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'Oh God,' I groaned. 'That feels so good. I...'

I couldn't continue since I was already lost in the sensation of Beth's fingers squeezing my shaft. I reached out and touched Beth's body. The springy resilience of her flesh felt sublime to my touch, and I felt a long moment of almost clinical detachment, a sort out out-of-body experience where I saw myself, a sixty year old man with a nineteen year old girl. It was unbelievable and I couldn't rationalise how, in the space of fifteen minutes, I had gone from an standing outside an innocuous block of flats to holding a dream girl in both hands. Not only that, but the dream girl was slowly and skilfully wanking the stiff length of my cock.

'Enjoy it Phillip,' Beth murmured in my ear. 'I enjoy it you know,' she revealed. 'I enjoy fucking - I adore it in fact.' She looked down at my cock in her hand. 'You've got a nice, thick cock Uncle Phillip. Would you like me to suck on it for you?'

Without waiting for a reply, Beth squatted in front of me and held my penis level with her mouth. She studied it for a moment and then placed her mouth directly over the bulbous head of my cock. She moaned deeply in the back of her throat as though she was appreciating the taste of me, and I could feel the tip of her tongue wriggling against the underside of my glans.

I could only sigh as I pushed my fingers through Beth's blonde hair. Her head bobbed rapidly up and down as she fellated me, and I realised that I was in very real danger of climaxing in these first few moments. 'Beth...' I groaned. 'Beth, please...'

Beth pulled away from me, and with a final suck that forced her cheeks inwards my cock popped loudly and wetly from between her lips. 'Don't you like it Uncle Phillip?' Beth lisped. 'Don't you like me sucking your big, fat cock?' She grinned up at me and waggled my cock in front of her face playfully. Beth shifted her position from squatting to a more comfortable kneeling position.

I looked down at the beautiful girl kneeling in front of me as she held my erection against the smooth skin of her cheek. As I watched, Beth slowly rubbed the slippery head of my cock against her skin. My pre cum was smeared across her face, as a long strand of the gooey stuff clung wetly to her cheek and linked it to my cock. She looked at me with a wicked smile on her face and then opened her mouth again to take me back inside. Beth sucked at me and wanked the root of my cock at its base. She made tiny mewling sounds in her throat as she sucked at me and then let my cock fall from her mouth once again.

It had been years since I'd experienced such a strong erection, and I was astounded at my ardour. My cock felt stiff and huge as Beth's hand worked me up to further heights of passion. I could see how her saliva had coated the shaft of my penis as it glistened dully in the subdued natural light in the bedroom. 'Show it to me Phillip,' Beth whispered. 'Show me the hot stuff, come on, come on my tits, I want you to come all over my tits.'

The words of encouragement were too much and I felt my semen spurt violently from the eye of my cock head. The intensity of my orgasm took my breath away and I sobbed loudly in time with the jets of cum spitting from my cock. 'Beth...' I croaked. 'Fuck...' Arcs of cum splashed across Beth's body, and I stared at the goo as it clung viscously to Beth's tanned skin. Her breasts were smeared with thick dollops that trickled slowly along the smooth slopes of her ripe jugs. A thick rope of spunk hung down from her blonde hair and jerked with the movements of her head. Once my climax had tapered I watched in disbelief as Beth rubbed the smeary cum into the skin of her breasts and body.

'Was that nice, Phillip?' Beth whispered quietly and stood up suddenly.

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