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Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.

'Or did you come through the door with the little guy hard?'

'C'mon Laura, be nice to Skip this time.' Jim said, though his amused grin made clear he found my state to be as funny as the women had. 'I don't mean to rush you Skip, but we have to be somewhere so why don't you get started putting your clothes on the chair in the corner.'

I guess I hadn't really thought it through, but only now did it dawn on me I was going to be naked, and apparently fully erect, for this process. That detail really hadn't registered in a scene where Jim made it clear I wasn't getting off, but now the reality of it was upon me, and my embaressment was almost paralyzing. I froze, my mind scrambling for an out, a way to maintain some dignity in this process. But I also found my gaze drifting to the pronounced bulge in Jim's jeans, and that bulge was clearly winning the battle. I started to reach for my belt.

'C'mon Skip, if you don't get going we're going to be out of time here...and I'm sure you don't want that to happen.' Jim's tone had an edge to it, it was different from the nice guy tone I knew. The tone was effective though, I raced to get my shirt unbuttoned as I kicked off my shoes and socks. The shirt dropped to the chair, but now there was no delaying the inevitable. As I unclasped my slacks I knew my cock was as hard as it had been all day, but I had no options as this stage. I turned to the chair as I slid down the pants and underwear, stacking them neatly on the chair. I was now out of time and couldn't will myself limp, so I slowly turned to face Jim and Laura.

Laura let out a rather loud guffaw. 'It's even smaller than I remember it,' she gushed. She crooked a finger at me. 'Come here' she demanded, pointing to a spot immediately in front of her. I glanced at Jim, but he offered no assistance, so I shuffled over. In her low upholstered chair Laura was roughly level to my hard on, but from my raised vantage point I was looking down at a canyon of cleavage. My erection jerked and leaked. Laura glanced down at her v-necked window. 'Not a chance' was all she said with an amused sneer. Laura slid her hand in to the side slot of the chairs cushions and produced a 6 inch ruler. 'Push it down so it's level to the floor Skip' Laura directed.

My humiliation was almost unbearable. I felt so naked, so embaressed by my erect state. But all three of us knew I would do it, and I did. With my index finger I pushed my shaft down to pointing straight forward, the touch and movement causing an involuntary sharp hiss from the pleasure.

'Geez, don't cum on me!' Laura blurted out.

Finally speaking for he first time since I arrived I gasped out,'I won't, I won't, just don't touch it!' I blushed crimson as I realized I had admitted to all three of us I was dangerously close to orgasm, and we hadn't even done anything.

'Trust me, there is no risk I will be tempted to touch that thing.' Laura choked out as she laughed loudly. She continued to chuckle but finally brought the ruler forward and rested the end against my groin area above my throbbing shaft. She leaned forward and squinted, and a broad smile spread across her face. 'Almost 4 inches.' she announced in an odd tone of triumph.

Jim finally took some control of the situation. 'Ok, ok Laura, you had your fun...leave poor Skip alone. We really need to get going. Skip, get on your knees at the end of the bed here.' His use of the phrase 'get on your knees' again had that new tone, and the choice of words made it clear this was an act of submission. But it was a step closer to getting some of his monster cock, so I dropped to the hardwood floor. 'I'm going across the hall for a minute, why don't you wait here.' Jim climbed off the bed and sauntered out the door.

Laura clicked her lighter and inhaled deeply on a Marlboro Light.

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