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Morning bed hair was never sexier, Hadley and Marcus take it.

Her head whipped around, her hair covering her entire face, shoulders and half of her firm tits. She suddenly stopped moving; she leaned down and plastered her mouth to Danny's. She stabbed her tongue into his mouth and just as quick, she sucked hard on his. She ground her lips to his and groaned out, "Oh my God Danny, I can't remember having an orgasm that intense before and I can't wait for the next one." She pulled back from him and slowly rose. She let out a groan as she slipped off his cock. Her pussy made a slurping sound and a trail of her thick, rich cream ran down her thigh. She reached out and grabbed him by the hand, "Come on big brother, let's take this to the bedroom. I want to see just how good you can fuck me. I want you to fuck me so hard, you make my toes curl!" She turned to Nicky, "Well, did you see enough, do you think you can do it now, or would you like to come and watch your uncle fuck the living hell out of me?" She smiled and turned, she wasn't going to wait for a response, she knew the answer already.

Jamie watched his older sister walk away, he knew he'd have to return sometime soon to tap that, just like Danny was about to do. He turned his attention to his young niece. He stood up and moved across to the large sofa. Drawing the blanket down from the back of the sofa, he placed it on the cushions of the couch. He quickly ran to the bathroom and came out with a large bath towel. He placed it on the blanket. All along, Nicky was sitting there; she was still in a stupor, coming down from the intense cunt-lapping her uncle had given her. He reached out and drew her to her feet; her legs nearly gave out, still weak from the orgasm. Jamie lifted her, walked over to the sofa and planted her on her back, making sure the towel was under her. He knew he was going to break her cherry and didn't want a mess all over the sofa. He rose up and stared down at the relaxed and sedated teenager. He took in her petite form; her brown hair was finally growing out. After years of looking like a boy, seeing her this way, naked and waiting for him, changed everything he ever thought about her, her trim legs and narrow hips, her bare pussy and tiny waist. He looked higher and her breasts were smaller than Erin's, a small B or a large A cup, the nipples were just that, two plump, stiff buds, no aeroules around them whatsoever. He looked higher and broke out on a smile.

Nicky stared up at him with those dark brown eyes. Her fingertip was running along her plump, lower lip. She sucked on it and heard her whisper out, "Are you having second thoughts Uncle Jamie, you better not. You got me so excited, my little cunny is on fire, you have to put it out. I can't wait for you to take my virginity. You don't have to worry about birth control. Mom put me on the pill nearly two years ago, it helps regulate my cycles. Please stop staring; you're making me feel self-conscience. Please come down here and take me, I can't wait any longer." A smile crossed her lips when she saw him step forward and crawl up onto the sofa, between her outstretched legs.

At the Reagan house, Linda retied her wrap-around dress to answer the knock on the door. Eddie, half naked from making out with Linda, jumped up, "I'll wait in the bathroom...where is the bathroom?"

Linda laughed out loud, "Down the hall, second door on your left." She opened the door and there stood Danny's partner, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) immediately Linda could tell she had been crying, "What's the matter Maria, come on in, come, come sit down."

"I'm sorry Linda, I didn't know where else to go. I thought I could talk with Danny, he always has good advice for me."

"I'm sorry Maria, Danny and his brother went over to Erin's place, something about some vandalism. He should be back soon; would you like a drink, maybe some wine, or something stronger? What happened, maybe I can help?"

"Sure, some wine maybe.

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