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Baxter, Flowers, and Emily. Parker has his hands full.

Cat gasped loudly indicating the rush of pleasurable excitement she felt as I watched the head of my cock spreading her little asshole open as it began its assault on this so delicate, intimate orifice. I found the watching of my cock slowly and gently forcing its way into her ass, watching as her sweet little asshole swallowed up its head and then gripping my shaft tightly fueled my desire to thrust forcefully deep into the sweet warmth of her ass. But I knew that even though Cat was fully ready to take its full length I wanted to take my time so that we both could enjoy every sensation of pleasure as I patiently allowed it to slowly fill her ass deeper and deeper.

I felt Cat beginning to arch her back and rotate her hips as I buried the entirety of my hard cock into her ass, grinding and rubbing my cock all around deeply into her ass. This exciting me beyond the patience I had managed to show up until this moment, this arching of her back also revealing Cat's desire to have me take her in a much more aggressive way than I had up until now. Grabbing Cat's hips with both hands I began to drive deeply into her ass as I pulled her into my forceful thrusts. Faster and faster, harder and deeper I fucked Cat's sweet little hole. Cat reached around behind her hips and squeezed her ass cheeks tightly around my hard driving cock as I continued to fuck her unmercifully, not being able to contain my lust for her any longer.

"Yes...Yes, Oh God Burt yes, Fuck me baby...fuck my sweet ass hard baby...Oh baby yes fuck me deep baby...Oh yes baby, yes... Yes!"

Cat cried out as I pounded my cock into her sweet little asshole.

Reaching up I grabbed Cat by her long beautiful brown hair, pulling her head up and back as I drove my cock into her sweet ass, slapping my balls with each powerful thrust against her wet pussy. I found this taking total control of Cat very, very exciting in a very animalistic, primeval way. I also could sense Cat's growing desire for me to take her, to dominate her in this so passionate way.

"You like this baby? You like my cock in your hot little ass? I'm going fuck your sweet little hole so fucking hard baby...deeper and harder than you can ever imagine, is that what you want baby?"

I demanded to know.

"Yes, yes please fuck me hard baby...Take me deep...Take me hard and fast honey... Oh God yes, take me anyway you want Burt...Fuck me like the nasty little bitch I am"
Cat gritted her teeth and managed to say, but it was almost a soft whimper at first but quickly became much more lustfully loud, as she was lost in the pleasure she was being consumed by.

"WHAT! I didn't hear you? Did you say you want me to stop? You don't want me to fuck your sweet little ass anymore? I'm not sure you deserve to cum... Do you think you deserve to cum?"

I teased Cat even more by asking.

"NO! NO! Please don't stop...Please fuck my ass baby, I want to feel your cock in my ass when I cum. Pease let me cum honey...I'm so fucking close, please Burt let me come.


Cat begged me.

"Is this what you want? Is this hard enough? Is this how you want it, hard and deep?... Ok baby cum...I want to feel you cum baby...Yes, cum for me baby"

I asked and then demanded of Cat as I pulled her hair back with one hand even harder than before and I began driving my cock into her hot, wet pussy as hard, as deep and as fast as I could. With my other hand I reached around and began pinching her nipple sharply, causing Cat to cry out, "Ohhhh Fuck yes! Yes fuck me baby... yes fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!"

Driving into Cat's asshole like I had never before I noticed Cat biting her lip as she closed her eyes and began a long unending loud moan. Cat's body began to violently shake and then suddenly tensed up powerfully. She gasped exhaling loudly, and then inhaled desperately filling her lungs with air. Then Cat screamed louder than I had ever heard her before, "OHHHHHHHH FUCK! I'm Cumming...I'm...I"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

Feeling Cat's asshole contracting around my cock tightly with each i

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