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He's such a needy son.

Don't you agree with your Emperor, Sweety?"

Junius was stunned when Davian addressed him like this but knew he was in his no position to disagree with the all powerful emperor. "I suppose so, Sir." he replied with a deal of trepidation.

"Well I think it is my duty to initiate you into a broad range of sexual pleasures. You want me to, don't you, darling."

Junius did not know what was coming but he began to become very nervous at these feminine names.

"Strip off now Junius I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine", Davian commanded.

Junius looked around the room unsure of what to do but Davian just tapped his fingers on the arm of his couch and waited. Finally, he took off his sandals followed by his robe and then his simple undergarment. He was now naked before Davian who had been imagining this moment for a full day.

Davian rang a bell and two young maids ran into the room and lay back on a couch opposite where now Junius stood naked. They were only partially dressed, each with one breast exposed. They were obviously very familiar with each other's body and they began to erotically massage and French kiss each other.

Despite himself, Junius began to find himself responding to the girls antics and there was nothing to hide his quickly growing erection. His penis jutted forward and pointed straight at the emperor.

Davian looked at Junius and commanded him, wakening him out of his voyeuristic pleasures. "Junius, come and suck my cock."

"You mean the girls, don't you sir", said Junius hopefully.

Davian replied with a yawn "I said you, Deary. Now get over here and suck my cock now or I swear you will lose yours before you leave this place."

Junius now knew that today would be a day when he would lose all measure of dignity at the hands of this powerful pervert.

Junius may have been a virgin but he was most definitely heterosexual. The thought of sucking Davian's penis was too horrible for words. But he did not need more words. As he knelt before his ruler who was now standing, he closed his eyes, grabbed the big dick and guided it to his lips.

His tongue reached out and tentatively licked and the head and tasted for the first time the salty pre-cum that had begun to leak out with the excitement of the moment.

"Open wide and let me!" hissed Davian and as Junius did as requested, the Emperor lunged forward and filled the young man's mouth with his hard cock. Davian began thrusting in and out of Junius' mouth, hitting the back of his throat, grunting and sighing as he continued the assault.

As for Junius, he was not sure what was happening to him. His terror and disgust began to lessen. His erection which had disappeared for a moment began to return and then it was raging, harder than ever before. He realised he was loving it, wanting it. He wanted to taste the king's cum, wanted to please his master.

Davian could sense this. So he decided to up the ante as he continued to fuck the young noble's face.

"You like this don't you. You like sucking my royal cock don't you! You are my cock sucking boy slut aren't you!"

Junius unbelievably found himself nodding.

"Stop now!", Davian screamed as he pulled away.

Junius was frantic. He had to finish Davian, and taste the cum that he had come so close to swallowing.

It was then that Junius' eyes fell on the young girls who had witnessed the whole thing. They had seen his complete sexual submission to Davian and their laughter was genuine and hearty.

"We thought you were such a stud Junius, but now we see you're just another pansy cock sucker." they giggled.

Davian turned to the girls and laughed with them for what seemed a long time.

Then Davian said "Girls, I want you to do that little job for me now that we spoke about this morning."

The girls rose from their couch immediately, grabbing Junius by the hand, and led him into an adjoining room.

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