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They sense that trouble is coming again - and it arrives!

What would it be like to put my mouth up to that thing and suck out that pre-cum? What does it feel like to kiss a man in the showers?

Stop it, man, stop this right now!! I snapped back to reality, cleared my throat, and made my decision. "You men are guilty of homosexual acts, which are against the Code of Military Conduct. Both of you have good Army records, though, so instead of dismissal from the Service, I specify that you, Sergeant Niely, be reduced in rank to the rank of corporal. You, Corporal Tams, will be transferred to another unit. The association of the two of you will stop at this point. And I order you both to cease this illicit activity with any other member of the military!"

Both men stood up and came to Attention. With no other alternative, I rose from my desk, and sure enough, I had a rock-hard erection that bulged out the front of my pants. I bit my lip. There was nothing I could do. I noticed both men flick a quick glance at my crotch, and I swear I saw a tiny smile on both faces. "Dismissed!" I snapped. They saluted, turned, and marched out of the office. I glanced down. Goddamn, the front of my pants was wet.

When the clerk left with the paperwork, I found myself breathing harder. Damn, what an experience! And I was horny, damn, I was horny, my dick still as hard as a grenade-launcher barrel. My office door was closed. No one would see in the windows—they were too high above the level of the street outside. I reached down to my fly. Yep, wet. And when I reached into my boxers to grasp my throbbing dong, my hand got slimy from the load of pre-cum smeared everywhere.

I looked around, then—yeah! I jacked off as I sat at my desk, so fucking horny, I needed only about a dozen strokes before ka-POW! I shot two big wads the size of marbles up into the air. One splattered down onto my desk. And I'll be a sonofabitch if the other didn't hit me in the face! Cum on my face! Ohmigod, how low have I sunk? But I was still horny enough to reach up, wipe the stuff from my nose and cheek—and suck it from my fingers. My own cum. Salty. Tastes like the smell of Clorox. And a bomb went off in my head—I like it!

I felt like a pile of shit. Goddamn, what's come over me?? Get a grip on yourself, man! I straightened myself up, cleaned off my desk, and left the battalion headquarters for the day. I drove back to my quarters, deep in thought. By the time I pulled up to the white-painted house provided to officers with families, I had myself under control. The situation was over.

Nobody was home. My wife was out doing shopping, and my son was who knows where. Even though I had talked myself down from the experience in my headquarters, I decided that I needed a good run, something to sweat the horniness out and clear my mind. I changed into a pair of grey sweatpants, a blue sweatshirt, and my running shoes. I run most days. Special Forces troopers have to stay in shape. Near the housing area is the beginning of a jogging trail the soldiers use for cross-country runs.

A few yards down the trail is a small latrine (to keep the soldiers from pissing in the bushes), and I went in to relieve myself in one of the urinals. When I finished, I couldn't stop thinking of the delicious jackoff session in my office. I continued to stroke my cock as I thought about that ex-sergeant's big dong. Another man stepped up beside me to piss in the next urinal. I didn't want to, but I glanced over.

Damn! A fine cock, long and thick, with a bulging purple head. Even bigger than Sergeant Niely's. And he caught me. "Like what you see?" he said in a low voice.

I blushed, my face red-hot.

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