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A teenage girl becomes a fuck toy for outlaw bikers.

good is your Spanish? Could you understand what we were saying?"

I was a bit embarrassed by not really taking the time to pick out the few words I did understand and try to make sense of them in their context, but I hadn't really followed the conversation at all. "Only a few words, not really." I mumbled.

"Well, I told her that you broke my nose and she wanted to break yours. Of course I wouldn't let her, that would make us even and I just adore the power you gave me. I told her not to tell my mom and dad about it and I don't think she will. But you will be coming over here to hang with me a lot. Maybe not so much while Darla has control over you, but after, we are going to be so very close. You will be coming over to dinner with me and my mom and dad. My brother will be there remembering seeing you naked. And my maid will be serving us, feeling oh so superior to you as you sit at the table. How does that make you feel?"

I moaned out loud. It was far from intentional and the most embarrassing moan I ever released. "I mean... it will be horrible Courtney. Please don't make me think of such things." I whispered.

She giggled again. "Oh you should have heard what we were saying about you. Let's see... you remember the word puta? That means bitch." She had finished with the cream and was now fingering my pussy with her right hand while pulling my nipple with her left. She had her lip so close to my ear I could feel the heat of her breath as she whispered the words. "Don't you dare cum slut. You will not only get spanked again, but I understand Darla can be quite vicious."

"Please stop then ... Courtney... please." I whimpered.

"We called you a whore and a cunt and a slut and other things. Does that turn you on Carrie? Is it that you want to be those things or that you just like being called them?"

I whimpered louder. "Oh God please Courtney... Please stop, I need to cum so bad. Let me eat your pussy, please, anything, please stop."

She kept going, fingering me faster and faster. She pinched and tugged and pulled my nipple. She sucked my ear lobe and I was right there. I was about to go over the edge and she yanked her hands away. "Whew, that was close huh?" She watched me panting and let me fall to the floor.

"Cool off, wash your face because it's a mess. Put on some make up, its there" She pointed at a drawer in the sink, "then come out and join us for a snack, you certainly earned it." She laughed softly then left me alone in the bathroom.

I got up and washed my face in the sink. I looked a mess, puffy eyes, runny nose. It was disgusting. I cleaned up for awhile, the cold water helping my face to return from a red mess to nearly regular skin color again. I looked through Courtney's makeup... very expensive stuff, nothing I had ever had. I put on some base and did my eyes and used a bit of lipstick even. It helped cover up the red that was still there. Feeling better, I checked my ass in the mirror. It was very red, but not bruised so it would heal up in no time I figured. At least I hoped.

Looking deeper between the cleft of my ass, I could see my pussy was still puffy and wet. I nearly wept from this realization. Why was I such a slut?

"Carrie, you've been in there long enough. Come out here now." Courtney said in her soft voice.

I shook my head to clear it a bit and returned to the bedroom. Farin was wiping a tear and Courtney smirked at her. They whispered a few more words back and forth, intentionally below the ability of me to hear. Courtney noticed me, gave a sideways smile, turned and whispered again to Farin and turned her attention fully on me.

"Carrie, crawl for me please." She smiled at me, gesturing towards the floor at her feet. I bit my lip in humiliation and complied, crawling as slowly as possible, drawing out the shame of my act, but delaying whatever she had in mind at the other end. I probably should have just rushed to get through it as quickly as possible. I sat on my heels, with as little direct contact as possible to my sore butt.

I knelt silently at her feet and looked up at her

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