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A lot of bad luck, a man suddenly finds he is more.

She was just as eager as he was. Her hands unraveled the ties of his pants, yanking them down just enough to free his cock from their confines.

Deina's eyes grew large, he was bigger than she had expected, he had to be about eight inches long but it was his girth that was impressive. David saw Deina's eyes grow wide and he smiled cockily.

David grabbed her by the hips, positioning her how he wanted. His fingers swirled around her clit then down her slit to push into her dripping hole, her pussy was hypnotizing him. She bit her lip, eyes wide with excitement and something else but David wasn't paying attention.

With cock in hand David pushed the head of his cock into her opening, Deina was tight. David buried his face in the hollow of her neck and closed his eyes breathing in her scent trying to resist the urge to cum inside her. He heard Deina's groans and felt the twitch of her legs but he kept pushing in inch by inch until he bottomed out. David didn't know he was holding his breathe until he bottomed out and had to take a shaky breathe to resist the urge to cum inside Deina. David held Deina's hips still so she wouldn't move, or he might just explode before he even got a chance to start.

"Fuck baby, you're tight." Not Deina but baby now?

Deina toke a shaky breath before she answered.

"No shit, I am a virgin."

David reared up onto his arms to stare down at Deina. She looked back at him with a raised eyebrow and drying tears on her cheeks.



"How could you not know that I was a virgin?" Deina just stared at David as if he was stupid.

A few tears escaped Deina's eyes as David shoved his cock in her pussy but it was a painful pleasure. She felt absolutely full like her body was stuffed. Even the feel of David's weight pushing back her thighs was uncomfortably pleasant. David's entrance had been painful and Deina didn't know if she could handle the thrusting with out bursting into tears. So she was thankful when he finally filled her and stopped to breath.

David cut through her thoughts, "How would I know if you are a virgin?"

Apparently David had returned to his normal insensitive self.

"What do you mean 'how would you know' your supposed to be my best friend!" her temper was starting to rise again. David could be such an asshole sometimes. Even when they're supposed to be having sex they couldn't help but fight.

At her comment David's demeanor changed. "If I would have known, I would have approached this differently."

Before Deina could ask what he meant, David fingered Deina's clit. With one hand he massaged the little nub in a circular motion, sending spark in Deina's pussy. With the other had he resumed a grip on her breast plucking her nipples like the chords of a guitar. Deina felt the heat rise and before any words could escape her lips David plunged his tongue into her mouth, fucking it.

The fire was rising in Deina's body and she couldn't help but gently rock her hips. The pain subsided and was replaced by a desperate hunger. Deina tried to grab David's ass in an attempt to get him to move but he resisted her attempt. Instead his hands disappeared from her clit and he took both of her hands and forced them above her head and held her there helplessly.

Deina was pissed, David was toying with her. What was worse is that she liked it. He held her satisfaction in his hands and he knew how to use it against her. David removed his hand from Deina's breast to replace it with his mouth and hand formerly on her breast continued their torture on her clit. Deina couldn't hold it any monger.

"Dave...Dave...uhhh fuck...I can't take it anymore. Baby, am going to cum."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth Deina felt David's teeth close around her nipple and pull, at the same time that his fingers squeezed then pulled at her clit. Deina came screaming and thrashing wildly on David's dick and he hadn't moved an inch yet.

Deina was coming down from her orgasm, still shaking slight when D

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