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Sabina and Sallyarin are pleasured by a Roman gladiator.

She began to struggle.

She was squirming and kicking but I was too strong for her and easily controlled her. Her left arm was trapped underneath her. The other flailed helplessly in the air until I restrained it. I laid one leg across the back of her thighs and hooked that foot behind my other shin. She was now pinned face down over my knees. Her struggles only caused her nightie to work its way a little further up her thighs.

Dawn cursed and railed endlessly, calling me the most revolting of names.

As she tired, I reached down and flicked her nightie up to her waist. She wore a pair of sexy white, bikini-cut panties that had pulled over to expose one alluringly cheek. I let my hand roam over this delicate globe. My hands enjoyed massaging the firm flesh while she writhed beneath me. I slapped her naked cheek hard. Her cheeks tightened in response. Realizing she was immobilized, she stopped fighting and tried persuasion.

"Really, Rick, this is wrong. Please let me up. I know you're thinking of leaving and I promise to be nice to you until you go."

"You had your chance." I said. "It's too late."

I dragged her panties down to her knees. This brought on renewed squirming and complaining as she gave a groan of embarrassment. Dawn had time for one alarmed outcry before my palm slapped firmly on her adorable bottom.

I raised my hand and severely thwacked her right cheek. The cheek bounced, her buttocks clenched. She hollered out. I firmly smacked the other cheek. Dawn shrieked at the impact and kept up the wailing as I maintained more steady strokes. I whacked her bottom thoroughly, expressing all my built-up anger and frustration. When I stopped both her ass cheeks were smarting cherry-red.

This activity had caused her legs to spread a little. The peripheries of her downy vulva had now peeped between the back of her thighs. I angled my hand so that some of the smacks brushed her outer lips. My initial intent had been just to punish her. This flash of womanhood kindled a rising lust and created an upsurge in my stiffening member.

Still holding her fast, I reached down and felt between her legs, my fingers caressing her crotch. She felt hot and the lips glistened a little. I licked my middle finger and placed it near her entrance. As she felt my hand intrude on her private parts her legs snapped together. Humiliated, she lowered her face and continued sobbing. Without waiting I curled my finger and inserted it. My finger slipped easily into her pussy. She realized that clamping her legs together would just lock my hand in there. I added a second finger and continued to finger fuck her for several more minutes.

I pulled my fingers out and gave her a light slap on the hip.

"OK. You can get up now!"

I released my grip on her and let her rise to her feet. We both stood up. As I turned towards her she lunged at me with both fists. I swayed out of the way. Unfortunately, her panties were still around her ankles. Dawn fell forward over the top of the ottoman, knees on the floor and head hanging down on the other side. A most vulnerable position. In one swift movement, I knelt her between her legs. I placed my one arm across her back and lowered my shorts with the other. This unfolded at lightning speed.

I scuffled up close behind her and prodded her knees apart. Then I moved in and eased my cock slowly toward her. She looked back at me over her shoulder. "You'll pay for this, you bastard! Mike will kill you! I will kill you!"

I jabbed between her lips, menacing her pussy, repeatedly threatening her narrow crevice. Then my flared head pierced her opening, I started out slowly.

I gradually probed inside her, expanding into every crevice as I drove deeper into her tunnel. With each thrust I inched my cock closer to the hilt. Then I started slowly stroking full-length. Dawn had quieted down now.

With her legs restrained.

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