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Zack's door opens his life to the voluptuous girls at HSU..

god Sheldon, you're fucking huge!"

He giggled; Well Penny, they make everything bigger in East Texas, bazinga!"

Raj continued to slide in and out of Penny's pussy from behind as she reached out and began stroking Sheldon's cock. Without a doubt it had to be at least twelve inches, maybe larger and when she wrapped her hand around it her fingers didn't touch. She wanted desperately to shove that monster in her mouth, but was afraid he'd rip her tonsils out. She leaned forward and ran her tongue around and around the huge mushroom-like head and it jumped and a drop of cum oozed out.

Penny greedily lapped it up and it excited her even more. Opening her mouth, her lips stretched to the max, she was able to take about five inches in before he hit the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth off his cock and she was drooling all over his cock. She swiped the huge piece of meat across her lips and cheek; "Oh my god Sheldon, with a cock this big, why the fuck aren't you using it. I know several women who would die to get their lips and pussies wrapped around it!"

"Sorry Penny, that consists of touching and you know how much I hate having anyone touching me!"

"Ah ha Sheldon, it looks I'm touching you right now and you seem to like it!"

"Penny, don't confuse me. I know what I said and I know that what you are doing feels different, but I'm still not convinced it's what I want."

"Well Sheldon, let me convince you! Oh god Raj, yes just like that, fuck me slow and deep while I get Sheldon all hot and bothered!"

She shook her long blonde hair and it swayed back and forth across Sheldon's stiff cock. Her hand slid slowly up and down the thick shaft and her mouth followed. Her tongue swiped up and down the shaft several times and when she lifted her mouth his entire cock was shimmy and dripping with her saliva. She continued to stroke the shaft and as Raj picked up the pace, fucking her from behind, so did Penny, stroking Sheldon's cock.

"Oh Penny, what are you doing to me! I feel like my insides are being torn out, I don't like that!"

She giggled; "Just you wait sweetie, when you cum you're going to feel completely different!"

She picked up the pace and so did Raj and soon all three of them were groaning.

Sheldon was first; "Oh my lord, I know what you mean now Penny! With that he started cumming, he came buckets covering Penny's face, chest and arm.

This triggered an orgasm in her loins and as she covered Raj's cock with her hot cum, he also let go, filling Penny's hot cunt with his creamy cum.

Sheldon unable to stand, pushed Penny further back on the bed and collapsed besides her.

Penny draped an arm across Sheldon, her large stiff nipples tits pressed against his back and he snuggled back towards her. "Ah look Raj, Sheldon's maintaining human contact!"

Sheldon turned his head; "Well okay Penny, but no kissing, I don't like kissing, too many germs!"

Let me get this straight Sheldon, I can put your cock in my mouth and suck you off where you pee from, but you won't kiss me?"

That's right Missy, especially after you had my penis in your mouth!"

"Before the night is over Sheldon, I guarantee I'll have you eating my pussy!"

He shook his head; "Ohhhh I doubt that!"

Just then Amy Farrah Fowler came rushing into the room and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Penny stroking both Raj's cum coated cock and Sheldon's monstrous cock.

"Oh my Bestie, what are you doing to my boyfriend?"

Sheldon jumped up, his cock bobbing up and down making Amy let out a; "Woo!"

"I am not your boyfriend, I am a boy and you are my friend, but I am not your boyfriend!"

Penny looked up at him; "Really Sheldon, that's all you can say to Amy now? I'm here naked; stroking your cock and all you can say is Amy isn't your girlfriend!"

Amy looked down at Sheldon's huge cock and looking over at Raj took a deep breath; "Woo!"

Sheldon looked at her; "Amy, what are you doing here at this hour?"

"Sheldon we were communicating about all the noise Penny and Raj were making and suddenly you went off the grid.

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