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A torrid tale of Victorian seduction, lust and debauchery.

All those male bodies, she could smell them, and it turned her on so much; she wanted them much more than ever before.

Suzie lay there, unable to see what they were doing to her as they continued to massage her body, but feeling the full affects of the six strong hands manipulating and tantalising her fully aroused body; a body that was completely on fire with lustful desire.

The massage oil was designed to be suitable for use on connective tissue, so the brothers began to work the oil around Suzie's pussy and her outer lips. One brother slipped his hand underneath her body and began to massage around just inside her anus. The second brother was massaging the outer lips of her pussy, and the third brother continued his massage of her breasts.

From her breathing the brothers could tell she was getting very close to coming for the first time that night. They gave each other a wink as they watched Suzie squirm in lust as they massaged her arse and her pussy lips, and Doug was chuckling to himself as he always really enjoyed the tantalising effects that six hands could have on a super hot woman.

Ken leant over from massaging her breasts and whispered in her ear, "Suzie, it's time now, please make us happy by letting us watch you orgasm, we'll keep going until you tell us to halt what we're doing to you. Please Suzie, please cum for us now, cause our cocks are so hard for you. We can see you want to cum for us, our three cocks are so hard for you, and when you cum we will then be able to fill you up with cocks, lots and lots of cocks, just for you, all those hard hard cocks. That will fill up your pussy, your arse, and your mouth, yes our three huge cocks for all for you babe. But you have to cum for us now!"

As Ken finished his words; encouraging her to orgasm, the three brothers watched as Suzie was arching her back, then went really taunt, and then was crying out in ecstasy. And as she was coming the three brothers never stopped their massaging of her body; and as she slowly stopped orgasming the brothers stopped what they were doing.

Ken bent close to her ear and said, "That's such a good girl for us, we loved watching you cum, it makes our cocks harder for you, it makes us want to fuck you, to rub our cocks all over you. Now you've cum, you can now get what you've wanted since you saw us at the party. Three big cocks at once, they're all yours, our three big cocks! Yes babe, we're going to fill you up with cum in every orifice. You know that's what you want! You want to feel our cocks in you, you want to feel your pussy, arse, and mouth full up with cum from our cocks all at the same time!"

As Ken continued to whisper to her, he watched her, and said, "you need three cocks as a special treat for you, don't you babe? You want hard cocks everywhere, more cocks, hard, fat cocks, all for you. You're going to be so full of cum that you're going to float off to another place when you orgasm, over and over again, as our cocks keep going and spurting inside you."

The images of throbbing hard cocks filled her mind. Blindfolded, Ken words filled her mind with images of cocks spurting out cum everywhere, filling her up, stretching her, and creating floating erotic exhilaration in her mind. Three hot brothers with hard cocks wanting to fill her up; it was all about filling her up with hot juicy cum.

Ken reminded Suzie that it was now time to move into the bedroom. Like she was in some magical dream, the three strong men picked Suzie up from the table they had been massaging her on and carried her to the king size bed in her bedroom.

Andrew had a really long thin cock so he lay down on the king size bed first and coated his own cock in lube. Ken and Doug helped Suzie to lie on top of Andrew, they coated her butt with lube, and then manoeuvred her body so that Andrew could slowly push his cock inside her arse.

Suzie couldn't see what was happening but she could certainly feel Andrew move his cock against her arsehole.

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