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Dale the handyman hooks up with blonde trans-woman tenant.

"Honestly Nikki, I am ok and I think we are ok too."

She positively beamed her reply "I love you so much!."

"I love you too Nikki, now we had better pack up and get back before Charles sends a search party."

Dinner that night was naturally later then usual and almost a carbon copy of the previous evening. Charles joined them after dinner and Nikki sat with him. Nothing was mentioned about the previous night and it wasn't until quite later when Ed returned from the bathroom that he observed Charles and Nikki joined in a passionate kiss. He sat quietly opposite them and watched intently. Wanting nothing more then to stroke his own cock but refraining despite his desire. After a time the couple broke their kiss and conversation resumed as if nothing had happened. It wasn't until Charles left to clear away some glasses and bring Ed some fresh ice for his whisky that Nikki moved over to be next to her husband.

"I need to talk to Charles you know. I was thinking well ..." she stopped and looked at him, noticing his hard on still in his pants from watching them kiss.

"I see you enjoyed out little make out session too." she giggled, rubbing his hard on through his pants softly.

"Anyhow darling I was saying that I need to talk to Charles alone amongst other things." she smirked a little.

"What I'm saying is how would you feel about sleeping in the guest room again tonight? I'd like to talk to him and spend a little time alone. I promise that I'll be here in the morning for you." Ed was a little taken aback he was in fact secretly hoping that their make out session would turn into a lot more right in front of his eyes but it appeared Nikki had other plans. He wanted to object to tell her no, to tell her that he needed to watch if it was going to happen. But he settled for a question instead.

"I wanted to watch you tonight. Can you talk to him later?"She smiled and shook her head.

"No I need to talk to him alone before that happens, if its not ok just tell me. I'd like to take him to bed tonight but I don't have to. I could talk to him tomorrow."

"No Nikki, It's ok" he lied. "As long as you promise I can watch you soon."

"I think I can convince him tonight don't you?" she grinned at him.

"Darling I think you can convince any man of anything"

A half hour later Ed sat opposite Nikki and Charles as they again kissed passionately. The time had been surreal sitting there watching them make out causally for the last half a hour between conversations. This time when they broke Nikki stood up and took Charles hand. She smiled at Ed then bent over and kissed his cheek.

"Goodnight darling, I think its time I took Charles to bed." and with a cursory nod from Charles they walked down to the cabin.

Ed gave himself license to enjoy two more whiskeys at a lovely, leisurely pace before following the couple to the cabin via the deck hatch. There was a time, he couldn't help but think, when he would have needed the whiskey to blot out his thoughts in a situation like this. Things were decidedly different now, however. He enjoyed his whiskeys, tasted them even, as the tropical night cast its mysterious spell over him.

Anyway, he wanted Nikki and Charles to have enough time to get into some truly interesting positions by the time he spied on them.

With a pleasant buzz going and the beginnings of a stellar hard-on, he strolled over to the deck hatch. To his dismay, its blind was closed, blocking his view to the inside. Had Nikki deliberately done that to tease him?

Had Charles?

Not to be dissuaded from his goal, Ed decided to pull up a nearby chair to the window and listen to the muffled sounds in the master cabin. He heard voices but the rhythms were wrong for conversation. The sentences were short and responses weren't always forthcoming. He distinctly heard a moan, Nikki's giggle, a grunt. And then he heard the sound of his own zipper.

Fleeting scenes flashed through his imagination

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