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The 18 year old gets very close to new Step-Mom.

me to me come to me
By Aradia and Hecate
Cacodemon of copulation come to me!"

I feel a presence and opened my eyes to a pair of electric blue ones floating a few inches above me and I observe the male form that they belong to: he is slim pale and has mid-length light brown wavy hair and a huge shaven cock that looks at least 11 inches long and thick too...I take in his long naked limbs, smooth chest and pink nipples. I drink it all in, he really is gorgeous! He stares at my willing curvy naked form and the subtlest smile plays on his lips "you called me witch, now what do you want?" I smile back and stare at his cock then purr "I'm just horny, I need to be fucked really hard" he reaches down and strokes my cheek which makes me shiver

"come now witch, I know you want something other then just sex. You know how this spell works" he runs his hands down my neck and down to my full breasts. I smile and whisper "I don't need anything but if you really need it I want you to pinch my mans bum"

It grins and lands in the circle then pins me down before attacking my breasts with kisses and scratching its long nails along my body, I moan and try to grab the demons un-naturally huge hard throbbing cock but the demon quickly casts a binding spell which makes me helpless...I lay there spread-eagle, tied down by invisible magickal ropes, I try to speak or scream but the spell has totally incapacitated me...I can feel everything but I cant stop the demon from doing what he wants to me

His touches and kisses burn my skin slightly as his caresses move from my breasts down my body to my already damp cunt and I manage to let out a tiny whimper.

The demon looks me in the eyes as he rubs my clit, those luminous blue eyes staring at my very green ones, he slips a finger into my cunt and I feel it burning me inside...he laughs evilly at my tightening honeypot and forces another two fingers into me before growling "did you think I was going to be gentle with you witch?!! No, this is my payment and its for my pleasure. Until I'm satisfied with you witch I'm going to do what I want to your eager hot body" he forces a fourth hot finger into my stuffed pussy and he starts to thrust the fingers in and out of me, fucking it with burning hot demonic fingers hitting my g-spot with every thrust and making my so wet that its dripping down my thighs...I give a little gush of cum all over his hand and he pulls it out before driving his tongue into my soaking wet pulsing pussy, his tongue is hotter then his fingers and he licks my cunt like a starved dog...he tongue-rapes my tender pussy HARD and with every movement of his tongue moving inside me I feel a bigger orgasm building up inside of my helpless body like a volcano...

He feels the tensing and pulsing deep within me and keeps licking furiously until a gigantic orgasm slithers out of me and squirts like a jet of double cream

He takes his time licking every last drop from my cunt, arse and thighs before moving in between my legs...

He spends a moment looking at my cunt, spreading my labia and staring at the tight hole and the swollen clit before he rams his remarkably huge and rock hard thick cock all the way into me and OHGOD ITS SO BIG AND HOT!!!!! It burns me so much that tears come to my eyes...he mounts me like a stallion on a helpless brood-mare, violating my cunt without any regard for my pleasure or pain.

He takes one of the black candles and drips hot wax all over my breasts knowing that I can't scream, he watches my eyes for my reactions and kisses my soft full lips as if he can't stop himself while still raping me so hard that I can smell my own blood and cum mixed together.

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