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Four teachers discover new possibilities.

"Oh, in fact, animals LOVE getting their cocks sucked. Unfortunately, it just doesn't happen very often."

to which Tharion added, giggling naughtily,

"At least your male gets horny very fast this way. But before you get disappointed: Cats usually don't cum unless they are deep inside a tight pussy. You know - nature demands that they inseminate their females to make kittens."

While the three of them were talking, Alathea's father had kissed his little girl a last time and finally pulled his dripping member out of her pussy. There were a lot of moans and other signs of appreciation, and Alathea purred happily. Her father stepped aside; and since her sisters didn't even try to stop the wild cat, the huge, and in the meantime very aroused, animal charged the tiny, helpless elf with a long jump and immediately shoved his heavy, furry body on top of hers. Valiandra, who had just been watching until now, knelt down beside the odd couple and guided the frighteningly gigantic animal cock carefully into Alathea's already dripping and somewhat stretched hole; and after the cat had forced his whole member deep inside the screaming girl with his very first thrust, she went up to Lucy, Tharion and the other elfish woman, smiling with an innocent look.

"Having fun, Lucy?"

she said, sitting down next to the gnome. Lucy nodded silently and kept watching the scene completely captivated.

"I think it's a little unfair towards Alathea. This is her great day, and she should have all the attention from our people. Yet I fear at least some of us are way more curious about what YOU will do. You see - we never had a gnome here with us."

And after catching another glimpse of Alathea, she added,

"By the way... they said Alathea had been practicing with huge cats already. Yet I begin to wonder if we should have chosen a slightly smaller animal for her."

Watching Alathea still screaming in pain with every ferocious thrust, the priestess sighed deeply and undressed. It seemed to be a signal for everybody else, because all around Lucy elves pulled off their robes and, as far as she could tell, at least five druids changed into gorgeous cats, including her beloved Tharion and the elfish woman, whose fur had the same silver color as her hair had had before. Lucy was looking around wide-eyed and at first didn't even recognize that she was now naked, too, since Valiandra had undressed the gnome shortly after herself. There was just too much to watch! Tharion purred into her right ear, and the female druid had made some steps towards a male elf on her soft paws. She was waggling with her long tail, showing him her dark, swollen pussy lips, which were clearly visible within her shining fur. Alathea seemed to have finally accustomed herself a little bit better to her furious lover, who by now was drooling onto her hair but whose bestial thrusts had not become gentler at all. Her family was standing next to her and really proud of their little girl's performance. They were caressing the cat behind the ears and encouraged him to do Alathea even harder while several elfish males were standing nearby, obviously waiting for the cat to finish his job so that they could have their turn with her as well.

At the moment, Lucy could have stared mesmerized anywhere around her, but Tharion thought he had waited for his female long enough. He prodded her carefully with one of his forepaws; and when she finally turned around, he lifted his left hind leg to show her his already quite swollen cock. Lucy smiled, kissed him on his snout and whispered,

"Come on, lay on your back. Your kitty wants to play, and this way those curious elves can watch us way better."

Tharion panted excitedly and did as she had demanded.

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