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Sandy and Richard try to get back to normal at work.

Oh, yes, she thought, it is happening. I'm 'converting', and they were right, it feels so good. Oh, Jack, take me. She closed her eyes and stuck one finger gently between her labia, slick with wetness. She felt a reflexive surge in her loins, and her entrance tightened around her finger. She moaned, and put her left hand on her swollen nipple, rubbing, pressing. Oh god oh yes Jack enter me now, that's it, harder...she pushed her finger deeper, and pulled out. Oh yes, that's it, thrust into me, harder...her hips began to move in time with her finger, and they rose off the bed as she pushed, trying to take her finger in more deeply. Thought was replaced by sensation...I'm losing it, I'm losing it, oh mate with me, deep inside me, come in me, come in me, come in me Jack please come in me now I'm coming oh god I'm coming....she bucked, she convulsed, and the lightning ripped through her, spreading from her vagina and clitoris, surging through her breasts and legs and arms and lips and mind and soul. Whiteness and pure joy replaced, became reality.
The tide ebbed, and her buttocks sank back onto the bed. Then the miracle, the joy, happened: her body began to move again, pressing against her hand, and she arched her back so that her tit could press harder against her comforting, ministering palm. Oh my god I'm going to come again oh oh oh Jack yes enter me now do me forever mate don't stop come in me yes Jack Jack...and the fire swept through her again, her buttocks tensing, vagina clenching her finger harder than she thought possible.

She came down, opening her eyes dazedly. Her breasts were tinged with red, the sign of intense arousal, her stomach trembled, and her crotch was soaked with her own juices. Her legs trembled. Oh god, I've never had an orgasm-two-like that, she thought. I never knew. She lay quietly for minutes, then went to shower and breakfast.

That day she listened to music and did some exercise. At 1500, the chamber door opened, and Dr. Wilson gestured her through. She sat on the exam table, and realized with a start that she was still nude.

'How do you feel, Jillian?'

'Fine, doctor.'

Wilsonn touched her breasts. 'How are these?'

'They hurt a bit to begin with, but they feel wonderful now. Thank you, they are so nice. And my hips and ass are nice, too.' Jill laughed, blushing slightly.

'I'm glad, Jillian. No other symptoms?'

Jill blushed deeply. 'Well, I had two orgasms today'-why am I saying this? I don't feel any embarrassment-'and they were incredible. Is this part of the process? I wouldn't even have talked about orgasms and sex last week, but now it just seems so normal.'

'Good. No pain?'

'None. It felt really good. In fact, it was as if I couldn't control myself. Like my, well, like my mind dissolved and I was just sort of in the experience. I didn't want it to stop and I didn't care'.

'Excellent. Drink this,then'. And she handed Jillian the desired blue liquid.

That night Jillian dreamt of home, and for the first time in years she felt no sadness.

DAY SIX: Subject's body evidences increasingly rapid breeder optimization.

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