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A historical forced marriage.

I expect to see a crisp business suit step through the door, but instead, it's a stiletto heal.

"Sorry," Anna whispers, as she shuts the door behind her, "I hope I'm not interrupting, Alexander." Her voice caresses my name as she says it.

"I just came to escape all the pick-up lines," Anna jokes. "And the women's restroom was too crowded. I hope this is ok." She walks towards me.

"Oh, yea, of course. Mr. Percy asked me to make sure none of those losers take you home, anyway." I say, and immediately regret it.

"Selfish," Anna giggles. "What did he say about you?"

"Me?" I ask, dumbstruck.

"Yes. Can you take me home?" She teases, moving towards me and placing her hand on my chest again. Anna snakes her arms around my neck and molds her body into mine.

"Me?" I repeat. "I'm, uh, engaged." I manage to say, barely convincing myself. "I can't." Anna pouts her full lips and lets her arms fall to her side. Turning around on her heal, she heads towards the door. Anna glances back at me and licks her lips.

"That's a shame." She admits. As Anna places a hand on the doorknob I have a sudden image of my life after tonight. I'll marry Steph, who's a great girl, but she's pushy, materialistic, and completely self-absorbed, and she'll be the last woman I'll ever take to bed. Or, I take this amazingly sexy woman who's practically throwing herself at me, and get it out of my system. Anna begins to open the door, but I rush up behind her and place my hand on the door over her shoulder, pushing it closed again. Anna turns around under my arm, her lips curling into a naughty smile.

"Technically, I'm not taking you home, am I?" I quip, leaving one hand on the door and wrapping the other around Anna's slender waist. She puts her hands on my chest and presses her hips into me.

"No, you're not." I kiss Anna hard, pressing her against the door. I close my mouth around her perfect lips, letting my tongue explore the inside of the mouth. I slide one hand up her flat stomach and over her round breast, feeling her hardening nipples through her flimsy bra and shirt. I cup my other hand under her tight ass, lifting her up, so my hardening cock presses against her tight skirt. Anna traces her hands lightly over my chest and reaches down to the hem of my sweater. She pushes it upwards and tugs my undershirt out of my slacks, slipping her cool hands underneath to touch my stomach.

I find the slit running up the back of hers skirt and wrap my hand around one of her thighs, forcing it up against my hip so her skirt rides up her legs. I look down briefly and see a flash of her pink flesh, and I grin at Anna, realizing that there are no panties for me to tear away. Supporting Anna's leg against my hip with a hand under her smooth, fishneted thigh, I take my hand off the door and press it against Anna's breast, feeling the lace covered flesh through her thin blouse. Enjoying the weight of her breast in my hand, I break my lips away from hers to kiss her neck and down to her collarbone. Anna leans her head against the door, her delicate, pouty mouth opened with pleasure. She has one hand on my shoulder, keeping me close to her, and the other between our hips, opening my fly.

My erection pops out into Anna's hand, ready. She works it with one hand as my mouth lands on her lips again. Pleasure from her touch fills me from my member and throughout my whole body. I push myself harder against Anna, clutching her breast in one hand, her thigh in the other, and slamming her body against the door. Anna wrenched her mouth away from mine.

"Oh Alex! I want you so bad," She gasped, letting out a moan. It was all I needed. I pushed her skirt up higher, ready to take Anna against the door right then. I completely forgot that we were in a public restroom until I felt Anna's body slam into mine because somebody was trying to open the door to use the john.

Anna and I looked at each other momentarily.

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