Waterbondage High Quality XXX

Brad recalls how he met - and later married - his Jeana.


As the music ended the thirsty and revved up dancers all headed to their tables and to the bar. Shay stepped up to the place where she left her drink and before she could place her hand on it, a hand picked it up and handed it to her. She turned around to see Bob standing there smiling as he said "Hello neighbor, nice dancing."

Shay took her drink and took a long sip of it and nodded to him and finally let out a "thank you very much!"

As the band started a slower song Bob asked if she would have that dance with him. Without saying a word, Shay placed the drink on the bar and followed Bob to the dance floor.

Bob knew the stance, he was a good dancer and she could tell that as soon as he reached for her. He placed his left hand low on her lower back and held his right hand high for her to place her left hand on. They started out thigh to thigh but somewhere in a turn he managed to get her straddling his leg. As Shay followed him all over the dance floor staying in time with every move he made, she felt his strength. He was a strong man and probably a killer in bed she thought to herself as his leg slightly caught her straddle. He knew by the look on her face that he had just hit a spot she had been very protective of. The Tequila at the condo had already got her senses keened in. Shay felt her nipples go completely hard and as Bob brushed up against the tight swimsuit fabric, he knew it too.

Shay's thoughts began to run wild ... as to Bob in her bed and the two of them having a night of sex that would rock the house. She could feel her pussy beginning to react to her fantasizing. Bob pulled her closer and he whispered, " you are holding me real tight Shay, would you like for me to walk you back to the condo?" he then lightly brushed her ear with his lips. That sent chills down her spine. Bob could read her body language. He cut his eyes to Scott who was cornered up with a nice looking lady, he was playing it cool.

The music stopped and it gave Shay a chance to pull herself together. She knew the look on her flushed face answered his question. Bob walked her back to the bar. At the bar she knew what she wanted, she was wanting to go to the condo and have some fun. She told Bob she was going to the ladies room and would be right back. His smile assured her that he knew what she was thinking. Bob watched her as she walked away. His cock began to really harden as he began to picture that sweet ass as he pulled it back and forth on his cock. He was thinking that the sand dollar he slipped into Shays hand earlier was going to prove the story to be true.

Bob finished his beer while he was waiting on Shay and after a few minutes, she still was not back. He began to wonder if maybe the lady had went over her limit and was sick when he caught the glimpse of an illuminated floral pattern under the black light heading out the door. He recognized the pattern and the man walking that suit out, it was Scott, and Shay. Bob exhaled slowly holding back a bit of anger because he suddenly realized, Scott had played the oldest trick from college days. Let the good guy catch the prey, then he comes in for the kill after they have been primed. He signed his tab and headed to the door and slipped out. He walked a ways behind trying not to be seen as Scott laughed and put his easy going style on Shay. Shay was just feeling her drinks enough to play right along with him.

Bob watched as Scott took her hand and placed her against a wooden Lifeguard Stand.

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