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Part One of a Series.

She squealed as I teased her opening with the tip of my tongue. Then, when I dabbed at her clitoris, I heard her give a long sigh of pleasure and she gabbled at me in Japanese.

Licking her was divine. Arousal slid from her in a steady trickle while I lapped at her like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. I knew without words when I was doing things right. Mizuki's sighs, moans, and sometimes shrieks of pleasure were my yardstick; I was determined to give this girl a good time.

I noticed she especially enjoyed the expeditionary probing with my tongue down towards the cleft of her arse. She blurted in surprise but didn't resist when, in a quick move, I rolled her over onto her front. Mizuki lifted herself onto her elbows and surveyed me over her shoulder. I gazed at the superb twin mounds of her buttocks and then parted the globes to reveal the smudge of her anus. Her eyes widened when my intention became clear to her. "I'm going to lick your sphincter..."

Mizuki groaned and thrust back on my face when I kept my word. She lifted her hips from the bed and I slid my tongue over her body. I devoured her bubbling, scarlet cunt and then squirmed my tongue into her anus as far as I could reach. During the onslaught, I pushed first one, and then a second finger inside her soaking cleft. I curled the digits and fingered where I hoped her G-spot would be.

It worked. The attack sent Mizuki over the edge and she thrashed and groaned in climax. Despite her squirming and bucking I kept my mouth tight against her, but matched my attention to her tapering orgasm.

Eventually, temporarily sated, Mizuki lay panting and face-down on the bed. I stood at its foot and watched her. She rolled onto her back and then sat up. Mizuki gestured at me to take off my tee-shirt, as she then slid her shirt over her shoulders.

Her high, round breasts excited me. They suited her lithe, athletic frame perfectly. I growled and clambered onto the bed next to her; she giggled when I suckled at her pebble-sized nipples.

She let out a cry when I pushed her onto her back and pushed her legs apart. I don't know what she thought I was about to do but she became very agitated. Mizuki shook her head vehemently and cupped a hand over her pubis.

Damn, I thought. She's got me all dressed up with no place to go. I held my erection in my fist. "And what am I meant to do with this?"

Mizuki giggled; I didn't see the funny side at that point, but the girl squirmed around and grabbed her handbag. She undid the catch and reached inside. Grinning she brought out two items. I was relieved to see one of them one was a square, foil packet. A condom! So that was why she'd objected? She thought I was just going to fuck into her bareback. I smiled at her and nodded with enthusiasm. "Give it to me. I'll put it on."

And then Mizuki really surprised me.

I ripped open the packet and rolled the johnny over my erection. Then, before turning onto her front, Mizuki passed me the second item from her bag. It was a small tube of lube. "I don't think we need this, girl," I said and held the thing up. "You're plenty wet enough down there." Mizuki gabbled at me and pulled a face. She could see by my gormless expression that I hadn't a clue. She sighed and reached behind herself with both hands. It was then the penny dropped. "Fucking hell!" I blurted. "... You mean?"

Mizuki slid the tip of a middle finger into her sphincter and murmured to me.

With shaking hands I squirted a blob of the gooey stuff onto the stain of her arsehole. Mizuki spread the stuff around. She muttered to me again and held herself wide open. With a lingering look at her long legs in those black leggings she wore, I wriggled forwards on my knees and held myself over her body. With one hand on the bed to steady me I guided my cock-head towards that place. "You sure?" I muttered. "You want it in your arse?"

The girl snarled and I took that to mean: "Stop fucking about and fuck my dirty hole."

So I did.

Mizuki moaned when I nudged against her body.

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