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Coby's Story; We get to find out what happened to Coby.

..but seemed to be taking things in stride. I would often catch him fixated on wife's work on my cock, and then see him divert his gaze, as though being caught doing something wrong.

"You're both so delicious! I love the feel and taste of two different cocks!" Claire said, in her nastiest tone. "Have you ever felt another cock, sweet-stuff?" she asked Rick, who had a clear look of shock on his face.

" haven't." he stammered in reply.

"Oh, it's ok, sweety...I won't make you. Just curious, that's all. I just love the different feel between a cut and uncut cock." Claire said, pulling me closer, so that the dicks in her hands were only inches apart. "I'm so hungry, boys...feed me both these hot beef sticks!"

Claire opened wide, and I stepped forward, pushing my cock into her mouth and bumping my hip against Rick's for easier access. Rick seemed unsure what to do next, so I offered some encouragement. "Go ahead, man...push it in there. She loves to be stuffed with cock." I said, placing my hand on his ass and guiding him toward Claire's waiting mouth.

Claire's hand quickly replaced mine as she devoured us both as though it was her last meal. The feel of another man's hot pole sliding against mine as my wife lapped at us both with her snake-like tongue was incredible. Claire was busy fingering her soaking pussy, and even outside, the air smelled of sex. Rick was doing his best not to touch me, but eventually placed a hand on my shoulder as he struggled to maintain balance.

"Oh shit...oh god...too much...fuck...uh...uh..uuuhhhh!" Rick grunted, as his prick swelled even larger.

With very little warning, the intensity of the new sensations sent our young friend over the edge, making him shoot four heavy loads of man-spunk into Claire's mouth and over my prick. I pulled back, allowing my wife to savor the taste of her reward; while I stroked my cock, using Rick's cum as lube.

"Yes...oh sweet and tasty!" Claire exclaimed, as she drained every last drop from Rick's softening prick before turning to look at me. "Fuck me...fuck me, baby...I'm so wet. I need you in me right now!" she nearly shouted, moving onto the cushion as Rick fell exhausted onto his knees.

Claire spread her legs wide and fingered herself as fresh cum still clung to her chin and lips. Rick was still kneeling next to the cabana, recovering from his orgasm, with a full view of the wet, puffy snatch beside him. I was more than ready to fuck...but I knew Claire was ready for repeat orgasms tonight, and I wanted to take full advantage this rare opportunity.

"You eat pussy, man? Women love it when a guy really knows how to eat a hot snatch." I said to Rick, who once again looked a deer in headlights, but nodded affirmatively. "Let's get the lady ready for some real fucking...make her beg for cock!"

Claire winked at me in understanding, knowing I was going to make this special for her. I moved to the cabana, straddled over her body in a sixty-nine position with my face at her crotch, and my stiff dick in her face. My wife's body writhed below me as I fingered her pussy, spread the labia, and exposed her swollen clit.

"Get over here, man." I said, as Rick uneasily knelt at the edge of the cushion, his head between Claire's out-spread legs. "Damn...look how red those lips are! She's fucking in heat, man! Get in there...get her ready for me!"

Rick seemed stunned, so I grabbed his hair, and pressed his face into Claire's steaming crotch. Claire screamed with pleasure and dug her nails into my back as his nose dove between her folds. Lust got the better of him, and Rick was soon lapping away at her love tunnel with seemingly more experience than I expected. If it wasn't experience he was showing was certainly enthusiasm. I enjoyed the view as our friend tended to Claire's needs, her body bucking and heaving as she alternately sucked my cock and licked my ass.

"Oh yeah, baby.

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