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Ron ravages Mexico City.

After a few more shots like this, I was instructed to reposition his cock underneath Kris's ass so that they could get a few shots from her head that would still look like I was actually fucking her.

She lifted her ass up off the wing so that I could slide in, but as I was sliding under her, the tip of my cock grazed her asshole. As it did so, Kris gasped, "OH my God!" and jumped.

"What? WHAT?!" shouted Flynt. "Did he penetrate?"

"No, no," it's okay, Kris replied. "The head just grazed my ass, that's all."

"Alright," replied Flynt. "Keep going."

Oops. I felt a little embarrassed, but, no harm, no foul! They took a number more shots like that, and then instructed me to pull my cock out from under Kris. She covered her pussy as I did so, and once my cock was completely "extracted", one of the photographers came up to me with a wet wipe.

"I want you to smear this on your cock," she said.

"What?" I was completely confused.

"It'll give you the appearance of having just pulled out of Kris's very wet pussy," she replied.

Well, that made sense. So, I took the wet wipe and got my cock wet. The photographer took a couple more shots, and then I was instructed to lie down on the wing of the B-58. This next set was going to be Kris on top, cowgirl style.

The first few shots were of Kris straddling me, her hand on my cock. Then they took a few shots over her left shoulder, making it look like she was riding me for all she was worth. I wished she was - I was starting to get some serious blue balls here! Then they had her lower herself just behind my balls, and took a few rear shots. Following that, they took a few shots from the front, with my cock resting right in front of Kris's pussy.

Once we were done with the cowgirl shots, Flynt called for a ten minute break for everybody to get some water and for the crew to hose down the wings of the plane. He then announced that the next position would be doggystyle.

For the first few shots, Kris was bent over the back of the wing, looking up at me. I was standing next to her, looking down. Then, they had me move behind Kris and rest my cock in her ass crack. Okay, it looked a lot more like a hot dog in a bun now, except I was starting to think it was more like a bratwurst or a Polish sausage or something. After a few more shots, they had my reposition.

This was the delicate part. I had to get my cock underneath Kris, resting in her slit, without penetrating. Kris reached around again and covered herself, allowing me to get positioned. I crouched down a bit, and slid my cock in right underneath her hand. I slid it all the way down, until it appeared that I was balls deep. The head of my cock was now resting against her stomach. This only took a few seconds, and then I was in place and ready to go.

They did a number of shots with me standing here, from all angles except directly overhead and directly beneath, both of which would've showed that my cock was not actually in her pussy. They had me move back and forth to simulate actual fucking, and as I did so, my cock would rub against Kris's slit. Every time I moved, her eyes would close, and she would moan a little. The motion, the wetness, and the noise weren't helping me at all - I was having to think about my fucking income taxes to keep from blowing my load all over the Mojave Desert!

When we finished the doggystyle shots, I moved back. As I did so, my cock rubbed all the way down the length of Kris's slit, making her moan loudly. She hadn't covered herself with her hand, either, so the head of my cock grazed her pussy, making her moan even more. But there was something really weird - my cock was covered in white goo, almost as if I had just blown all over her.

"What the fuck?" asked Flynt. "Aaron, did you blow your load?"

"No, sir!" I replied in my best Marine voice.

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