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Four is not a crowd for Paul and the girls.

Slowly that became okay in your head as well as your heart. A fortnight ago, you kissed him.

Your romance flared up bright and hot. Your thoughts were consumed with him and you brought him to your bed with great anticipation. He did not disappoint.

Tristam was a passionate and patient lover, eager to please you first before taking you as his own. His body was beautiful due more to genetics than the three kilometer runs he would take. He made you feel loved, desired, cherished, and consumed all at once. You'd never felt it before.

Turning from the window, you hear him come into the house with the key you'd given him. He walks up the stairs to your bedroom and steps in holding a single rose.

His face is serious as he walks up and kisses you. He knows the date as well as you. You slide into his arms and bury your face in his chest. You flow with tears, cradling a sadness in your heart which while undiminished, seemed dulled by time.

You lose track of time as he holds you and strokes your hair. When you finally draw back, the room seems dim. The sun is setting leaving you in twilight.

Your emotions are jumbled, echoes of grief wrestling with an intense desire to feel alive, to feel anything good. You kiss Tristam again, this time with passion. You need him. You need him to take you, to carry you away into the oblivion of selfless pleasures. You cradle his cock in his jeans and your need is made plain.

Leaving the room in only the watery twilight, you both get undressed. Clothes are laid neatly over the backs of chairs. You pull back the covers together and lay on the bed facing each other.

The shadows play tricks on your bodies but your hand knows the way to his cock. It is hot and hard, the power of his desire for you. You move the soft skin toward the tip and then toward the base slowly.

His hand slides over your hip to cradle your lower back as he moves close. His lips find yours and you share moisture and soft breath. You feel the hairs of his chest tickling your breasts until he moves a little closer, pressing against you.

For a time, all there is are his kisses, your hands just holding him. But soon your fires are built up and you want him too much to wait.

"I want you..." you whisper. A simple phrase but so powerful. It says that he is your everything, your world at the moment, and there is nothing you could imagine wanting more than him.

In an unusual move, he shifts himself on top of you, pushing your legs apart with the movement of his thighs. You feel his cock gently stroking your full, wet labia as his mouth moves to suckle your nipples.

A low moan of pleasure vibrates up from your core and you hold your breasts to his mouth, eager for your sensitive nipples to be licked and pulled between his lips.

He teases you at length, getting you wetter and more desperate for completion. The head and shaft of his cock becomes fully lubricated by the flowing desire between your legs.

"please..." you beg.

Shifting himself down the bed a little he moves his hands under your knees. In a single movement he lifts your legs up and raises your pelvis. You gasp, anticipating his cock, but then feel it dancing against your arse.

He looks at you, not saying a word, searching your twilight face for a sign. You bite your lip and nod. Suddenly such taboo penetration is just what you desire.

Your legs hook on his shoulders and you feel his hands grip your arse, groping you in his rampant desire. His fingers find your pussy and stroke you, covering each finger in your juices. Then they travel down between your cheeks and begin to massage your hole.

Apprehensions battle base desires you only let loose in your latest night fantasies. You will yourself to relax and then gasp as his first finger slithers into your bottom. The barrier breached, you soon felt two and then three pushing inside you. It wasn't enough.

"Fuck me!" you blurt, your hands gripping the bed sheets.

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