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A young woman seeks her elusive golden cocoon.

It seems Rick had broken up with his boyfriend recently and they were trying to cheer him up - so they encouraged him to come over and say hi. I waved at them and smiled when Rick explained the story.

Rick was one half Malaysian background, and so his skin looked like it had a nice tan. He was a couple of years younger than me and slightly smaller build, although a little bit taller. That made him about 6 foot tall, slim build, dark hair, brown eyes and clean-shaven. Other than the skin colour and the slight height difference we were similar looking guys.

We talked for a while - but it was difficult to hear over the loud music. Rick then invited me to go for a walk. My heart was racing as we headed out. We found a nearby park bench and started talking. Rick was gay and plenty of experience. He was pretty upfront in saying that he was not looking for a relationship - rather he wanted to have a fun time. He guessed that I was new to the scene from the look on my face in the bar when I was standing there alone. Out of nowhere Rick leaned forward kissed me. After I recovered from the shock I started to relax and kiss him back. Our tongues were battling it out as we went deep into each other's mouths.

Rick broke away from the kiss and invited me to his place for sex. He was very straight forward about it. It was a take it or leave it offer and one to good for me to refuse. I could hardly believe, 10 minutes in a gay bar and I had been picked up and now I was heading to his place for my first man-to-man sex.

Rick's place was a short cab ride away. In the back of the cab his hands were all over my legs and crotch. I could see the watchful eyes of the driver in the mirror seeming to pass comment without saying anything. Rick had a nice flat all be it quite small. As soon as were inside we began kissing again, only this time he was removing my shirt as we locked lips. He broke away from the kiss and worked his way down my body, feeling my bulge on the way. He pushed my pants down to reveal my briefs. He began to feel and then lick my hardness through the material. Then he eased his hands into the sides of my briefs and pushed them down. For the first time I was standing naked in front of a guy and I was as hard as ever.

"Nice big cock" muttered Rick as he licked the shaft and then took most of the 7 inches in his mouth in one quick motion. It was all could do to stop myself from cumming there and then. None of the women I had been with like sucking cock, so I hard never really had a proper blowjob. I was in heaven. I began to moan as Rick sucked my cock and started to move it in and out of his mouth. He stroked the base as he sucked the tip. When he started to play with my balls I felt my cock start to twitch. He smiled at me and sucked harder then. All I could say was "uggghhh I'm gonna cum". With that I exploded in his mouth. He did not miss a drop as I fired what felt like a lifetimes worth of cum out of my cock.

Rick licked his lips and said "mmmmm I needed that." "Was that better than any of the women you've had."? I was still out of breath so just nodded."

I looked on as Rick removed his clothes now. He stood there naked before me and I almost sprang back to full attention at the site. His body was totally smooth. He had even shaved his balls. His cock was about 7 inches cut and looked like mine. I kissed Rick again and felt our cocks together. It was amazing. MY hands ran all over his body just feeling him. I was so excited, I felt like a kid. It felt so nice and exciting at the same time.

Again Rick broke me away from the kiss.

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