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Lust to love but turmoil abounds.

Cirandiel gasped sharply as the cool night air rushed to caress her pale, exposed skin, spurring her pale, greenish nipples to hardness until they stood as adorable buds on her breasts, which had nurtured three children in the past, left plentiful and alluring in their perfection.

She stood there, her breath quivering as Elirionn swiped off her belt with expertise, his claws not even breaking her skin. Her kilt fell off, pooling at her feet as he tore off her simple brown panties in a quick, hasty motion. "T-They are watching, my love..", she protested meekly as she felt his gaze, and theirs, drinking in the sight of the naked female.

Cirandiel was never lacking in her womanly shape - she had birthed children, her body the perfect hourglass with ample breasts and wide birthing hips. She held a bit of muscle to her body, but not awfully well defined - she did not possess a proper sixpack to her taut belly. Like any elf, her body was void of hair, leaving her armpits and womanhood smooth and pleasant to gaze upon.

A few trickles of tentative moisture trickled down her thighs from her sex, the prospects of the situation starting to dawn upon her. Just as she was about to part her lips and address her lover, he pulled her in, his canine tongue invading her mouth in his version of a kiss, muffling any protests she may have in a quest for dominance.

She gladly relaxed as he wrapped an arm around her waist to support her, gently suckling at his tongue as it probed her mouth, just to show affection the best she could, her hands brushing his fur lovingly. He pulled away as quickly as he had approached, offering a firm growl to the two silent observers before backing away from her. His hands fiddled with the straps of his armor as the two Worgen closed in on her.

The elf watched with wide, somewhat nervous eyes as the two beasts stalked in and finally stood on two feet as they came within touching distance. Neither of them spoke as they moved to stand by her sides, her own frame unmoving, her arms firmly against their sides as they too stared at her feminine frame.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her racing heart, only to cry out in surprise as she felt a wet canine tongue flick her right nipple, pleasure rippling through her and straight to her weeping nethers. She bit at her lower lip gently as she opened her eyes, looking at her mate who had by now stripped himself of his armor, standing only a short distance away. She openly stared at the flaring red canine cock that throbbed at the sight before him, a steady trail of rather excessive precum trickling down its impressive length.

While she so gracefully distracted herself from reality, the two beasts by her sides were not amused. Their furry hands slid along her frame, feeling her up, exploring every bit of her, fondling her ample breasts, flicking the tips of her ears. She sucked in a gasp as the first digit brushed over her swollen nether lips, making her jerk slightly as electricity ran through her veins.

One of the two hastily dropped to his knees and pried her legs a bit further apart where she stood. Cirandiel released a throaty cry of bliss as the rough, canine tongue was introduced to her pussy lips, lapping at the sweet juices that clung to her lower lips like they were the sweetest of nectars. Her hips jerked involuntarily the first time the tongue slid over her clit, and it did not take the male long to figure out just which buttons to press.

Soon enough the female was held standing by the other beast as the first one lapped at her clit like his life depended on it. She thrashed and bucked, her soft moans of bliss growing ever louder, echoing in the woods. Elirionn watched intently as his sweet lover tilted her head back and screamed in orgasm, watching how her juices squirted slightly onto the muzzle of the male pleasuring her.

The dominant Worgen wrapped his fingers around his large manhood and idly stroked it until the need to cl

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