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Bonnie has her first extra-marital experience.

As we kissed, I felt him beginning to stir against my stomach, feeling his manhood reacting, starting to thicken. Giving a little push against him, I whispered into his ear, "Hey, we had better stop, it feels already like you are glad to have met me." Then I smiled warmly.

I could feel it starting to grow, 'Oh God, how I wanted to feel that inside me, deep inside me.' I am sure if anyone looked closely, they could have seen all my feminine juices starting to run down my thighs, for my minuscule thong could not absorb it.

"Yes, you are right, let's go," he told me.

I turned to look quickly around the room, all the guys were sitting there with their mouths open, 'God, if only they knew how I felt, I was so hot, I could have done them all,' I thought jokingly.

We got into the elevator, going all the way to the top floor. 'Wow,' I thought, 'he must be important if his publishers are paying for all of this.'

He opened the door to his room, it was like nothing I had seen before. He had a huge lounge room, all glass around it, looking out all over Hong Kong and Kowloon. With it now being night and dark outside, it was breathtaking.

"Okay Luci, what would you like to drink, the same as you had downstairs?"

"Yes please," I replied, just standing there, still looking out over that fabulous view.

Chris brought my drink over, taking my hand, "Come with me," he said, opening a big glass sliding door that led out onto a huge balcony.

We stepped out, "Oh God, what a view!" I exclaimed, putting my drink down, and placing my hands onto the balcony railing. I just could not believe the view, I had never seen anything like it, even though I had been to Hong Kong regularly before.

I felt Chris come up behind me, putting his hands around me, "Now, that is perfect, you, and this view, were made for each other," he said from right behind my left ear.

He kissed my neck, sending shivers all down my body, feeling him nuzzle my neck, my ears, grasping my hips and pulling my bum onto him, I let it push into him, swaying my hips, slowly, letting my bum rub his hardening manhood.

His hands slipped down, letting his fingers slide into my front, over the apex of my legs, gently rubbing my sex mound, 'Oh God, I was nearly coming, just from thinking of those hands roaming my hot body.' He pulled my bum onto his hot cock, I could feel how hard he was, it felt so nice, I wanted to take him into my mouth, taste him, suck him, and feel his hot sperm empty into my mouth.

I pushed back onto his cock, just as his hands slid under my dress, working their way up my thighs, feeling them heading into my so moist sex. He reached my apex, letting his beautiful fingers gently slide over my 'oh so tiny thong.'

"Oh my God Luci, did you really go out in this?" he asked, as one of his fingers slid under my thong, coming into contact with my hot moist sex. I let him feel all of my wetness on his fingers, touching my clit, gently rubbing over it, as his finger slid up and down my sex slit. I could not stop myself or him, I gripped the balcony rail as one of his fingers slipped up inside me. I had wanted this for so long, I started to cum.

He held me with one arm around me, and I fucked my body onto his finger as he played with my clit, and pushed two fingers inside me. "Oh, oh god Chris, Chris, do it, do it to me, oh fuckkkkk," I cried as I felt my knees starting to buckle with the pleasure, the sensations, from what Chris was doing to me.

I stood there with my legs apart as he just held his fingers inside me, letting me slowly fuck onto them, as I came down from that orgasm. It seemed as if I was having one after the other, I was crying with the pleasure.

Chris kissed me passionately on the back of my neck, "Oh God, Luci, that was so nice, watching you." He slid his fingers out of me, taking them up to his mouth, tasting them, "Oh Luci, you are so sweet, and just as I knew you would be."

We stayed like that for 10 mi

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