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Husband gets in on the act.

As a hiding place it was awful and she could feel her heart pounding faster, her breathing becoming more like panting, and she squeezed her eyes shut as the door to the room opened.

She didn't know why she did. It was just an instinct, an urge she had, as if there were some part of her brain insisting she was safer with her eyes shut.

That part of her brain was completely wrong of course.

She shrieked as hard fingers closed around her wrist and ankle, pulling her out from underneath the bed with a hard, fast yank. The expression on Jordan's face was torn somewhere between exasperation and amusement.

"Let me go!" It came out as a squeaky shriek instead of an order, and Jordan ignored it completely.

"I've had enough of your mouth, baby girl," he said, shaking his head at her.

A moment later, Trish was biting down on what looked and felt like a baby pacifier, except it strapped around her head and she couldn't spit it out.

She hated it.

But as she was bent over what had seemed like a padded leather lectern, with her wrists and ankles secured to the based, it wasn't like there was a whole lot she could do about it. She knew the pacifier gag was a punishment for telling him to fuck off. Even now she didn't know why she'd done it. She was already regretting it.

Jordan didn't care if she asked questions, he wasn't bothered when she disagreed with him or yelled or even threw a tantrum, but any time she became disrespectful it provoked an immediate reaction. Just like it had today.

"What do you think the punishment should be for ignoring a direct order and trying to go outside, hmmm?" he asked, almost musing as he ran his hands up her legs from where he'd just finished cuffing her ankles. He palmed her ass, squeezing the soft globes and readying them for whatever torment he'd decided on.

She made a whining noise behind her gag as he tapped the base of her plug.

"I think we'll start with this."

The plug slid out easily but the emptiness only made her more agitated because he hadn't said what he was going to do instead. She doubted it was anything as easy or enjoyable as just shoving his cock in. Which, yes would hurt initially if he was rough about it, but would ultimately not be a punishment.

The sound of the door chime sounded throughout the house and Trish squealed behind her gag, tugging on her bonds.

Chuckling, Jordan patted her bottom. "Stay right here, little girl, I'll be back once I've seen who it is."

She whined again, but he ignored her and left the room.

Which only gave her anxieties and imagination more time to grow. If she hadn't known better, she might have thought he had planned this... having the time to think about what he MIGHT do was sometimes almost worse than what he actually DID do. She wriggled against the padded leather, trying not to think about what an easy target the position put her bottom in, since she was bent over the higher portion of the stand. With her legs slightly spread, it also meant her pussy was wide open and accessible, another easy target for both punishment and fucking, depending on how Jordan felt. The support only reached as long as her breasts, ending just underneath the base of each mound as if it had been made for her - and maybe it had. Her breasts and head hung down along with her arms, and she was sure it was done so deliberately.

She strained her ears trying to listen for whoever was at the door - and to her horror heard the noises of people talking coming up the stairs!
It only took her a few moments to identify Marek and Laura's voices, and then she was tugging uselessly at her restraints again, making muffled unhappy noises around her gag. This was not how she wanted to see her friend! And no matter what she and Jordan had done in front of them - and even with them - she'd never been tied up with all her privates on complete display to greet them as they entered the room.

Of course, struggling was useless and a moment later the door opened, leaving her to moan in embarrassment as she heard Laura make a startled noise at the sight Tr

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