slowly increased the speed and pressure of her tongue. Around and around Peggy's tongue went, driving Mathilda closer and closer to a powerful climax. Peggy wet one of her fingers by slipping it into Mathilda's pussy and working it around. She took the finger and placed it on Mathilda's puckered anus. As Peggy pushed her wet finger into Mathilda's asshole she quickly flicked her tongue back and forth on Mathilda's clit. Instantly Mathilda came, her legs tensed up as she rose up on her tip toes. Mathilda's body shuddered and shook as she closed her eyes and cried out in pleasure.
When Mathilda opened her eyes she saw that Peggy was on the bed with her face next to Marcel's cock.

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