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Battles on the home front for the Warrior and his team.


"What? You mean...on a date?"

"Yeah. Why not? Other than you're like a gazillion years old, of course."

"Gee, thanks. Way to make a girl feel good about herself," she said mostly because she didn't know what else to say having been caught so off guard by his request. "Bryce? Why would you want to go out with me? Seriously? You just had your heart set on Amanda and now you're asking me to go out with you. I don't understand."

"Honestly? I don't, either. I know it doesn't make any sense, but...well, you said when you like a girl sometimes you just have to let her know. So...I'm letting you know."

Shania smiled at him then said, "That's...that's really sweet, Bryce. It really is. But you're in high school and I'm...not. And the age difference is a really big deal. If I was 30 and you were 22, it might not be as big a deal, but 26 and You get that, right?"

"Yeah, okay. But in four years you'll be 30 and I'll be 22, and now that we know it won't be a big deal...why wait?"

That boyish smile made her smile back. "You are impossible!" she said. "Funny but impossible."

"And cute," he reminded her. "Your words not mine."

"Yeah, in that boyish kind of way maybe," she said looking at him differently for the first time. "How about this? You play the violin for me, and I'll think about it. Is that fair enough?"

"Hmmm. Let's see. I have to spend hours and hours practicing and rehearsing then you have the option to say, 'Great concert, Bryce. But 'no thanks' on that whole date thing. Sorry, you'll have to do better than that."

"Okay, how about coffee again but I pay?"

"Oh, now that's even more insulting. Come on, Shania. One date. What's the harm? I'm paying, of course, so you can't use money as an excuse. And it can be any night of the week you want so studying or working won't be issues, either."

"You are very persistent," she said now smiling a genuine smile. "There's one other problem, though. I don't think your dad would take kindly to me going out with his son. Even once."

"No problem. We won't tell him. We won't lie, of course. We just won't say anything about it."

"I don't know, Bryce. It's just..."

"Complicated?" he suggested.

"Very," she replied. "Can I think about it?"

"Yeah, sure. I didn't really expect you to say 'yes' anyway, but I had to ask, right?"

"Well...I haven't said no yet, so...does that help?"

"I think it does," he told her before smiling again. "Yeah, that definitely helps."

"We should probably be going," Shania said as she finished her coffee.

When they got back to the Harper House, as Bryce called it, he asked Shania for her keys so he could warm her car up while she waited in his. Just this simple, thoughtful act made her think she might just agree to this one date. The fact that nothing more could ever come of it made it easier to consider saying 'yes', and it might be the very thing a guy like Bryce could use to jump start his confidence. Then again, he'd just let her know how he felt about her in so many words, so perhaps he wasn't quite as shy as she thought.

His tap on her window startled her out of her thoughts. She looked up and smile just as Bryce opened her door and helped her out.

"Well, thank you for the coffee," she said smiling at him sweetly.

"Thank you for listening," he told her.

"So...I'll see you tomorrow, I guess," she said as she watched her frosty breath disappear into the night.

Bryce hadn't moved yet so Shania smiled and said, "What?"

As she did he reached for her hands and took them. "Bryce? What are you..."

And then he kissed her. Just once and only for a second, but he did indeed kiss her.

She was so stunned she just stood there looking at him.

"It's really cold out here. You should probably get in your car. It oughta be warm by now," he said unable to stop smiling.

Finally, Shania said, "I do not believe you just did that."

"Good night and thanks again for letting me talk," he said letting go of her hands. Then he took one of them and led her to her car and opened her door.

She looked at him one last time but didn't speak

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