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Something about blindfolds and gags. They just go together, don't you think? Kinda like peanut butter and jelly. Anyway, I wanted to use the bit gag 'cause love the way it stretches your mouth when it's buckled tight. Show some mercy, I was thinking. Be a nice Mistress and give my slave something to gnaw his angst into while I have my wicked way with him.

"But, baby, I couldn't find the mercy to gag you. I tried. I truly did. You got to believe I tried. I turned my heart inside out, searched every nook and cranny, but all I found was love. Nothing but love for my delicious slave, filling every inch of my heart to bursting. Makes me gooey inside, knowing my heart's so full of love there's no room for mercy-nary a wisp.

" gag. Means my beautiful boy's got to hold that wonderful strawberry between his teeth no matter what Mistress does to him. And she told you what happens if you put so much as an itty bitty tooth mark on it, didn't she? That's right. She did. Mistress laid down the where, the with what, and the how many, didn't she?

"Mmm, it smells yummy. I have a confession. Temptation got the better of me, and I ate two on the way home. Only two, I swear. Could've eaten the whole basket, but I didn't 'cause I was thinking how much you adore strawberries with cream. And you know I always do something nice for you after I get kinky on you. So...after Mistress fucks you up, and she's gonna fuck you up something terrible, she's gonna treat you with your favorite dessert.

"I have another confession. It's kind of, um, naughty, but I didn't wear undies today. Nope. I didn't. No bra, no panties. Blame the weather. Warm breezes and blue skies. The kind of day you just want to wreath flowers in your hair and dance naked with the butterflies. Know what I mean? So...I put on that skimpy halter dress that makes you stupid horny and the gladiator sandals I made you lick clean that time you couldn't hold your horses. And, baby, that's all Mistress wore today. Not another stitch.

"Did I mention I got the berries for free? I didn't? Well, the nice gentleman at the farmers' market is most definitely a breast man. Kept sneaking peeks while he prattled on about his strawberry field and how he only picks them the day before market, packs them so they don't bruise, yada yada yada. And they're certified organic, too. Did you know there's a right way to pick strawberries? You didn't? Neither did I.

"He said you find a ripe berry, cradle it in your fingers, careful like, so you don't bruise it, and pinch the stem between your thumb and index finger, to snap it off the vine. He said you have to snap the stem, not pull or jerk, or you'll squish the berry. He said if your fingers get juicy, you're doing it wrong.

"It's kind of like when I squeeze your balls. Except I get juice whether I squeeze gentle, like this...or hard, like this. Okay, I admit it, that analogy sucks, but you get the idea. Uh oh, you didn't bite my strawberry, did you? No? Good boy. Anyway, flirt, show some skin, and wouldn't you know it, I'm sashaying away with a basket of the best strawberries ever, and all it cost me was a, ahem, nipple slip.

"Did Mistress mention cream for the strawberries? I did? Well, since strawberries with cream is your favorite dessert, I wanted to make it special just the way you like it, but I couldn't find any of that sweet cream you're so fond of. Nowhere. None of the markets had it, and I went everywhere. Unbelievable. I mean, what do they expect me to do? Feed my slave strawberries without his favorite cream? Give me a fucking break.

"Anyway, there I was, in the dairy aisle between the yogurt and the cottage cheese, frustrated and thinking, what's a Mistress to do? Then it hit me. An epiphany, kind of like. Cream...cum...cum...cream. Perfect! Problem solved. My slave gets his special treat, after all. Now, doesn't strawberries with cum sound absolutely scrumptious? You don't think so? Really? Silly boy, I'm sure you'll change your mind once you try it.

"Besides, you should apprecia

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