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Wednesday delights await the unknowing.

But I didn't care. I didn't want her to stop. I had this lingerie clad sex kitten in front of me gulping down my dick and getting it primed and ready to, most likely, fuck her through at least several orgasms.

I watched as her hand and fingers disappeared between her legs and she began to grind down on her satin covered cunt. This was always our foreplay. Ally would mount me and spend the next agonizing several minutes grinding her pussy over me w/ just the thin material of her thong or boy-shorts or whatever separating us until she was absolutely drenched and I was knocking on the door to Chafe-ville before one of us inevitably gave in. Thankfully, this wasn't one of those times, but I knew that in mere minutes she was going to be dripping. Which was fine by me because despite all my reservations about having literally hundreds of people on the other side of a flimsy door and wall, I was ready to give her the fucking that she so obviously was begging for.

Her tongue made dizzying circles on the head of my cock as she laced it with thin strands of drool. One of the many things I loved about her was that Ally could put a porn star to shame. She liked it wild. She liked it dirty. The type of wild and dirty where it's ONLY appropriate to pull her hair while slapping her ass as she calls you "daddy" in the background. Her fingers were a dizzy of motion between her legs as she plunged her mouth as deep onto me as it would go and shake her head with my dick lodged in her throat. Chris this felt good, but I was absolutely getting concerned with the sounds it was making. She wasn't making any attempt to mask it. I think it was time she lost a little bit of control.

Getting a good fistful of hair, I pulled her gently off my cock, relishing the sensation of those perfect lips sliding off the wet shaft as she managed to smile and pout around it. Giving it a good loud "pop" as her lips pulled away (I honestly think she did it on purpose), Ally looked up and bit her lower lip. She had me mad, and I could tell that had been her goal all along.

Standing up, those gorgeous dark olive legs leading down to a pair of heels that I desperately wanted to keep on her forever, she never took her fingers off of her clit. I watched as a bead of own juices slipped past the inner elastic and left a wet trail down the inside of her leg. I couldn't stop myself. I let go of her hair, dropped to one leg and licked her from just below the knee up to the edge of her soaked thong. I LOVED how she tasted. Taking the opportunity, I hooked my thumbs into the sides of the thong and slowly brought it down her legs, exposing her perfect bald pussy to me. Ally was the first woman I'd ever been with that waxed and she took pride in it. I made sure to thank her every chance I got by giving her a good tongue fucking whenever I was able.

I stood up and kissed her, letting her taste herself off my tongue, which I selfishly hadn't let her much of. Her mouth devoured mine as we hungrily kissed and licked. I pulled her off of me and put her back to me, facing out towards the curtain.

She took the hint and braced both hands on the rail before whispering, "I don't know what you plan on doing Daddy, but I might moan and scream real loud... Unless you have something to put in my mouth." She winked at me. I thought of how amazingly sexy she'd look bent over with my cock in her while she gagged down another man's cock. We hadn't tried a threesome before, but the idea did appeal (we gave it a try later on... More on that in another story perhaps). She wanted to play dirty? Alright. I reached down and grabbed the wet thong and placed it in her mouth, leaning into her ear. "Keep it there. If you keep it in there, I promise you something extra special later." Her eyes glittered with curiosity.

With that gorgeous tan ass offered up to me invitingly, I sank down to my knees and dragged my fingernails down her perfect skin.

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