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The next chapter for a submissive hotel clerk girl.

Allegra's body was made of liquid. Her arms stroked the air effortlessly, pulling remarkable sound with greatest delicacy, and her fingers danced up and down the smooth neck. It was fascinating to watch, but James was more interested in her face. All the rock-hard lines of her brow were gone, smoothed into graceful curves. Her gently closed eyes looked serene- a vast contrast to their earlier piercing intensity.

She finished the gigue, but she wasn't yet done playing. Allegra began something different, something... passionate. James couldn't breathe. This music throbbed in his veins and pounded in his heart. He saw Allegra from the inside out, raw, primitive, fueled by fire. He thought he felt sweat on his neck and at his forehead. Allegra was dripping with it. Suddenly, her shirt clung to her petite curves. James gaped and felt stifled by his own clothes. He mirrored her intense swaying, following her every erratic movement with both his eyes and his body. He physically took a step at the very height of the music's climax when Allegra's mouth fell open and she made a rough gasp and stood perfectly still. Then, she slowly took the violin from her shoulder and opened sparkling eyes.

"That... is music."

James wasn't entirely sure what came over him, but the moment her firey red lips finished speaking, he wanted to taste them. He crossed the room in two urgent strides and took her face in his hands to kiss her. He wanted to empty the stormy blaze he felt into her, but unexpectedly, he was met in kind. Allegra flung her arms around him and kissed him with a fervor that suggested she felt the same possession as he.

"Wait, wait!" she gasped, remembering the precious item she still held. Allegra half-turned in his embrace to set down the violin and bow, but this exposed her throat and shoulder to his hungry kisses. Her groan tickled his lips and caused him to laugh against her skin. She shuddered and James slipped his hands up her bare back to make her do it again. Eventually, her hands became free and she pushed him back.

"Now," she growled, causing another excited stir in his body, "Let's do this properly." Allegra gave no warning, but pulled him close to her and crashed his lips on hers. Her mouth opened immediately and he eagerly set his tongue to exploring. Somehow, she kept him occupied there long enough that when they broke apart to gasp for air, James was shocked to see her without a shirt. As expected for her petite frame, her breasts were not large and cumbersome, but small and well-formed. He reached out slowly and took one in his hand. It was firm, but gave easily under his fingers. James could even feel her heartbeat rise when he rolled a nipple between his fingers through her white cotton bra.

Allegra didn't make a sound, but pushed him backwards until he felt pressure behind his knees and was forced to sit. Not much was needed to hold his attention while she slid off her bra and unclasped the loose chain belt from her hips. She stepped out of her skirt, but left a final, flimsy barrier- a thin pair of loose panties. James wanted to shrink away from the predatory look in her eyes when she stepped up to him, but a pulling in his loins held him rooted firmly in place; almost edging forward off the low, padded seat, even. The tiny woman's delicate fingers made short work of the little buttons James' large fingers struggled to operate. The air in the office was chilly, but her skin radiated heat and he found that he wasn't cold at all. Still, he cringed at his exposure. James wasn't an unattractive man by any standards, but he had certainly never been known for his physical superiority.

Allegra hooked her forefinger in the waistband of his now painfully tight jeans.

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