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Is it love, lust, or both?

bad enough to fuck me anytime he wanted? Why was my life out of control? I had been wearing for two weeks these disgraceful clothes in front of Barron, this common black waiter, so skimpy that a prostitute would be ashamed to be seen in it, advertising my body and now he was finally going to get his reward?

What else could he think; I knew that there was an element of truth in what they were saying about me. The moment the waiter was finished with me and would leave the apartment I knew I would have Wolfgang in my wet pussy. What was it then that made me different than a common whore, I wondered?

How shameful I felt when I knelt in front of him.

With shameful clarity I remember how I stared at his crotch, seeing his bulge already partially erect. I was so shamed and felt my face flush seeing him gaze at my breasts. His black eyes then bore hungrily into me for a moment before returning lower. I felt my breasts burning and knew he was seeing my long hard nipples.

"Gorgeous tits," he said appreciatively. Embarrassed I looked for Wolfgang.

"Wolfgang please, no," I begged, but there was no response.

Baron's black hand went to my breast and squeezed my long hard nipple, like it was a small penis. His hands both played with my breasts.

I tried so hard to suppress my moan but the next thing I knew I was doing what he wanted. Like I was hypnotised my hand was suddenly grasping his dick through his trousers.

"You've been thinking about him, haven't you slut?" I heard Wolfgang snidely say behind me. Baron was big, really big and I opened his trousers, amazed how I responded.

"Yes, take him out Mangala, you have been waiting for this,"

he was grinning. I couldn't believe how I was behaving, how I took out his big thick member, my breasts were swelling feeling his touch, remembering now as in a gaze how Wolfgang standing next to me used his cell phone camera and told me to open my whore mouth and suck.

I did.

He made me rub my breasts, pinching my nipples. I so wanted his cock then and loved how it felt. I liked sucking on this thick black cock, licking his heavy penis and getting into it while he held me by my hair.

I heard Wolfgang calling me a whore the way I sucked but I was beyond caring and I licked and sucked him deep as I could, like I was in a trance, losing myself imagining it was Samuel that pushed my breasts together, squeezing them harder and harder as I sucked him off, trying as hard as I could to make him come.

When he did I gulped, swallowing his juices down as fast as I could. I was so incredibly aroused...

When Barron finally had left Wolfgang said,

"What is it Mangala, you are really an arrogant bitch and I am disappointed how unkind you were to Barron. You were not very friendly to the young man. Next time he comes to the apartment you will behave or shall I call your Dad now and tell him that you couldn't wait to suck the first black man you found? You don't want your family to know that, do you Mangala?"

"But I loved the pictures of you showing your tits to a common black servant and your pretty mouth around his big black cock; are these the pictures your dad would like to see?"

He leaned over and touched my face and said,

"Mangala, my gorgeous slut you know this is only the beginning and I know you secretly need to satisfy your desires. You want to open your pretty legs for this black guy just like you wanted to fuck Samuel and you know you want to have his black cock in you wet cunt. Don't think I am blind."

"You are looking every day at him with those big innocent "fuck me" eyes. You look at the bulge in his trousers, knowing you want him between your pretty legs, dreaming about Samuel, about his big black cock, aren't you slut? I know you better then you know yourself."

"Later, my beautiful sophisticated Indian whore, when I have left and am back in Germany, you will want the same again and again. You want to meet other rich men who can support you; you will go to their exclusive hotels and you will attract them with your hot sexy body, just like you attracted me."

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