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I get my anal cherry busted.

And her short cotton shorts showed off her ample thighs.

Tati, on the other hand, was petite. She had short cute brown hair under a colorful, vaguely Indian headband, and wore an all-but-threadbare thriftshop t-shirt through which her most obviously perky nipples demonstrated their perkiness. When she sunk back into the couch, the t-shirt hugged her small, firm upturned breasts.

Jenn didn't know it, but her friends' soft young bodies had given me a pleasant minor hardon. We all went to bed, warmly drunk off sangria, and I slept on the couch with images of the girls writhing in my head.

I awoke the next morning to Quinn crossing the livingroom to the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She smiled at me and closed the door behind her. But the door was a french door. And it had no curtains. My sleepy brain put this all together and I realized that I was looking into the bathroom at the shower curtain, and that just around the corner, out of sight from the livingroom Quinn was sitting on the toilet, peeing. I decided on the spot to pretend to have fallen back asleep, facing the french doors. Quinn flushed the toilet and emerged back into view completely naked.

Saturday morning sun slanted in through the bathroom window, illuminating her gorgeous hair and already luminous golden skin. Her back curved gracefully down to her soft round ass, and from there it was all smooth leg down to the tiled floor. She turned around and the sunlight struck her breasts, which tapered to her golden nipples like soft cones and levitated effortlessly over her perfectly smooth belly. She moved and the sun set fire to her golden bush. Then she turned on the shower and disappeared behind the vinyl curtain.

Jenn emerged from her room looking sleepy and suggested we make some breakfast. As we ate, Quinn came out of the bathroom and joined us at the table, wet and wrapped in her towel. "You wanna shower, B?" She asked. "I'll get you a towel." After we ate she went upstairs and returned wearing a tight t-shirt and underwear, holding a towel for me.

I went into the bathroom and decided I'd go about things as if I wasn't visible from the livingroom. I was definitely aroused by the thought of Quinn watching me like I had watched her. I stripped down, not turning around to see if she was there, and took a shower.

When I pulled back the curtain to grab my towel I was surprised by what I saw: Rebecca was sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine. The surprising bit was that she was topless. She looked up at the sound of the rings against the rod, smiled at me, and went back to her magazine. Her tits looked even better now then they had the night before through her tank top and a haze of sangria. They were very big, sagging ever so slightly in a youthfully pleasant way and capped by a pair of dark, rich, round nipples. As I dried myself Quinn joined her on the couch and unabashedly watched me, smirking sweetly. Even before I was completely dry I had to pull on my boxers; the combination of Rebecca's tits and Quinn's attention was making my cock hang a little heavy.

Back in the livingroom, fully clothed, I sat on a chair and talked with Quinn. "Are you comfortable with our bathroom setup?" She asked.

I told her it didn't bother me at all, and that I actually really liked the openness it introduced. That was the truth.

"Cool," she said. "And what about us walking around topless?" She looked slowly at Rebecca's chest.

"Again, I like openness. And I've always been comfortable with nudity. Just act like I'm not even here."

"Cool," she said again, as if this were an interview, which I suppose in a way it was.

Then Tati came downstairs, and I wasn't surprised at this point when she was wearing only a pair of vintage red running shorts with white piping.

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