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Norm and Tilly make a run to Portland.

"Down here for the project?" He asked.

"No, just a vacation." I answered.

"Oh. Maybe I can show you around later?"

"Why don't you show your wife around?" I smiled at him. His face flushed slightly, I didn't catch what he said as he turned away.

I heard, "Don't I know you from someplace?" No less than a dozen times. Of course they did not.

One man almost duplicated the first comment I heard with "What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?"

I did burst out laughing when one man wearing a bill cap on backwards and a T-shirt pressed up to the bar beside me.

"So whatcha think of them Bears?" He said, for some reason I found that hilarious.

Bears? They have teeth and they have claws and I never really think about them at all.

No end to it, no end at all.

I went into the bar in the mood. By in the mood I mean I wanted to meet someone, someone nice, normal, polite. Clean, neat, personable.


I went in there available. My manner of dress was to attract, I have to admit that to myself. I certainly had no intent to be unapproachable, rather it was the opposite.

What did I expect? I had already decided I was what I was, one of those Cougars I hear the jokes about. A mature woman looking.

What for? I really was not sure, but someone to talk to, visit with, someone to like. Perhaps someone to like enough

There was no need for lines, a convoluted seduction. I like to think that I would have responded to a simple "Hello!" and normal conversation.

I like to think I would have, anyway. My mood? I am not completely sure where I was with that, either. I do know I rather naughtily had no underwear on.

That popped into my head as I sat there at the bar. I was not wearing any undergarments, sitting there rejecting one man after another, because of...words. No one knew of course, but I was right there, waiting. Waiting for someone, something.

Now there is something for you men to think about. You come up some clever line to use, start a conversation? Yet the object of your attempt just might be sitting there..with no underwear on.

I started to giggle at that, it developed into a laugh, I almost started to choke. Several around me looked at me oddly, suddenly I wanted to get out of there.

I walked out, one man after another had struck out. What would it take?

Someone that simply said "Hello." That would be a nice start. That very well could have been all it would take, at least at the start.

I walked through the lobby, spotted Simon by the counter speaking with a friend. I smiled, he smiled back, did that cute little lift of his hand again. I reached the elevator, started to push the button.

On impulse, I walked back, asked Simon if he would like to give me another nice massage. The one he had given me earlier had been scattered, amateurish. Yet it was fun, and his initial overwhelming shyness had finally faded.

I encouraged him, I really did. I am not sure why, the moment perhaps? Simon used the right words, his manner left me the one thing I know I do need. He left me in control.

Simon had given me some crashing orgasms, I had no intention of that at first, it just happened. I was not sure it was even skill, lord knows Simon is painfully young, less than half my age.

He agreed to my suggestion, came to my room. I let him shower in my bath, as I set up the table for him.

He came out fully dressed, I expected that, I sat there on the edge of the table with one of those huge bath towels snuggled up tightly around me. He gave me a lazy smile, there was no sign of the nervousness he had demonstrated the first time.

"You look so nice! Thank you for letting me do this for you." He said.


I stood up, sliding the towel off my naked body and hopped up on the table. Settling in face down, I could see the night stand where I had set the bottle of oil, and three condoms. All I could see was his arm as it reached out and picked up the oil.

"Let's start with your shoulders, you look a little tense there.

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