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Foot fetish adventure set in a fantasy world.

She didn't increase the pace of her strokes, but kept them hard and rhythmic. He barely felt any more discomfort from his retracted foreskin that sat nearly halfway down his shaft; the nurse's strokes were all he was focused on. He groaned again as the nurse somehow managed to shove her hand even deeper into him, but his tears had stopped. He continued to focus only on the nurse's stimulus but was soon distracted by another burning pulse of pain rushing through his rectum as she contorted her hand strangely again.

Then, finally, while still stroking his shaft slowly, he felt her hand begin to slide out from inside him and eventually pop out with a nasty wet sound. A loud sigh of relief escaped through his gritted teeth and his legs collapsed halfway. The outer rim of his anus was bright red and slightly irritated. His hole was burning and he was panting rhythmically.

"I'm certain that over your time at the college your taut little hole will be stretched very well," commented Nurse Claire Lilly as she peeled off her purple latex gloves. "I am going to examine you after every holiday. These rectal exams will start getting more comfortable by October, don't worry dear. You might even start liking it when my fingers explore your bottom."

Laura Klein and Jessica Lewis still intently looked at the boy, bent over the exam table with his bum in the air. Both of them were quite excited by the procedure they had witnessed.

"There's nothing that will help you get used to these procedures other than regular stretching of your rectum, which is why I'm going to let the girls also take turns in examining your bottom," explained Nurse Claire, discarding her latex gloves in a bin below the exam table. "Jessica, why don't you go first?"

Laura handed Jessica the tall bottle of lubricant and the brunette gave a long step forward towards the boy. Two large squirts of lubricant were put onto her right glove before she eagerly spread it across both of her hands. Just as the nurse did, Jessica opened his crevasse with two gloved fingers on her left hand and exposed the cute dimple of his anus to the cool air of the room once more. Paul braced himself and took a deep breath without needing to be reminded. Before he knew it, the girl had inserted two fingers into his rectum with relative ease.

"You'll notice that it's a bit easier to insert your fingers into his hole now as it was stretched just a second ago, however his rectal walls need to be stretched at regular intervals to ensure it stays nice and slack," said the nurse from behind Jessica.

The two fingers filling his irritated rectum soon started to become very uncomfortable again, and the burning sensation became present once more. His breathing was still consistently deep and heavy. Her fingers started to move in a "come hither" motion, which felt surprisingly nice. The girl continued to slowly massage his walnut-sized prostate gland for another minute or so before pulling her fingers out halfway to slip in a third. It also went in with surprising ease, but Paul squirmed as it pushed through his burning anus and popped into his rectum.

Jessica knew that when three or more fingers are inside of a boy's bottom the prostate is relatively hard to massage, and so she substituted the previous massage of his gland by wrapping her gloved left hand around his penis. To her surprise, the boy's penis had grown to a nearly full erection in response to her massage.

The prepuce was still sitting halfway down his shaft, and she noticed with her first pump of his penis that the glans was very sensitive. A few more slow pumps followed, with her hand carefully exploring his rectum. He moaned loudly a few times in response to her gloved hand running over the very sensitive tip of his penis.
"One last finger, Paul," cooed Jessica Lewis. "Deep breath for me now."

He tried to breathe as deeply as he could for the girl, who once again took her hand halfway out to add her little finger into his anus.

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