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An exchange student is about to have the time of his life.

His hands were hot on her waist and she shuddered again.

"No. I have this thing about shivering when I'm, well," she gestured vaguely and she felt him laugh again.

He kissed her mouth again, distracting her while he quickly worked the buttons. In moments he had her blouse off, and his hands cupped her lace-covered breasts.

"Gorgeous," he murmured. He fingered the black lace and ran a finger across the rounded swell, brushing the material. "I saw the shadow of this lace all evening and I wanted to rip that blouse off of you," he mused as teased her nipples through the fabric until they were taut and pebbled.

"Thank you. I was hoping you'd like it. You do know you have on too many clothes?" She fingered his navy pullover and white shirt collar. "I happen to think it looks amazing on you, but...." she trailed off and slid her hands to the ribbed hem of his sweater and tugged upward.

He laughed, but obliged her by flicking her hands out of the way and pulled off the offending piece of clothing. "Impatient, aren't you?" His tone was teasing.

"Quite impatient," she agreed, then focused on unbuttoning his shirt. Her gaze was determined, her tongue caught between her teeth, as she worked each button carefully.

She slid her palms up his chest once she had the shirt pushed aside. Lucy slid up to his shoulders, stroking and reveling in his warm skin. Tactile sensations were things she enjoyed most in life. Touching Hugh's skin was another thing to add to the list.

Rough where the silver, grey hairs sprinkled across his chest; smooth at that spot where shoulder met neck; she delighted in the raspy velvet of his nipples. Each texture was different. Each was entirely pleasing and her fingers tingled as she stroked.

She leaned down and brushed her lips across his chest, finding one of his nipples with her mouth, she dragged her lips back and forth. Velvet rasping velvet. His groan had her teasing the twin, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his skin.

She smiled seductively when she noticed his head had fallen back against the couch, his eyes closed, his breathing uneven. His hands were sliding slowly up her thighs, the thin material of her trousers adding to the abrasion.

"You like this." It was a statement and his eyes opened slowly.

"I do." He pulled her down and kissed her gently. "But now it's my turn." He brushed her hands out of the way and reached behind to unhook her bra slowly, teasingly sliding it off her shoulders. She shivered when his gaze rested on her, and her nipples tightened even more in awareness. She jumped slightly when one of his fingers lightly stroked and he laughed softly.

"You are so sensitive," he murmured. "So delicate and soft."

He touched her gently, reverently. Taking his time and savoring. Thumbs gently brushing the dusky rose tips like he was touching a flower. Through lowered lids, she watched his face, the intent look, somewhat determined and focused. A smile played across her lips in pleasure. It was nice to be appreciated and to have the lavish attention from a guy who was more interested in her than himself.

His hands brushed and smoothed, sometimes hitting a sensitive spot that would send shivers up her spine. Every time she shivered, he would grin and brush again. It wasn't long before she felt like mush. Her brain felt fuzzy and she had relaxed in his hold.

"Are you alive?" he asked as he placed an open-mouthed kiss on her shoulder.

"Mmm," was her sighing response.

His countering laugh vibrated her skin as his lips moved across her chest to her other shoulder. It seemed that it was now his mouth's turn to explore. His hands rested lightly on her hips as his mouth traveled down the slope of her breast, barely brushing, before capturing one of her nipples in the warm confines of his mouth.

Her head fell back and she let out a breathy sigh.

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