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A surprise for Stephanie, hormones, taking back the pack.

It was the better choice of the two options but what would becoming an online slave mean? She wanted Adam to take more control but she never wanted to be his fucking slave! And it wouldn't even be him it would be some creepy guy sitting on his computer in his mum's basement.

Oh god, Adam! If she chose to become a slave then she would be cheating on him, blackmail or not. Anne couldn't do that to him. She loved him.

She held back the tears welling in her eyes. "Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to me?"

Don't ask pointless questions. Just choose.

"How can you expect me to choose one of those?" Anne felt the hysteria rising in her. "How can you be such a heartless bastard? Please just leave me alone! Just let me go!"

I said choose.

"No!" She nearly screamed, not caring if Brad heard. "I will not play your fucking games!"

Don't lose your head. Calm down, compose yourself, and talk your way out of this.

Anne took a deep breath, trying to listen to her rational side. She shouldn't panic, she could do this. He was trying to control the situation by scaring her but she wouldn't let that happen. She would not be his prey!

"Listen." She said, as softly as she could manage. "I don't know who you are or how you managed to hack my computer. I don't even know what you really want to get out of this but please, you've had your fun. You've already seen everything, there's no need to push this further. What you're talking about doing will ruin my life! That's not... That's not fair! I don't deserve that, no one deserves that! Please don't do this. I won't call the police or tell my parents. I won't tell anybody! No one will try and find out who you are just... just delete the videos and leave it here. Please just leave me alone!"

It was only her imagination but for a second Anne truly thought the last word had echoed around her room. Her words rung in her ears, replaying as if to make her think of everything she should have added or phrased differently.

She waited for his response.

Seconds passed like minutes. Each tic of the clock was like a drum beat in her head. No reply yet. Was this a good sign? Was he changing his mind?

Anne stared at the screen, waiting for the decision that would decide her fate. Her heart was frozen in place, she didn't move an inch.

30 seconds had passed.

Was he making her wait to stress her out? Was he just thinking about what to type? She couldn't take this anymore!

Just as her chest was about to explode the message came through.

He hadn't changed his mind.

Do not plead with me. I don't care.

Do not threaten me. It won't work.

Do not try to offer me money. I have enough and you don't have much to offer me even if I didn't.

I'm putting 60 seconds on the timer. At the end of the 60 seconds your website goes live. If you want to stop the countdown, take off your clothes, push back your chair and kneel in front of the laptop. Once you say "Please Master, take me as your new slave." the clock will stop and not a second before. Your time starts now.

Suddenly a big 60 appeared in the centre of her screen.




A tear rolled down her cheek. Why her? Why would he even be interested in her for this? She wasn't as pretty as Liza, she didn't have nice big tits that boys drooled over, she had a nice ass but that was it.




What was she thinking? She was acting like she wasn't good enough for this creep! Why was she putting herself down like that!

Who the fuck does he think he is? The arrogance of blackmailing her to serve him. She should tell him to go fuck himself. Screw it if it was worse for her, she would deprive him of the chance to do anything with her! He would get no fucking satisfaction out of this.




Anne would wait until the clock ran out, give him the finger, and slam the laptop on his face.

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