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An unlikely pairing meet for a passionate rendezvous.

Thieu real names are kept secret, but their code names are Jack and Jill. their sole job, which they are paid roughly $60,000 a year for, is just as they are doing...To fuck, IN THE LIMO!, as my mistress watches them. Miss Divine has gotten a little eccentric with her money since she got this job, but alas i can not fault her for spending her rightfully earned cash as she sees fit.

The half hour ride finished as it always does, with an orgasm louder than the soundproofing the limo is equipped with. Exiting the drivers seat and opening Miss Divines door revealed the frazzled sight of her clearly in heat. I know she'd love to get off to watching these two have their fun, but they are merely something to get her juices flowing for the herculean task that awaits her behind the front doors of her company.

I extend a hand for her to take and she steps out of the limo on a shaky legs. The other follows and a dark spot on the leather seat glints in the sun, Miss Divine was primed to ride the Washington monument if she was so inclined.

After the "mandatory" groping of security at the front gate, Miss Divine and I enter her multi-billion dollar industrial headquarters. Once inside Raul greeted Miss divine in all his shirtless glory, and though he had nearly an entire foot and several pounds over my Mistress, she was easily able to bring him to his knees, shove his head inside her skirt, and nearly drown him in her first orgasm. Once finished, a mad growl escaped her lips as she tore off his loincloth (we once had them in shorts and banana hammocks but they were getting expensive to replace), and revealed the beast that yet still bests her snatch, the self proclaimed "Queen Pussy".

Today she wouldn't admit defeat, and with gymnastic flare she flipped into the air, mounted, and impaled herself on his shaft. Two feet of cock disappeared, and about three buttons on her shirt. Wrapping her arms around his neck, and bending her legs around his waist while facing forward looked severely uncomfortable, but she has told me his cock acts a lot like a second spine and she can balance herself comfortably.

Raul moved gracefully, as if he didn't have a sex crazed woman wantonly bouncing on his cock with each step. I'll give her credit though, this cock clearly has her on the ropes but Miss Divine can keep a professional face while she attempts to beat it down. Employees great her and talk as if this is nothing out of the ordinary, and well...since Raul was hired, it actually was a daily occurrence.

Another change was how we got to the top floor for the quarterly meeting we are here for, normally we would be taking the elevator and begin the meeting on time, but Miss Divine has taken a liking to the stairs since Raul came along, though I don't see why, it's not like she's getting the exorcise...ha ha.

Inside the meeting hall waited 20 men and women, dressed to the tens as a CEO should be. To the eye nothing is different about this hall, but it's the ears that could pick up the change. Trained to do so as quietly as possible, underneath the table, betwixt their legs, Each CEO had a young woman (or man should the ladies choose) orally gratifying them. The perk is actually only allowed if each CEO performs adequately enough within their department, giving them ample incentive not to just abuse the system for their own gain.

Raul slowly walks towards the head of the table, where after a slight tremble, Miss Divine begins the meeting.

"Greetings! E-Esteemed members and CEO's of D-Divine Pleasures!" Her voice was hard to keep calm with Raul's teasing fuck strokes into her tightly packed cooch, But Miss Divine resolved to make it through this.

"Let us ignore the rigmarole of profit margins, sales yadda yadda y-yadda, and get on to new developments." Veronica bit her lip to stifle a yelp caused from a teasing throb. "How goes the research into the "nutritional supplement pills?"

An older woman, perhaps in her late 30's cleared her throat as she began to speak.

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