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Billie finally gets revenge.

I came back to find, what I wanted. There was another note, it said "Good girl! now leave the wet undies in the Maths book and put it back in the shelf. Tomorrow, I want to see a skirt.". I stared at the note, and a sudden rush of blood went to my head, I thought "What does he think of himself, bloody pervert!!".

I crumpled the note and kept it in my bag, and tried to study but couldn't take my mind off that note. I looked around, to find a bunch of guys leering at me. I realized that the low waist jeans was giving a good view of my back and the red panties to the guys. I adjusted myself a little, but the juices and started flowing, and my mind was captive. I wanted to explore, I wanted to know the guy who had the guts to write that. I decided to play on.

I went to the washroom took the panties out and stuffed them in my pocket. Went to the books section, with the Maths book, kept the actually wet panties inside it and hid it in the shelves. A cold shiver ran through my body as I walked out. Without panties.

I couldn't concentrate on the books so I decided to head to the hostel early. Even during the night I kept thinking about the note and the panties I had left in the book, I almost felt like running back to the library and taking them out. I could barely wait for the next day. My dress was already decided, a white knee length skirt, with a baby pink halter top. Not too exposing, but definitely a head turner in a college like mine.

I went to my spot to find the maths book already there, without my panties in it. There was a note, "If you want them back, come to the basement, where the old books are kept, walk till the end of the passage and go inside the storeroom." I got goosebumps, this had gone too far. The last couple of days had made me the center of attraction already, and this game was getting way too dangerous. I held onto the note, and thought over it. I had not studied at all in the last two days, and the exams were just around the corner. I had to get my focus back, and the only way I could do that was to find out who he was and end it here only.

I got up and went to the basement, it was still early, so not many people were around. The basement section of the library was always deserted and no one actually went there, as the books in that section were old and useless. It was usually very dark there, and barely enough space to walk. I bumped a few times before I reached the end on the passage. It was pitch black there. Not even an iota of light. My knees were shaking and hands trembling as I opened the door of the store room. It was even darker inside, if that was possible. I stepped in, and could feel the presence of someone else in the room as well. He moved in closer and I just stood there. The door closed, and there was just the sound of two people breathing. I couldn't say anything as the silence was so overpowering. A hand came up and touched my back. I stopped breathing. The hand slowly went down on my waist and rested there. I was shaking like a leaf, as I felt two hands travel the length of my ass, feeling it as they went down to the hem of my skirt. I almost shouted, as I felt my skirt being lifted from behind.

The hands felt the soft corners of my inner thighs and traveled along my legs till the line of my panties. I felt a thumb go in the waist elastic and pulled the panty down in a ripping manner, almost making me fall. The panties went down till my ankles and I stepped out of them. I was like an instrument being played by a maestro. I stood there as his hands came up around the waist again, I was breathing heavily. The hands felt different. They were rough. Not like Rahul's or Rohit's, they reminded me of the construction workers who had touched me in the bus. I moaned a little as the hands finally cupped my breasts.

The poking nipples were waiting to be pinched and sucked.

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