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Jerry gasped as he looked at Kate. She was beautiful. It had been so long since they had spoken and even longer since they had seen each other. Jerry had planned the whole situation in his head so many times. He was going to enter the room. He would then sit her on the bed and kneel in front of her. He would show her the ring and ask her the question he had wanted to ask for over a year. She would say yes. They would both cry.

"Marry me." Jerry blurted out those words as he lunged for Kate. He kissed her hard as they fell backwards onto the bed. Their teeth hit as they kissed harder. They were so lost in each other that they didn't realize until they heard the sound of the elevator that the hotel room was still open.

"Fuck." Kate rolled off the bed, slammed, and locked the door. She then turned around, staring at her lover sprawled on the king size bed.

"Undress." Kate pulled off her sweater and then undid her bra. Jerry couldn't move. He couldn't do anything but watch. Kate's breasts were large with big nipples. She pinched them gently, and then pulled down her jean skirt and panties.

"Undress." Kate panted those words again as she stepped out of her clothing and stood naked.

Jerry's brain finally registered what Kate was asking and he quickly undressed. The moment he was naked, she was on top of him, his cock deep inside her wet pussy. There was no time for foreplay. There was no time for anything but this.

"I love you, Jerry. So much. I need you so badly." Kate was panting now as she bounced on his cock. Her breasts swayed each time she thrust downwards. Her blonde hair was in a messy ponytail and her chest was flushed from her arousal. She could barely think, she was so horny.

"Marry me, Kate. I have a ring." Jerry was lifting his hips off the bed each time she slammed down. This was not lovemaking. This was fucking. Their shared desperation was pushing them towards the edge and before they knew it, Jerry was cumming. He held her down tight, his large hands wrapped around her hips. He lifted his hips off the bed as he emptied himself into her pussy.

"Oh god." Kate wiggled around then leaned forward. Their lips were barely touching. Their eyes were locked on each other.

"Yes, I will marry you. You know I would have said yes if you asked me the first time we met." Kate looked down, feeling Jerry's fingers slide the gorgeous diamond on her finger. She whimpered as tears fell down her face.

"I wanted this to be romantic and sweet and memorable but the moment I saw you, I lost my mind. I wanted to get down on one knee and propose."

Kate nuzzled his nose. Suddenly she gasped when he rolled her over and pulled her legs over his shoulders. Kate felt his hard cock slide deeper into her wet pussy and she whimpered.

"I'm surprised you haven't said anything about my cum in your pussy," Jerry winked as he pulled her hard against his throbbing member. Kate squirmed. She had always loved his cock, from the first time he had sent her a picture of it. It wasn't overly long or thick, but the head was amazing. It was a round mushroom tip and she loved that initial thrust as it parted her lips. She was so far gone now that all she wanted was a harder fuck.

"Fuck me!" Kate arched her back, causing his cock to rub her gspot. She did it again, and Jerry could only hold on to her legs and watch. He loved when she was aggressive, and knew that all he had to do was hold on as she used his cock.

Jerry was trying to hold back. He really was. He wanted this to last, but the moment he started to think of his fertile sperm inside her pussy, he lost control. He roughly yanked her onto her hands and knees and thrust back inside.

"Oh god. I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to knock you up." Jerry slammed into her pussy and exploded. He held her tightly against him then moved one hand under her and round her clit. It was throbbing and wet. He rubbed hard and fast. His chest was pressed against her back so she couldn't squirm away.

Wrapping his lips around her earlobe, he whispered, "Cum for me, Baby.

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