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A continuation.

At this point, I didn't care. I climbed in, and we both laid there staring at the ceiling. We have been married for several years, but tonight we were sleeping with strangers. We eventually drifted off, and I rolled over and spooned her, out of habit. She stiffened, and I jumped, and we both apologized quickly. I couldn't take it any more.

"Evergreen." Did she hear me? Her breathing hadn't changed. I slowly moved my hand over until it rested against her hip. I slowly moved it up, until my fingers felt the indentation of her belly button. She hadn't moved yet. I slid my hand up until I felt the soft but firm globe rising from her chest. "Get on all fours." I whispered. She flipped over, as I got up out of bed. I walked over and turned the light on, as I pulled back the covers. Reaching over, I grasped one of her melons, and played with it through the thin material. I ran my hands all over her body marveling at the way she felt. I pushed her panties down to her knees, and told her to lay her head down on the pillow. This is the first time I ever saw her with that cute butt sticking up in the air. I buried my face between her cheeks, running my tongue from one hole to the other. Her sweet ass had virtually no taste, but her pussy tasted wonderful. Sweet and tangy at the same time.

I spread her cheeks apart and pushed my rolled up tongue into her wrinkled orifice. I could feel her contract her sphincter muscle, as it squeezed tightly around my tongue. Working my finger in and out of her pussy caused it to tighten even more. I freed my throbbing cock, and slowly pushed it deep into her pussy. I have fucked that pussy dozens of times, but it now seems so different. She was now dripping wet, and cooing into the pillow. As I looked down, watching my cock slide in and out, I noticed her chocolate starfish would pucker with each stroke. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I pulled out of her sweet pussy, and aimed for that pulsing doughnut. I eased the head of my cock in, and stopped. I waited until the clenching action subsided a bit, then I pushed forward. She inhaled sharply, at this new invasion. My head told me to stop before I wake her up, but my little head was in charge tonight. I sunk it in balls deep. Until this moment, I have never felt anything like this. The warmth, and the total grip that held my cock in place, was indescribable. I slowly began to pump. After the third stroke, she tightened her sphincter. It was so tight, I couldn't move. She began to clench and unclench at a rapid pace. I stood still, trying to prolong the inevitable. But her muscles were too much for me, as she milked me dry. I rolled off her, trying to catch my breath. I looked down at my softening member. Even though she squeezed me thoroughly, as I lay there, a few more drops of cum started oozing out. "Please clean me up." I ordered. Usually after sex, she will grab a towel, wipe herself off, then just hand me the towel. Tonight I wanted her to clean me off. She slowly raised her head from the pillow. "Yes, master." I guess I wasn't specific enough in my order, because, instead of going for a towel, she slid down the bed, and began licking my cock clean. She had it hard before it was clean, so I had her climb on top and fuck me. Another first for me. I could now play with her tits, as she bounced up and down on my aching cock. Things took me by surprise, and I found myself spraying the inside of her cunt. She repeated the cleaning process afterwards, and I cleaned her the best I could. I had her put her panties back on, and just as we were drifting off, I whispered, "Evergreen." in her ear.

The next morning I had the coffee going by the time she came down stairs. "Boy, that accident is starting to catch up with me. I'm sore from head to toe." I smiled as she went to the cupboard, and pulled out her favorite coffee mug. Maybe I'll call Joel, and have him start his first "session" tonight. My wife needs to "thank" him anyway.

I called his number, and some guy answered.

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