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Old fling rekindles as Tom sees best friend's sister again.

Your nipples are already hard from the feel of the nylon scraping against them. Your cunt is leaking and has been since you left home. There is a puddle of your juices on your car seat that you know Sir will take great pleasure in watching you lick up. Your make-up is subdued except for the bright red lipstick Sir requires. Your shoulder length hair is down.

You are ready for anything Sir requires and as you ring the bell, the door opens and there is Sir. He is dressed is a Charcoal Grey skinny suit, top suit button closed, with a white shirt and patterned red tie. You can't help but think again how much Sir turns you on.

"Hello Sir slut is here for your pleasure. Please use this dirty whore for whatever pleasure or entertainment you wish."

"Open your coat slut...NOW."

As you open your coat Sir reaches out and grabs a handful of your hair with one hand and pulls your head back,with the other hand Sir takes hold of a nipple and pulls it away from your body. He is rough as he kisses your mouth. The pain is instantaneous and your body betrays you as you squirt a small flow of cunt juice down your leg. The kiss is long and intense.

Sir breaks off the kiss, steps back and looks you up and down like you're a piece of meat he's thinking about buying. The hunger is in his eyes and you see this and know you're going to get what you need, get what you want, get what you crave. You know what tonight will bring.

"Come in cunt,take your coat off,go into the den and stand by the table with your legs spread and hands behind your head."

As you enter then den you can see the table clearly and on the table are handcuffs, a short length of rope, a blindfold, a crop, a flogger, nipple clamps and a large butt plug. You do as you are told and assume the position.

Sir follows you in and stands before you. Your face and chest are flush and you're breathing heavy.

"Take a few deep breathes cunt and tell Sir what you need."

The shame at what you want is always outweighed by the pleasure it brings.

"Pain Sir...your slut wants pain."

Sir reaches out and grabs your breasts. He squeezes them gently at first then increases the pressure. The harder he squeezes the better it feels. He is pulling on them. He pulls them up, and then down, then left and then right. He releases his grip and takes hold of your nipples.

He gently pulls them, slowly up then down, left and then right. It's not hard enough for you and you lean back to increase the pain.

Sir knows you so well. He lets go and steps back. He stares into your eyes and your cunt throbs with need. He reaches out and places his hands around your neck and slowly increases the pressure.

"Slut I am going to hurt you anyway I want. You are my pain slut and I will dictate the pace not you. You are my toy, are we clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"Spread your legs wider cunt."

As you spread your legs Sir reaches down and grabs your cunt lips in his hand. He squeezes hard and pulls down. His strength always surprises you and the pain is immediate.

"OMG...OMG good."

Sir continues to squeeze harder and harder. Your juices are flowing and you're beginning to approach the exquisite agony Sir always brings you. He lets go and begins to smack between your legs. He is such a tease...gently at first then increasing the power behind his smacks. 1...2..3..4..5...the smacks are coming faster and harder. You struggle not to reach out for more. You're close to your 1st big orgasm. Sir knows this and stops after 1 last hard smack.

"Please Sir...please...please..."

Sir reaches up and takes your nipples in his fingertips and squeezes them hard. There is no gentle start and increase here, Sir plays you like a finely tuned instrument and he is just warming up.


Sir pulls your nipples harder as he squeezes them and the pain increases like a hot flash. Harder...harder...harder he pulls and pinches.


The pain goes right to the very center of

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