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Stacey has more fantasies and a confrontation.

Then he gasped a little and his heart jumped up to the top of his chest when he felt one of Peyton's fingertips graze directly past his asshole which had started to involuntarily pucker at the closeness of those cartographic digits.

This was almost too fucking much. The nervousness and horniness and euphoria had caught up to him like too many tequila shots back to back.

"Dude, I need to stop for a second. I need the hat...I'm rolling so fucking hard." Finn said and Peyton reached back to grab him the furry hat.

"Here you go, man," Peyton got up and grabbed Finn the giant fluffy thing and put it on his head as he rubbed his hands over him. Finn smiled as he rolled onto his side and enjoyed Peyton's hands rubbing up and down his legs. Everything started to feel a little calmer.

"You okay?" Peyton asked as he crawled up beside his friend on his side and pressed against him as he reached out to hold him. He put his leg over Finn's leg as Finn rolled fully over so he was on his side too. He held himself firmly against Peyton and Peyton pressed Finn's face to his neck as he held his friend tightly in his strong arms. Their bodies molded together and they enjoyed the way everything was making them feel. This was amazing and erotic and insanely fun.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." Finn said and Peyton agreed as he enjoyed the way Finn's lips touched him as he said that into his neck. Peyton also noticed Finn's hard cock pressing against his own thigh as the two boys held each other in a close embrace. Finn knew that Peyton could feel his hard-on but he didn't care, they were clearly beyond embarrassment of the drugs effects. Everything just felt really good.

"Dude, this feels incredible, I like the way your skin feels right now, here take these off too, it's so much better being naked like this." Finn said as he grabbed the tops of Peyton's boxers and began to pull them down. Peyton didn't stop him, it felt so natural, as if they both knew that's what needed to happen. Finn had his face pressed against Peyton's neck as he helped his friend pull his own boxers down.

Now they were both naked and facing each other. As Peyton pulled Finn in closely their cocks pressed up against each other for the first time and the boys moaned a little at the contact.

Their hands roamed all over each other's bodies, gliding over their arms and legs and chests and nipples like ships passing through mysterious new waters.

"Fuck, this is fucking amazing, I feel fucking wild." Peyton said, and Finn completely agreed.

"Yeah man, Mmmm, I totally agree, let's keep touching each other all over. I like this." And Finn didn't know why he did this but he dragged his lips up Peyton's neck as he enjoyed the musky smell of his friend's skin and the prickly roughness that had formed since his last shave.

Peyton didn't expect this but he didn't mind it either. It felt nice feeling his friend's lips on his skin.

He looked down at his friend and brought his hand up around his neck. Finn inched up so they were closer now as they continued to touch each other all over. They both enjoyed the feeling of each other's boners pressing together. As they grinded their bodies against each other ever so lightly their cocks would rub up and down together but neither of them were going to be the one to bring attention to the increasing sexuality of the moment. They were just going with the flow of this surprise touching party. This was physical improv without the need for an asterisk or footnote.

The boys brought their faces together and ran their hands over each other's necks and chins and through each other's hair.

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