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Little sis finds out, and seduces Dylan.

He would be back in about two hours or less. Mom and I decided to stay and our instructor left. He told us lock the door after he left as there had been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood lately.
Mom and I were alone on the dance floor. It was the first time we had ever been in the studio by ourselves or for that matter even dancing by ourselves. The CD was still playing music as we began to shake it up across the dimly light dance floor. With no one else there, mom seemed to be more expressive and sensual in her dancing. Her leg grasping was tighter and her hands moved more softly during the dance. I was getting really worked up and my cock was hurting as it strained against the tight dance pants. In one move, mom had both her legs around my left leg and then swung her hips where they pushed against my crouch. I knew she could feel how hard I was. In the next move, I held her hand high in the air as she spun away from me and then I pulled her back towards me.

She landed with her back against my chest with my right arm around her waist and my left arm still holding her hand. Pausing momentarily I could feel my mother's nearly naked butt pressing against my crouch. That pause seemed to last for an eternity. In the next movement I was suppose to raise her hand as she would again pirouette away from me. Instead, I slid my hand from around mom's waist and into her panties. To this day, I don't know consciously know why I did it. I just did it. I heard my mother gasp for breath as my hand touched her pussy. To my surprise, she was shaved bare! Mom grabbed my forearm and tried to pull my hand out.

"Allen" she cried, "Please don't"

I was stronger and easily kept my hand in her panties. She was wet and my finger easily slid between her pussy lips and on her clit.

I was silent as mom said again, "Allen! Please! Don't do this!"

Mom ceased her struggling as my finger quickly rubbed on her clit. Her hand stopped pulling at my forearm as she began to breathe harder. Her body relaxed and she began to lightly moan and could hear her barely whisper, "Damn you Allen." My fingers began to move her clit in a firm circular motion as her body began to stiffen. She let out a pleasurable cry which echoed on the empty dance floor. Then she whispered, "Oh Allen, faster, faster." I rubbed her clit as fast as I could until she yelled out again and then became limp in my arms. Mom began to catch her breath between light moans.

I loosen my embrace on my mother and withdrew my wet finger from her panties. She regained her calm and turned around towards me. I could not read the look on her face but I thought she was going to get slapped as she began to raise her hands. Instead of feeling a painful whack across my cheek, mom placed her hands softly on each side of my face and arched upwards to kiss me. It wasn't a motherly kiss but a soft wet passionate one and then her tongue slipped between my lips. I held my mother tight as I enjoyed this new pleasure of her lips and tongue on mine. I could feel her nipples press through her yellow top against my bare exposed chest and her wet panties soaked into the material of my black slacks. She pulled her tongue from my lips and gave me an impish grin. Her hands glided down my chest as she slid down to kneel on the floor.

She unzipped my slacks and unbuttoned the waist.

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