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A plan to show up the ex turns into fun for all.

"Somebody DID teach you to do that! Who was it?"

I took a deep breath and closing my eyes I let the air out very slowly.

Finally I said, "The lady next door."

"The lady next door?" Janice almost shouted. "How the hell did you ... I mean ... Oh shit! Tell me about it. Please! Tell me!"

What the hell, I thought. Why not?

"She's forty-five years old and divorced and horny as hell and I clean her swimming pool once a week. Her name is Gail. And it ... well ... it just happened. She taught me how to fuck and how to eat pussy and how to get into Susie's pants - I mean exactly what to do to Susie each night until I finally fucked her."

Janice started laughing. "I wondered why Susie fucked you! She always said she was gonna stay a virgin till she got married, but now she fucks like a mink."

"Yeah," I said.

"Oh my God!" Janice continued, laughing. "You knew exactly what to do. You were just following Gail's instructions on how to please a girl. Jesus! And it worked. You popped her cherry."

"Gail said to eat pussy till her orgasm started and then move up and slip it in. Gail said no gal in the world could say no in the middle of an orgasm."

Janice laughed louder. "So she was humping when you rammed that sausage home?"

"She was humping big time," I said.

"Shit! She probably popped her own cherry," Janice said. "She got to be a real uppity little bitch claiming she was gonna stay a virgin when all her friends were losing their cherries. It's funny to think you got her so horny she just lifted her ass up and popped her own cherry."

Janice chuckled at the thought.

"Are you still fucking Gail?"

I nodded. "Of course, several afternoons a week. She needs it and I'm grateful to her for teaching me stuff. She told me that when I got to college I was gonna have pussy standing in line."

"Well," Janice chuckled, "you're gonna have this pussy standing at the head of that line. Jesus! I wish every eighteen year-old guy got lessons like that. Those guys I fucked were clumsy and dumb and didn't care about my pleasure."

Then she paused for a moment in thought, then, looked up at me.

"I didn't suck your dick very well, did I? Tell me the truth!"

I nodded.

"And Gail makes you cum real quick when she sucks you off?"

I nodded again. "My dick starts to tingle right away and I cum in a little over a minute. I even looked at the clock once because I was so surprised at how quick it was. She always blows me first because she says it slows me down and she has more fun when we fuck."

"You think she might teach me how to suck your cock?"

"She might. Gail says each pussy is different but all dicks are alike, so if you learn to suck one you'll know how to suck 'em all."

Janice laughed, a loud musical laugh and said, "Blowjob queen! That's what I'll be when I get to college - the campus blowjob queen."

I laughed with her and then handed her the third rubber.

"You bastard," she chuckled. "You really ARE gonna have pussy standing in line. The way you eat pussy! Gail's right! Once a gal's felt that talented tongue you own the bitch."

"And you know how to fuck too," she continued. "Hell! I've already had three orgasms and here I am eager to spread my legs for a fourth one! No other guy has given me even one! Not one! I've never wanted it like this from a guy before. I'm your bitch now! You got me hooked!"

When I left her bedroom there were three jism-filled condoms hanging obscenely from the headboard of Janice's bed and Janice was one happy, giggling, well-fucked bitch.

The next afternoon I called Gail and then took Janice to Gail's house. She met us at the back door laughing.

"This must be Janice," she said.

"This is Janice and she did exactly what you said she would do. You were right! Susie told her all about me and Janice wanted to find out for herself."

"And now," Gail said, "I'll bet that Janice wants to find out some other things for herself. Don't you Janice."

Janice laughed. "You're absolutely right Mrs. Johnson," she said, "I wanna learn how to blow him the way you do."

"Call me Gail.

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