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Jason helps his friend Tara with a sexuality study.

He can't help think of the last pictures of the set, he'd only glanced at them they were so horrible, but in air that's foul to breath, it's hard to push them back.

Suddenly she is against him. She's stopped and he hasn't seen. Her arms are around him, her face in the dim light waits, he bends and they kiss, her tongue pushes through his lips, he puts his hand on her bare waist, it feels amazing. He hesitates to move. Her hands are exploring his back under his coat, it is almost as if they are directly on his skin. He lets his hands roam over her tight ass, she pushes her hips against him. He is so excited. He wonders how this can be happening.

"I am lost," he thinks.

She pulls away from him. Her hand brushes the fly of his pants. He wants it to stay but she has turned and is moving along. The bright opening is not far ahead. The sun makes the stream gleam. He climbs a low grassy bank and stands on a flat grassy spot, trees and brush surround the clearing except where a narrow path leads off. The river here is slower, a little further he sees it bend, with a deeper pool at the bend, maybe deep enough to swim a body length in. There is a large tree with several thick trunks, one reaching over the stream. The road noises recede, almost fading to nothing. There is a relaxing sense of unchanged nature.

The path leads straight to a steep embankment, lined with heaped boulders and concrete blocks. At the top of the embankment is a low wooden guard rail. He can see a couple parked cars up there, their headlights staring sightlessly down.

"That's an office park," she waves, "boarders River Rd. Your building may be in there or in the next mess of office buildings. They're up a hill. There's a killer view of the river and the city from there."

She stands relaxed, watching him. He barely feels he has a choice. He steps and embraces her. He is filled with need. He pushes his hand up under blouse, over her warm silky skin, he feels a breast through her bra.

She pushes him away and quickly unbuttons her blouse and wriggles her bra over her head and stands bare from the waist up. Her breasts are small and delicate. The bones about her throat and shoulders are thin and almost birdlike. He cannot take his eyes off her.

"If you have time and aren't so particular," she says, "there's someplace we can be comfortable, it's not far."

He is so hungry he would take her on the grass. He follows her along the path, her blouse and bra swinging from one hand. She carelessly swats them at some weeds that line the path. Before coming to the embankment and the parking lot she turns and after a few yards they come back to the river. They're where the stream turns along a natural rocky little hill, maybe glacial. The eddying pool, with the tree trunk reflected lazily on the water, is right there. Two steps up the hill is a cave.

She turns and kisses him again. His peripheral vision sees her tender nipples brushing against his shirt. He feels them against his chest. She takes both his hands and leads him in. He has to duck and push through something gauzy. He realizes that it is mosquito netting.

The space enlarges so that he can stand, his hair brushing the rock of the ceiling. She takes one step to the left and sits on what he sees is an air mattress covered by a sleeping bag and sheets. Behind the pillow is a plastic cooler. On the cooler is a battery powered LLBean camping lantern, turned off, the dim light is all green leaf filtered morning light flowing through the entrance. And, for him, from her face.

He drops beside her, puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her to him. Possibly he intended to be on top, but he finds himself on his back, he is fumbling at the buttons of her jeans. She laughs and brushes his hands away. She wriggles like an eel and sheds the blue skin. She hangs over him pale and beautiful. The dark blond thatch about her sex almost burns out his eyes.

She opens his pants and pulls them down, he raises his hips to help.

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