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Mother, son and daughter continue their secret relationship.


Later that night, Stacey was wrapped in Dave's arms, lying on his bare chest, while he stroked her hair and they talked, softly.

Stacey said drowsily, "This has been a very strange internship."

Dave laughed. "Yes, I suppose so."

"I'm so glad you suggested it," she said, kissing his hands.

"So am I, baby girl, so am I."


Monday morning arrived with Joyce and Stacey, armed with folders and files, waiting outside Dave's office. He was still on a conference call and asked them to wait for their meeting to begin.

As they sat outside, both Paula and Kathy were there, Kathy "pretending" to be talking business with Paula but in reality keeping an eye on Stacey, as she well knew. Stacey eyed them, remembering everything she'd heard and seen in the last few weeks. Paula was staring daggers at her, as usual.

Just then Dave opened the door.

"Come on in, ladies. Kathy, Stacey's going to move back up next to Joyce's work station. Can you set that up, please? And Paula, I'd appreciate it if you could scan and e-mail these-"

He plopped a huge stack of papers on her desk.

"I need them done in an hour. Thank you."

In reality Dave just wanted them both gone and out of earshot.

Inside, he extended a hand to Joyce. "It's been a while. I hope you have some good news for me."

"Hi, Dave. Well... Let's sit down, shall we?"

"Go ahead..."

"Ok, Dave, well have you ever heard of 'siphoning'?"

"I have!" Stacey interjected.

Dave gave her an amused look. "Oh yes? Do go on!"

"People used to do that at the store!"

Joyce looked at her, "Please continue!"

"That's when someone under reports how much money they've made on a sale."

"Yeah? Keep going, baby girl."

Joyce took note of the terminology, but neither Dave nor Stacey seemed to have realized Dave's little slip.

"Well we have a sort of older system at the shop. The employees would ring things up at the register, but only after the payment was received did they enter it into the computer. So... someone could pay maybe $100 for some clothes, but the employee would only actually report $80, and pocket the rest. And unless I caught it or saw them doing it, no one would be any wiser."

"Yes. It was much more common in the days before computers. Nowadays it's a little more tricky, but it's the same principle," said Joyce. "You're skimming off the actual funds that come in and declaring a different amount. That's what Fred's been doing, Dave, on a larger scale."

"Well, I've been gathering this. How did you find it out? And do you have any proof?"

"Well I started by just looking over all the bank accounts Fred has been accessing on a regular basis. And before long one caught my eye. It's relatively new, opened up two years ago, and I had never seen it before. It was called 'David Wilson Enterprises Discretionary Fund.' What's that? That's what I mean about him being stupid. That's a suspicious name."

"I thought it needed a close examination of the flows in and out, and a few things caught my eye. For example, in normal accounts, the money flows out as well as in, as the company uses it. These aren't savings accounts! They should be active, rather than static. But with this one, the money's going in but it's not being used for anything. It's just sitting there. And it's not the only one. I've found two other ones just like it."

"It's a little shell game. He's moving and shifting your money around, electronically, but only with the intent of building up these accounts, not for actually doing any business with that money. But here's the key thing. Whereas all your other, official accounts are being recorded in your financial reports, these are not. This money is not being reported, because it's not being used. It's just being siphoned off to accumulate. Which of course means it's not being reported on the corporate tax returns filed with the IRS, so none of this revenue is being reported as taxable income."

"It's theft, plain and simple."

"Can you tell me how much, Joyce?"

"$2.5 million, and that's just what I've managed to find."

"Fuck!" Dave swore.

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