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He returns after many years; how can she turn him away?

As soon as I saw this I went ahead and spanked her, quite hard. Ouch, she exclaimed and turned around. I took her in my arms and kissed her lips, passionately. Her lips tasted salty. I went on kissing till she started reciprocating. I squeezed her bums now as she started kissing back. I closed the door of my room now and threw her on the bed. I looked at her face. She was smiling. I was intrigued.

"At last you did it. I had thought you would never move." I looked at her, surprised. I was the kind of person who likes to do things and have things the way he wants. Now when I sensed that she had wanted me to do things and was subtly luring me to it, I was shaken. I also felt a bit betrayed. Because I had always thought she was na__ve. Maybe that's why I couldn't move further and opened the door and showed her out. While walking away, Rani gave me a strange look, a kind that said, "You are really difficult to understand."

A couple of months passed after that. Rani had stopped trying to seduce me now. We rarely talked now. I had assumed the role of the indifferent master. She was just a maid and rarely managed to get a look from me. All would have stayed this way had it not been for that one afternoon.

It was during the summer holidays of my college and the day had been extremely uneventful. The minutes dragged by as I played the same old game on my PC. I got bored and rose up. I got out of my room and started to climb the stairs for our terrace. Actually there was one spot on our terrace which got shady in the afternoon due to the strategic position of the wall near it. I had laid a mat there and usually sat there during afternoons. So I moved up with the same plan. When I reached the terrace, I was greeted by a strange sight. Lying there on the mat was Rani. She had taken her pants off and had her legs spread wide. Her dark hairy pussy was facing me and she was vigorously ravaging it with two fingers. She was also moaning very lightly.

Her eyes were open, but I wasn't sure if she saw me, because she went on with her masturbation as if I wasn't even there. It didn't take me long to get turned on. The view of her dark tribal pussy was certainly a treat. It was so unlike the rest of her body. The lips of her pussy were so thick and meaty. And the way her juices were greasing her fingers, got me very very aroused.

I stood there for a moment unsure as to what I should do. Then I knelt between her legs and stared at her pussy. I could smell her now. She smelt raw and musky. At this moment Rani stopped fingering and spread the lips of her pussy on my face. I bent over and did what was but natural. I pushed my tongue into her wet pussy. She squirmed. I moved my tongue round inside her, wetting her passage as much as I could. Then I moved my tongue out and licked her clitoris, which was hard and erect now. Rani moaned and pushed her pelvis on my face. I nibbled at her clitoris as I pushed her top over her head and took it off her body. She was naked now. Her dark skin was sweaty and glistening now. Rani's little breasts shivered as I went on licking her.

Now Rani took my hands in hers and pulled me up. I was shirtless and she touched my chest and then caressed my back. Now she moved her hands down and slid my pajama down. I wriggled out of it and came over her. She raised her legs up in the air and my hard on was now just over the entrance of her wet pussy. I entered her just as our lips met. She gasped as my huge erection slid into her. Then when I was completely inside her, her body eased and she wrapped her legs around my hips and started jerking her pelvis rhythmically to the movement of my body.

In a couple of minutes, we were fucking real fast.

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