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Field trip and first hot contact.

She amazing to be standing topless in front of a group of strangers, and her onstage persona was still in charge and kept her seeming confident and extremely sexy.

"Who's next?" Carrie asked with her hands on her hips.

"Ummmm...uhh," the shelter owner stuttered as Carrie's naked breasts left him almost speechless. "It's ummm...Earl. Earl is next."

"Great!" Carrie said as the also wheelchair bound man slowly pushed himself forward.

"Hi again Earl," Carrie said. "How can I pleasure you today? Would you like a blowjob too?"

"Nah I don't need my dick sucked today," Earl said. "I want to see if you taste as sweet as you look. Get them jeans off."

Faced with the order to strip fully nude for the old black man, Carrie almost moaned at simply the thought. She had never done anything sexually with a black guy before and was unsure about the whole thing, but couldn't wait to try. With that thought in her mind, Carrie reached her hands to the fly of her jeans and began to work it open.

Earl had wheeled his chair over closer to the bed and watched the stunning blonde country star work the zipper of her tight jeans down. Earl, who had always been a leg and ass man, had seen Carrie's legs in a magazine before and couldn't wait to see them in person. Once her zipper was down, Carrie began to wiggle her shapely hips to work her almost skin tight jeans down her heavenly legs.

The jeans were so tight that Carrie had to take a seat on the ratty old bed to pull the pants from her ankles. The rational part of Carrie's mind couldn't believe where she currently was. She never could have imagined that today she would be sitting on a dirty bed in a back room of a homeless shelter wearing only her grey cotton panties and golden anchor necklace while an old, black man in a wheelchair watched. Not to mention that the old man would soon be tasting her most intimate area and possibly doing even more to her. Yet, this was the exact thing she loved to do while volunteering.

"Mmmm...stand up and let old Earl see them legs girl," Earl said.

Carrie did as she was asked and stood up to present her body to Earl. She lifted one of her perfect legs up and placed her foot on Earl's knee as the old man immediately began to run his rough, calloused hands all over it. Carrie shivered at the rough hands smoothing over her toned thigh and jumped when Earl's thick fingers grazed over her panty-covered pussy.

After getting his fill of feeling Carrie's leg up, he pushed it off his knee and with a surprising burst of strength and speed for an old man in a wheelchair, he shoved Carrie's gray panties to her knees and pushed her backwards to that she fell with a bounce onto the edge of the bed. Carrie let out a cute little yelp at the fall onto the bed and before she could even recover from the fall, Earl had pushed his chair forward and pushed Carrie's legs apart.

As soon as Carrie got herself up onto her elbows and looked down, Earl's head was between her sexy thighs and his tongue ran from the bottom of Carrie's moist pussy all the way up to her clit. Carrie had one of the most beautiful pussies that Earl had ever seen on a white girl and he loved that it was completely shaven.

Carrie threw her head back in lust as an almost complete stranger used his tongue to pleasure her. She let out a moan as Earl's tongue continued to work its magic on the much younger woman who was currently exposed on the old bed in front of him. Her hips thrust up off the bed when Earl added two fingers to his routine and inserted them into Carrie's rapidly moistening cunt.

The taboo of the situation and the sheer physical manipulation currently being applied to her by Earl had Carrie close to an orgasm.

Once Earl focused his tongue directly on Carrie's now engorged clit, the young mother and wife exploded into an orgasm.

"OHHHH YES...FUCK YEAH...I'm cumming," Carrie yelled out as the waves of pleasure tore through her sexy body.

Earl kept licking as Carrie orgasmed before finally removing his fingers and tongue from the blonde beauty and sitting back up in hi

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