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She remembers some of her favourite nights out.

They were full, dark and smooth without any visible hair.

The movement of Di's leg brought my attention to her crotch. Her thong had pulled deeply between her now exposed labia. She reached between her legs with both hands to pull it free and reposition the narrow band of fabric over herself.

I reached and repositioned my stiffening penis. My mind wandered back to my dream and visualized my cock sliding in and out Di's tight pussy. I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled my erect cock partially out my shorts and began to slowly stroke myself. My eyes drank in the beauty of Mom and Di who were oblivious to my presence behind the dark glass of the sliding doors, the sun in their eyes.

Easing my shorts down, my balls rode freely up and down on my thighs as I jerked my cock. That pleasurable orgasmic ache rapidly built as I stroked my heavy shaft. The orgasm imminent, I let go of myself to avoid going over the edge. My cock thumped into the glass of the door. Both women simultaneously looked at the door as I quickly stepped back, quizzical expression appearing on their face. They both stared briefly at the spot my cock had struck the glass. Neither moved for a few seconds, then they turned and resumed their conversation.

Di reached behind her back and pulled top of her suit over her head. She leaned back on the recliner, breasts bare to the sun and my eyes. I looked down at myself as I regrouped. My involuntarily twitching cock was dripping precum onto the floor. Looking up, I saw a wet smear wear the purple head of my cock had struck the door. I hope they hadn't seen me.

Mom smiled as Di removed her top. I could hear the murmur of animated conversation that was going back and forth between them. A sheepish smile appeared on Mom's face as she sat up and removed her top as well. Her full breasts hung pendulously on her chest, much larger than in my dream. The whiteness of her breasts was accentuated by dark tan lines and even darker nipples. She picked up the tube of sunscreen from the adjacent table, squeezed the white lotion onto her hands and applied it thoroughly to both her breasts. Soon, her nipples stood erect above the large dark areola of each breast.

Mom reached over and smoothed the excess lotion onto Di's exposed breasts. Di laughed as Mom rubbed the cream into her breasts which had no tan lines at all.

I came. My cock jerked and contracted in my hand as I pumped rope after rope of thick white cum onto the glass of the door. I groaned with pleasure as I watched the huge load of creamy sperm run down the glass and drip onto the floor. Shakily, I stuffed my cock back into my shorts and zipped up.

Thankfully, Mom and Di were still laughing and putting more lotion on each other's backs and shoulders. I grabbed some tissue and quickly cleaned the white mess off the glass and floor. I stepped away from the door just as Di briefly looked my way. Her left arm and hand dropped to cover her chest, but with the slightest of hesitation, she then resumed rubbing lotion on Mom's shoulders. Mom didn't seem to have noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I returned to the kitchen trying to figure out what to do now. They weren't expecting me for at least two hours. I figured that was why they were having their little topless optional afternoon. Assuming they wouldn't want me to see them this way, oops too late, I went to the garage door, opened and slammed it. It is a solid, very heavy door that shakes the whole house when banged shut.

The refrigerator was always well stocked with beer, so I grabbed one and popped it open. I heard the deck door slide open. Di walked in, with her top on, as I took my second pull of beer.

"Jay, we thought we heard someone. What are you doing home so soon?" she asked slightly breathless.

Mom walked in a few seconds later, her top back in place as well. "Hi Jay. Anything wrong? We didn't expect you for a couple of hours yet."

"Nothing's wrong.

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