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My Turn with the Machine.

I was still scared by the forced sleep and the sun and clouds racing across the sky didn't help at all. As the day ran its course in 5 minutes, I finally found some calm. The visions and the tree thing still scared me, but I recognized, even as a kid, that the fear didn't do anything to help me get out of this. I started to just think about it and got nowhere. As a ten year old my analytical skills weren't that great. So instead I spent 2 days, or 10 minutes depending on perspective, just looking around.

After a few days of examining my branch arm I decided to try that eye thing I did. I reached out slowly to where Chad was knocked out a few day/minutes ago. I heard him leave but now wanted to see. My hand isn't THAT interesting. I reached out my senses to the area nearby and used my tree vision. I immediately saw everything around the trees there and shrunk into myself. I reeled from all the information pouring in and started freaking out again.

It took three more days before I was willing to try again. I was a bit testier this time around. I reached out a single arm of feeling. Only a single little bit of my senses. I touched a tree and was able to fill a sort of empty space I found within its energy. It wasn't completely empty, but the tree had a small pocket in its being that I could fill up. When I did, I felt a second set of eyes appear. I focused on only opening one eye, and after some time I was able only open the ones on one side. I could see, but the outside of each eye was hazy with a brown color and some of the eyes had shards of bark blocking some of the view. I practiced opening other sets of eyes on this tree before jumping to another tree.

I practiced for a week more, learning to view from multiple trees at once. I found that the more I put into multiple trees, the weaker my original sight became and the less I felt like me. It almost got really bad when I was in about a quarter of the forest and forgot where my body was put. That wasn't the bad part though; the problem was that I didn't immediately see it as MY body. I was the trees because more of me was in them then was in me. After that I kept measure of how much of me was still It was easy to lose track of if I wasn't careful.

After about a month of becoming at one with nature, I stumbled back upon the school. Man, I had completely forgotten about school, even though it was only about 2 hours ago for me. I did some quick math and figured about a month had passed. I couldn't really tell because of everything moving so fast, but the school was swarming with people. It took me a minute to realize it was probably people searching for me. I watched for a few seconds before I saw them.

On the swings at the playground, Aurora was sitting at the swings. She must have been sitting there for hours for me to see her. Her eyes were beautiful and unmoving as people blurred past. Then my mom came into view, the wind whipping her hair around in a frenzy of blurred fire. They stood there for nearly a minute before they flew out of my view.

I immediately warped back to my body and started trying to move. I was not letting them cry over me. Not while I could still move or think or fight or SOMETHING. I pulled and tugged but couldn't budge an inch. Panic no longer motivated me, just sheer determination. I needed to be smart about this though. I figured that if my extra senses got me into this they could get me out. I reached out into my own body and tried moving, but still got nothing. Frustrated I yelled mentally, as my mouth wouldn't do it for me. A voice responded and that as not supposed to happen. It hadn't happened for the entirety of my time in the forest. It came from inside the wood. From the body that wasn't mine.

"You have to fill yourself.

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