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Stacy and Christa spend an evening.

Good, we'll work on that for another day.' He smiled at her and gently stroked her clitoris.

Emma cried out and clenched her buttocks and James pushed her down on the bed. 'Be patient sweetheart, we've got a long way to go yet.'

He took another squirt of body lotion and told Emma to turn over.

James started at the back of Emma's heels, where the tendons stood out in relief and she could feel herself melting. His warm hand moved up her legs, circling the back of her knees and again, set her on fire as he reached her thighs.

He worked on the gluteus muscles of her buttocks and gently slid a slick finger down the crack between. Emma remained still, not sure if she should be enjoying this or not, but his finger became more insistent.

'My Lord? Is this allowed?'

James laughed out loud and pushed her legs apart. 'Relax honey, this is quite normal.'

He stroked her anus with a firm finger and gently pushed at the tight rosebud. Emma gasped again and he circled it gently and to her surprise, Emma enjoyed the sensation. It was comforting and exciting all at the same time.

James stopped for a moment and Emma turned her head to look at him, unintentionally posed in the classic porn position. James felt his penis growing hard again, but no, this was going to be slow and he was going to prepare her carefully.

'Emma, there are things that make me tremble with desire. Do you like the sound of that?' Emma was surprised and nodded. 'I am very excited at the sight of spanked buttocks. Would you permit me to spank you? It will make me very happy. I find the sight of squirming red, firm young buttocks very erotic, so please would you let me spank you. Exactly twenty strokes? Please?'

Emma could feel James quiver and this filled her with a mixture of fear and excitement. 'You know that I am your wife and can deny you nothing. Yes, Do it.'

James turned his head away and smiled in satisfaction. He stood up and walked over to the cupboard and took out a wooden paddle, shaped like a table tennis bat. It was covered with velvet and had a heart cut out of the middle.

'First, my love, ten strokes with my hand. Feel my desire.' He walked up to Emma and took her hand to feel his erection and then he started.

The first few strokes were gentle and he counted them. As he got to seven, he struck her a little harder, enough to make Emma gasp. The last three stung, but as he reached 'ten' he stopped and stroked her hot, red arse.

He took his straining penis out of his trousers and rubbed it against the hot flesh. 'Oh baby, that looks so gorgeous. He covered his cock with body lotion and slid it up and down the crack between Emma's buttocks and she moaned.

James stood back and picked up the paddle. 'Ten more my darling and I'll be in heaven.'

He counted the strokes, not stopping even though Emma was squirming to avoid the next blow and by the time he reached twenty, she was sobbing.

James pulled her upright and pulled her over to a prayer stool and pushed her into a kneeling position. There was a mirror behind and this was carefully positioned so that James could see her red sore arse as he fucked her mouth.

He held her hair and ordered her to open her mouth and he pulled back the foreskin and as she licked the end, he pushed himself in, almost shouting 'suck it!'

James couldn't hold back any longer and Emma could feel his penis swelling as he thrust into her mouth and all of a sudden she was swallowing salty semen.

James pulled out and dropped to his knees in front of her. 'Thank you, darling. You were amazing. Do not move until I return.'

He went to the bathroom and Emma could hear the shower running. She knelt up and prayed for forgiveness and wiped the tears from her face.

James, clad in a towelling robe, returned quite quickly. 'Wow! Your arse is still pink and it looks amazing. So now for the surprise.'

He went to the cupboard and came back with a carved cedarwood box.

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