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Together, Adam and Jake seek out Jennifer on the beach.

The nipples were already beginning to harden. I sucked one into my mouth and wondered briefly what it felt like to her to have her son sucking on her breast in a sexual way.

I moved from one nipple to the other and back until she squirmed under my tongue. I began slowly moving down her body. When I reached her pussy, I was surprised to see that she was already wet. Very wet. As I lowered my face to indulge in her sweetness, she grabbed my chin. "Let me do you, too". I turned her over and got below her so we were in 69 position When she swallowed my dick again, it took all I was not to come in her mouth. To counter, I began to slurp her puss.

After a few moments, Mother stiffened and a torrent of cum flooded my mouth. Although I grabbed her hips and tried to continue eating her, she slipped from my grasp and turned around. Without taking my dick from her mouth, she repositioned herself so that she was between my legs. She slurped my balls, and tongued my asshole wildly. I'd never had my ass licked, but after four licks, I was spreading my legs to give her better access. Much to my delight, she began to slowly spread my asshole with her tongue. Once it was totally inside, she twirled it in circles and generally drove me crazy until my toes curled. She began working her way back towards my dick.

"You enjoyed that", she stated and began to lick up the pre-cum that had pooled on my stomach. When she was finished, she went back to trying to win the "Best Dick-sucker Award". She reached down and beagn to fondle my balls. The world began to spin. At some point, she slid her pointer finger into my asshole. That was it. I bucked my hips, and shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She deep-throated me at the first sign of cum, and began to swallow.

When I finished cumming, she began to suck my dick very slowly. Amazingly, it began to get hard again. I moaned and from the door I heard, "Her dick sucking has put two of our kids through college". I tried to yank my dick from her mouth while my father and one of his friends, Joe, laughed at the joke that wasn't a joke. "It's alright son. Let her suck it". To her he said, "Hon, do you mind if I get a little taste of that? Idid help make it, you know".

I was thoroughly dumbstruck now. First my mom walks in on me playing with myself and sucks me, and now my father wants a turn. I didn't whimper or move as my father opened his mouth around my dick. Oh God. His moth felt as good if not better than my moms. I moaned once and gave into his sucking.

Mom meanwhile was working her hand down the front of Joe's pants. He needed no invitation. As mom began to pull his pants down, he pushed her shoulders so she could go, too. You never have to tell a pro twice. She began to suck his dick feverishly, way better than she did me. But then again, I probably would have cum immediately. And dad was more than enough.

It had only been five minutes since my last cum, I dilled dads cheeks just as I had previously done my mom. Thank God that dad doesn't swallow, ithought.

He released my dick and with his mouth filled with my cum, he walked over to mom. As I sat up to see what was going to happen, Joe sat down because he knew. Dad pushed mom down until she was in doggystyle position whith her ass suck up high in the air. He spit his mouthful of cum on mom's asshole and told me to come here. I couldn't believe it. He wanted me to fuck my mom's ass. Even after cumming three times in the past hour, my dick was still up to the challenge.

Using the lube that dad and I had provided, I began to work my way into her asshole. As soon as she felt me pushing against her asshole, she began to push back. After a couple of seconds, my dick was buried completely in her ass. Before I could regain my composure and get used to the tightness of her ass, she began to fuck back against me. I let her.

Dad had walked around to her mouth and stood next toJoe.

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