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I thought that might be nice, at least when the weather was good, so he called the husbandman to have five horses saddled. Gerard offered to go but I said that we would be fine so he described the estate and suggested a route we could take that would consume an hour or a little more if we let the horses walk.

The horses were all well trained and beautifully groomed. They were saddled with English riding saddles, soft and low-lying on the horse's back with no pommel, unlike the Western saddles I was used to. The husbandman helped each of the women mount their horses, never blinking an eye at the bare cunts and asses that wound up just inches from his face as he helped them up. Off we went.

Once we dropped off the top of the plateau and headed into the valley, we could see no other houses. There were fence rows, some of stone, some of trees, all very neatly laid out and then there was a large wooded area that the path headed into. Following Gerard's instructions, we found several paths that were well-defined and obviously we could have deviated any number of times.

By the time we had plodded into the wooded area, one of the women noted that the pace of the horse would make a great motion for sexual activity. I agreed and with just a little effort, I lifted her onto my horse and she turned so that she was facing me and straddling my horse ... well, straddling me would be more like it. We eased her down on my exposed erection, one of the other women led her rider-less horse and we resumed our tour. Sure enough the rocking, side-to-side motion of the walking horse provided a magnificent fuck. In fifteen minutes, she had cum three times and I shot a load into her. Only reluctantly did the woman remount her horse.

A few minutes later as we were coming up out of the wooded copse and turning in a wide circle that would take us back to the castle, another of the women asked if she could try the riding fuck. When I helped her onto my horse, she turned in the same direction as me and leaned over my horse's neck, letting me enter her doggy style. The end result was very similar for both of us: she came four times and I shot another load into her hot box, although it took nearly twenty minutes for me. It didn't take a genius to know that horseback riding with the women was going to become a daily activity for us.

I fucked my way through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week, averaging seven cums a day in that period but spreading them only between each day's four women. On Friday, I had my four companions dress in more formal business dress and Gerard arranged for a helicopter to pick us up at the helipad and ferry us the seventy-two kilometers into Paris, where a hired limousine took us to a meeting with the credit union's board of directors. For the limousine ride, one of the ladies pulled up her unusually long skirt and sat on my exposed schlong, slowly working me into an orgasm just before we arrived.

The meeting was rather boring, I thought, in spite of the fact that the credit union meant so much to my fortune. Finally I stated that I thought the board was doing a great job and asked them to keep up the good work. After nearly two hours, we were back in the car and headed to one of the city's finest restaurants for lunch. We were all impressed with the deference shown to the party by the maitre'd and waiters, who catered to us as if we were celebrities. In fact as we left the building, there was a quick flash of lights as someone took pictures and one of the girls quietly said that it was the paparazzi.

Once back in the air, I was feeling randy again and one of the girls, pretending to be exclaiming over the scenery, actually worked her pussy up and down my flagpole as we tried to hide our actions from the pilot. It was a rather satisfying fuck.

I began to get the hang of things.

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