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Thw two of you connect during business trip.

He avoids her clit at first then bumps it with his nose. Little flicks of the tongue there and gone follow. Juice flows freely coating him, her thighs and soaking the sheet before he finally attacks her clit biting savagely at it.

"OH MY FUCKING YEAH!!!," she growls. Her hips buck upward as she forces his head harder against her pussy clamping her legs around his head as her first orgasm rolls through her body.

When it's over Pete climbs on top of Maddy. She spreads her legs wide for him. They lay like that for a moment staring into each other's eyes. Her nipples press into his strong chest; his purple headed cock rests at her entrance. "Come on Honey," Maddy purrs, "we both need this right now. Don't think, just fuck me."

She's right. He does need this. Just like in his every dream he slides into her waiting pussy. She feels so hot it's almost uncomfortable. His meat stretches her labia into thin rings around his shaft. I turn her pussy grips his cock drawing him deeper into her body. She wraps her legs around his waist and they fall into a steady rhythm. She feels as tight as the first time they fucked.

They kiss, their mouths devouring each other. One of his hands finds her breast and kneads it brutally. Pinching her nipples makes her squeal and hug him tighter. He alternates long slow strokes with fast hard ones and then changes it up to short and quick. Throughout she responds with cries of joy and shrieks of passion.

"OH DON'T STOP FUCKING ME! Come on fuck me harder. I need you to fuck me harder. Givemethatbigfuckingcockrightfuckingthere," she screams as she cums explosively bucking up to meet his thrusts!

Showing uncommon strength, Maddy rolls them both over so that she is on top without breaking the connection they share through her cunt. From above she takes control of their lovemaking riding his dick cowgirl style. "That was great," she pants. "Fuck, you're deep in me. I love how far inside you get when I ride you."

No longer having to support his weight with one hand, Pete begins mauling her tits for real. He twists, pinches and pulls at her nipples which just makes her ride him harder. He pulls her closer so that he can suck a nipple into his mouth. He bites down hard on the rubbery nub making her cum again.

Soon he has to free her breasts as he feels his second climax rushing up from his balls. He grabs her hips to take control of their motion. On top Maddy is in a trance as orgasm after orgasm explodes in her quivering pussy.

"Here I come, baby," Pete yells. His spunk rockets up his dick and floods Maddy's deepest recesses.

The cum filling her cunt triggers another climax from her, "OH Fuck YESSSS, Cum in my pussy, baby."

Maddy feels as good to him as the first time. The foul sex talk is new. Pete files the thought away as she collapses in a heap on his chest. She feels warm against his skin and heavier than he would have thought looking at her. He files this away too, and they drift to sleep together with his dick softening inside her.

Slowly the sound of music draws Pete back awake. The holiday lights cast an orange glow through the window blinds. A yellow glow spills through the open door from the hall lights. Heavy on his chest is his Maddy. He absently strokes her golden hair.

He freezes. Maddy has black hair. Slowly he tightens his fist into her hair before using it to lift her head to see her face. The doll-like complexion and pale blue eyes of the twenty-something from earlier gaze back at him. Pete tries to push her off of his chest, but she seems much too heavy and he fails on his first try.

"Now don't go all bashful on me, Baby. It's not every guy that can make me forget to hold my form," Cynth purrs. She holds his right wrist to the mattress with one hand and swirls her finger in his chest hair with the other. "Will this make you more comfortable," she asks as the color of her hair begins to change from wheat to coal starting at the tips?

Transfixed Pete stops struggling as she resumes the form of his estranged wife.

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