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Should sex with his step-daughter cost him hislife?

His hands lingered for a moment on the front of her dress, resting on her heaving breasts, then slid to her hips, pulling her close to him. Her body melted into his. This was everything she'd ever hoped for. After the long, unexpected kiss, they drew apart, both breathing rapidly.

"I, um, I'll look forward to seeing you in Georgia in a few weeks, then," she stammered, straightening her hair and her dress as she stood, unable to keep the smile from playing across her lips.


Gabrielle had been home for two and a half weeks when she received a letter from Robert. He was expecting to arrive on Tuesday. Tuesday! That was the next day! Her heart began fluttering in her chest. She needed to prepare!

She flitted about her home, straightening this and cleaning that, and her serving-girls laughed. They had seen women act like this, but never the lady of this house.

The next day, she met Robert as he arrived, and they hugged for a moment longer than necessary.

"I have a gift for you," he said, passing to her a rather long package wrapped in brown paper. She lifted the corner of the paper to reveal a swatch of sheepskin, and they shared a smile.

"It's beautiful," she said, "I know just the place for it."

"I have a meeting with an agent my father has stationed just north of here. I should arrive at your plantation by seven o'clock. We'll go over the paperwork then."

"I'll see you then," she responded, smiling.

Back at her plantation, Gabrielle dismissed her serving-girls for the night, and carried the package into her receiving room. Laying the paper-wrapped rug on the sofa, she retrieved an armful of firewood from the back porch. Once she had the fireplace going well, she lit a handful of candles, giving the room a nice glow. Climbing the stairs to her bedroom two at a time, she changed into a blue sheer gown. Heading back downstairs to the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of wine, and arranged that bottle and another in an ice bucket. Carrying her glass, the ice bucket, and another empty glass, she returned to the receiving room and set the items on the hearth.

She turned to the sofa and began unfolding the paper-wrapped rug. She lifted the rug by its edge and laid it on the floor, in front of the fireplace. Looking at it there, in front of the fireplace, she recognized the shape; this wasn't just a sheepskin rug, it was the very rug that used to adorn the Hudson home library, where they had shared their first kiss. Smiling, she lowered herself onto the rug, and lay back.


Gabrielle woke to a soft knock on her front door, and heard Robert calling, "Gabrielle, are you here?"

"Come in, Robert," she called back to him, pulling the open bottle of wine from the ice bucket and filling the empty glass, then freshening her glass. She heard him open the front door, then step inside and close it behind him.

"Gabrielle, where are you?" he called, then stepped down the hallway and saw her through a wide open doorway, lying on her side on the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace in her receiving room, one arm outstretched and offering him a wine glass.

He smiled and walked into the room, leaning down to pluck the glass from her hand.

"I've been waiting for you," Gabrielle said softly.

Sipping the wine as he pushed off his shoes with his feet, he laid down on the rug next to her. He set his glass on the floor away from the rug, then reached toward her and touched her cheek softly. "It's good to see you," Robert said. Gabrielle smiled at him as he leaned in toward her. Her eyes closed as his lips found hers, and the contact took her breath away. Her hands slid up his arms, over his shoulders, and wrapped around his neck.

Robert's hands slipped down her body, touching her through the thin fabric of her gown. As their kiss deepened, his hands snaked over her hip, and he pulled her to him, pressing their bodies together as forcefully as she was pressing their mouths together.

Gabrielle rolled over onto her back and Robert moved above her, kissing her face and her neck as his

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