Transformation High Quality XXX

Abby learns more, and begins to assert control.

I was secretly grateful that my cunt was high in the air for I was so wet for him.

He slowly pulled my thong to one side and for the first time my cunt was exposed to him, I imagined my lips puffy and wet, my clit swollen and my hole lubricated and ready. It suddenly dawned on me that he had my cunt up high for a reason as my juices slowly trickled from my cunt to my ass and I openly shivered before him. My legs were now spread very wide, both my holes readily accessible. I yearned for him to touch. I began to feel braver and pleaded to be touched, touch me, please touch me. No response and I was shivering uncontrollably. I was so aroused, like never before and it was making me brave so I asked again, "Master, fuck me, fuck my cunt with your hands, fuck me hard, long and deep". A stifled laugh and I knew he was smiling.

Holding my buttocks and raising me higher, spreading my legs wider still I felt his tongue on my ass, gently following the line from ass to clit, it was so good... back and forth he went lapping at my juice lubricating every crevice. His tongue probing my ass and hole, sucking hard on my clit pulling it between his lips. I needed penetration, "Master, Master". I was begging to cum. (SLAP) He spanked my thighs, I jumped momentarily, (SLAP) I jumped again, it stung me for a few seconds and I could feel the heat the spanking was generating, I

was even more aroused. The briefest pause and I felt a blunt object press against my cunt, working it in a circular motion I recognised it as my toy that I had bought with me. He instinctively knew the angle to insert it and with some persuasion it entered my lips and he plunged it deeply into my cunt. Back and forth steady and deep, one finger pressing and moving over my clit. Grabbing at my hand he placed my fingers on my clit and I rubbed myself hard, one of his hands fucking me hard and steady, the toy banging against my g spot on every forward thrust, "I'm cumming Master, harder Master" As I began my climb into the abyss my moaning shocked even myself, deep ripples of ecstasy overtook my inhibitions thrown to the wind, and as I thought I had reached my pinnacle he plunged one finger into my ass, circling wide and fast, I climbed even higher and called for him not to stop "don't stop, fuck me Master".

My cunt was contracting wildly around my toy and my ass gripping his never faltering finger. One last gasp and I held my breath, hips high I cum so hard, he continued to fuck me slowly and gently as I subsided, my breathing was fast and my heart felt like it was going to explode. As he removed the toy that was plugging my cunt my juices ran from my body and he licked me and I could hear him swallow. I was completely stunned.

I felt him climb on to the bed and he gently caressed the heated patches that his spanking had left whilst I recovered. The he moved again and straddled my chest, leaning backwards slightly he rested against my thighs and he pinched and tweaked my nipples and they hardened like never before. Taking another pillow he put one under my head, I could smell his cock again. He moved his cock over my face, leaving trails of pre cum, my lips were parted and eagerly awaiting his cock. He shifted position and I felt his cock on my lips, he slid in with ease and tasted so good, his cock was so hard and I struggled to take him deep.

Moving my head up and down his hard shaft I stopped and took his head between my lips and sucking hard I moved my head in a circular motion gently pulling I could feel it grow against my tongue.

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