Trampling High Quality XXX

Devoted footslave seeks a reunion with his Goddess.

"You and I are of the same blood," she started. "Royals are not only kings and queens; one Seer is born every generation. We share some of the same powers, though yours are not as concentrated as mine. I see you got my message about the location of your grandmother's ring." I almost snatched my hand away to touch the ring that still hung on the necklace around my neck, but I guess I was too frightened at that moment to do anything that may piss her off. "Yes, yes, and so young too. You're gift is stronger than most. That ring belonged to your father's mother, you know. It's very good that you found it at such a young age that means your connection to us is well-established." Her lips pressed together in a thin line and then she smiled. "Ah, you're still not convinced that you belong here, but deep down, you know what will happen if you don't."

My mind flashed an image that wretched a gasp from my throat. I saw an Exodus, faces of the elves I'd met in town and during the town hall meeting passed by hauling luggage, children clung to their parents' hands and skirts. They're eyes brimming with tears to match the stricken expressions of the adults around them. I saw buildings spontaneously crumble, and become overtaken by the countryside. Trees flew up in the middle of the street I'd just walked, the ivy on the side of the castle became more than decoration, instead, the face of the building itself.

My head swam as I squeezed my eyes shut against not only what I saw, but what I felt. My heart literally ached. It was as if I could feel the pain of the crying children and the confusion and anxiety of the adults as they left their home. Their thoughts may as well have been tattooed on their foreheads. Where do we go from here? What will I do now? Why? They were leaving the home of their ancestors for parts unknown…because of me. I wasn't sure exactly how I was one hundred percent sure, it was my fault.

When I opened my eyes again, the Seer had hers back. Her blue eyes wrinkled as she smiled at me. "You know," she said releasing my hands. I used them to wipe the tears from my face. "You will do what's right."

I wanted to say something, anything. I didn't want to move out of the country, away from my mother, to be surrounded by strangers. I'd have to completely start over. My entire life would never be the same. I'm not big on moving cheese…besides that whole getting pregnant in college thing, my life followed along the timeline without many bumps or deviations. I dropped Eva at school, went to my shitty job, picked up my daughter, helped mamma with dinner, and went to bed. It was the same, every day, except in the summer when Eva stayed at home. Change was just not my thing.

"I know," I agreed.

"Thank you for coming," the Seer said standing from her cushion.

I nodded and followed Tolem outside. He stood, watching me for an indeterminable amount of time. I barely noticed since I was deep in my own thoughts.

"Your highness," said Tolem finally.

"I told you not to call me that!"

I could have sworn I heard him laugh, but on the surface, he didn't even crack a smile.

"Would you like to go back to the castle?" he asked when I glared.

"Yeah, I need to speak to Trilla."

"She actually worked a half day today," Tolem informed me. "She's at home by now."

"Well, take me to her house then."

Tolem shrugged.

I followed him through the streets, it was around lunch time and pretty hot—not Georgia's one hundred and twenty percent humidity with mosquitoes, love bugs, and gnats hot—but still pretty damned hot.

Trilla's house was bigger than the one we'd just left, but still relatively small. I couldn't get over how narrow the houses were but Trilla's was very cute on the outside…it fit her. White walls with brown shutters and wild ivy growing upwards along the lower portion. There were window boxes full of pansies and rose bushes along the cobbled pathway.

I knocked and heard her muffled voice say, "Just a minute."

Tolem and I waited patiently un

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