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He is irresistible, and I give reign to my fantasies.

I cried out as they tried to put me on my feet, and only managed to collapse the times they did. My aunt was yelling hysterically for the vampire to leave me alone, but instead he backhanded her, sending her staggering back. He grabbed me and flung me over his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes, and I whimpered at the pain shooting through my head and I drooped limply over his shoulder.

He threw me to the floor after a short distance and I curled up into the fetal position, trying to both hide from the pain in my body and whatever was waiting for me. I heard a high, whiney laugh and didn't have to look to know Desmond was the owner of the voice.

"You should be standing, little human. It is only honorable that your family see you stand with as much pride as your disgusting body can muster. Come now, stand, it is your murder trial, after all."

I didn't care what she said, I couldn't have stood, even if I wanted to. Vampires seemed to think that humans could ignore the pain in lieu of pride, but they were wrong. Vampire's bodies were wired to their brains differently. The wiring left space enough to consider things like pride in the face of pain.

But I wasn't a vampire, I was a human. My brain was wired so that when my body was broken and in as much pain as I was in, it was all encompassing. The vision of me being stabbed through the heart while my parents looked on in disgust fluttered to my minds eye and burned itself there.

I was going to die, I was sure of it. My parents, if they were really there, were going to stand by and watch it happen probably with the same look of disgust.

"This is highly inappropriate Lady Desmond, the prince should be here conducting this trial." I could hear the council mans annoyance even though my pain.

"I dare say, it looks like the Princess has been beaten."

"SHES NOT A PRINCESS!!" Desmond's scream filled the hall, silencing everyone.

There was a paused moment of silence before Desmond's voice returned, sounding near hysterics, "She killed the King and Queen, she's a murder, and she will die, understand?"

"Prove it." I recognized my fathers clear, cold voice. I managed to peek at him, seeing him standing rigid and tall, never once looking at me.

"You will be silent, traitor!" Desmond sounded like she had gone mad and I flinched tighter into myself as her sharp feet stomped over to me, "Stand up you disgusting creature."

She grabbed my hair and pulled it with all her strength. I cried out and managed to get onto my knees, my shoulders and head hunched forward, my shaking arms holding me up, but barely. I didn't last long though, and before I knew it I was back on my side, curled into my position.

I squeezed my eyes shut when she came close again, and this time all she did was scream and kick me directly in the stomach. I didn't scream, because I was too busy trying to fold into my self, but it didn't matter as she kicked me three times, something snapping inside of me causing the pain I was feeling to double.

I couldn't breath without hurting, I stopped listening because the pain was too much. I began to wish I would have died of the cold only a few days ago. I only vaguely became aware of a small scratching feeling underneath my right breast. I reached in as slowly as I could, any movement making my body scream in pain. I felt a small paper envelope, maybe the size of a large stamp. I pulled it out and felt the grains on the bottom.

I put it in my mouth, and tried to listen to what was going on. I began to gather that the reason Desmond was in control of everything was because she had marked Damien. If she had bitten him, and he had not had the chance to do so in return, she would have a great deal of power over him.

My fathers voice lecturing me began to drift in through the haze of pain and I focused on it, wanting to distract my mind from what it was feeling.

"Anytime a vampire bites another vampire they are branded.

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