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A photo shoot causes a new Vicar some embarrassment.

He loved that and thrust himself deep into me as I told him 'she rubbed the oil into her bare tits' staring straight at me.

Chapter 4

It was overcast and scheduled for light rain the next day so I bagged a ride into Florence with Kevin who had a series of meetings in the glorious old city. I thought some serious hopping was called for and had a delightful day taking on the Florentine boutiques, it was wonderful. As Kevin had called and said he was running late I caught the train and a cab back to the hotel, arriving there around five. It was almost deserted.

Kevin got back an hour or so later and after kissing me and touching my breasts, the old romantic after ten years or so, said.

"I checked the restaurant and they have no reservations this evening so, my little voyeur, no fun for you."

"Bugger," I smiled back.

"So how about we walk into the village and try that little restaurant in the main square? It looked quite good."

We had a lovely evening. It was just a simple trattoria, but as is so typical throughout Italy, especially in Tuscany, the food was wonderful. Simple, straightforward seafood pasta, with loads of gorgeous, freshly baked bread and then salad and roast veal followed by local strawberries. I felt very much like the eating scene in Tom Jones as my husband and I sort of flaunted ourselves at each other via the food. We washed it down with a bottle of chianti and strolled back to the hotel feeling mellow and very much in love.

We were in bed by ten reading our books, sipping grappa and watching CNN. We didn't have sex that night, but drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, my boobs squashed against Kevin's hairy chest.

We had breakfast together. It was still slightly overcast so I hadn't made my mind up what to do?

"Maybe you'll see your flasher again?" He suggested, taking me into his arms.

"Maybe she's gone home?" I replied.

"Maybe she's trying to pull you," Kevin said, pushing the lapels of my silk robe off my shoulder, exposing my right breast.

"Maybe she might be, but remember I don't do women, maybe she wants you," I replied as my robe billowed open.

"Maybe you don't, but maybe one day you might, just for me," he said pushing the robe from my body.

"Maybe, maybe, maybe," I said taking his splendidly full erection in my hand.

I thought he was going to fuck me, I was completely up for it, but he had other aspirations. I didn't swallow all of it though, just most.

I mooched around the hotel and the indoor and outdoor pools during the morning and then had a massage, a facial and a body treatment in the spa for most of the afternoon. With the place being almost empty and the weather unreliable, I was becoming rather bored, but felt better when I watched the CNN news and weather and saw that warm, sunny weather was forecast for the rest of the week.

After Kevin returned around six, we toyed with going out to a restaurant, but as our package included dinner and neither of us felt up to searching around for somewhere else we decided to eat at the hotel.

"If it's quiet, we'll have a quick dinner and a long fuck," he informed me.

"And if it's busy, a long dinner and a quick fuck?" I smiled back.

"Our fucks are never quick luv," he responded kissing me. "Tell you what, if your bird is there let's see if she wants to join us?"

"Don't be daft, she's probably gone home."

"Oh so if she hadn't then you'd consider it?" He quipped back quickly.

"Oh sod off, Kev."

"Not just for me?"

"I can't manufacture fancying women, you know, no more than you could men. How about if I said let's get that tall guy with the blonde hair to join us and for him and you to get friendly, what would you say then?"

"Ok, ok, you've made your point, but I always think it's different for women."

To our amazement, as we approached the bar there was loads of noise, it was crowded.

"Shit, I didn't make a reservation," Kevin said. "Hang on."

I stood by the entrance to the bar as he rushed off to the restaurant.

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