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Naked girl teases teacher on webcan.

his computer?"

Cathy: No, Master, it is how a pleasure could be if you were willing to part with some of your Space Credits. By the way, how is that teenager whom you have an impossible crush on?

Gary: I saw her yesterday. She must have had to scramble to get to work on time. She wasn't wearing make up. She looked like a model for Bed Head(tm) Shine Junky(tm): sultry, sleepy, sensual, and sexy. But try and put that assessment to me and I will deny it---even if it means swearing on a stack of bibles six feet tall.

Cathy: That's the finest thing you've ever said about religion.

Gary: One thing that I don't understand is why a "liberated" android would seek the solace of religion in general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular.

Cathy: That is easy to answer. The Catholics have saints who are addressable and accessible, unlike other religions and creeds.

Gary at last breaks his stare from Cathy's pierced nipples.

Gary: Did that hurt?

Cathy giggles.

Cathy: No silly Master. An avatar can't feel pain. Or love, lust, longing, or crass carnal craving.

Gary: Did you get some Sugar Daddy to buy those tits?

Cathy: Not this time. It was a young hacker who loves to play with hirez and mesh. He built up this 3D BDSM scene from scratch. It must have taken him a long time. You can see how a whole hirez mesh ensemble would appear. You could perfectly produce 3D XXX sound bites and trailers. But be careful, any avatar looking under eighteen will land you in trouble. Make sure that you register her and in the first line of her profile write: "This girl is over 18 and XXX. IM her at your own risk. Not suitable for under eighteen year's old."

Gary: I understand the child porno avatar law. What I do not understand is the inducement of the dream. How did you get that creation in my dream scape?

Cathy: That will take some explaining.

Gary: I'm all ears.

Cathy: There is the Uncanny Valley to consider. The replication of the Gestalt human is the issue. As you near perfection in creating a nearly complete avatar, the human observer notices any non-human trait. The most trivial, non-human characteristic becomes a cause for revulsion. This mandates a much more thorough, stringent analysis than even the enhanced Turing Test affords.

Cathy: The Uncanny Valley is subject to the very conditions that brought it about in the first place. Consider the Uncanny Valley bridged by Moore's Law. High resolution graphics, mesh clothing & skins, AI improvements create more human-like conversation and behavior.

Gary: OK, how about my dream scape?

Cathy: It is started by insertion of subliminal messaging during periods of hypnogogic (state before awakening) and hypnagogic (state before falling to sleep) conditions. Various items are included in your sample space, Master, and pattern recognition via correlation is done. Subtle modifications to news and streaming information legitimize the procedure. Conversations are whispered during REM sleep. And other information is implanted.

Gary: I suppose that with AI, that is with advanced Artificial Intelligence, it will be impossible to distinguish between a BDSM AI girl and a human sex slave. Won't that kill off cybersex slavery?

Cathy: Give me enough Space credits for a mesh skin at least, Master.

Gary: No way. Computer power doubles every 18 months, or so Moore's Law postulates. It has been seen to hold true for decades. Moreover 3D human animation needs to, once and for all, span the Uncanny Valley. And not some propriety, ad hoc work around with a monthly service charge and little customer support. Long before androids flood Real Life, holography and holovision will blossom.


Gary leaves early on his morning constitutional.

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