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"Yuri sent me." Tom produced the black card, and handed it to the girl. Her face paled even whiter than the white makeup caked on her face. Valerie noticed the girl tug on her collar as she looked at the card.

"Elise is still sleeping." The girl glanced nervously behind her.

"I don't care," Tom's lips pulled back in a smile. Valerie heard, or rather felt a pulse like a heart beat ripple off of Tom. "Be a dear and show us where she is sleeping, I have to deliver a private message." Valerie noticed the collared girl's eyes become glassy, a small smile twist her black lipstick stained lips. "A good girl, after all would want her mistress to be happy, with her."

"A good girl," she smiled again. She turned and walked slowly, as if she were drunk towards the back of the shop. Tom loosened his jacket.

"Follow her." Valerie nodded. She walked behind the little goth girl. She opened a door in the back of the room. She turned and looked at Valerie, her blue eyes glassy, the pupils almost completely dilated. Valerie looked through the door it was clean store room, at the back was a stair case going up.

"Elise is up stairs. " She whispered, a wistful tone. Valerie started, as her fingertips stroked her neck. "Am I a good girl?" Valerie stammered.

"Yes, yes." A sad smile formed on her lips.

"Can, I be yours when he drinks her?" Valerie shuddered and walked through the door. Tom was right behind her.

"Be a good girl and go back and lock the shop door and make sure the sign says closed." Tom ordered her, before joining her in the back store room. Valerie leaned against a grey metal rack, sterilized packs of needles rustled.

"Why the hell am I here?" Tom had drawn out his pistol, he glanced at her.

"Yuri, told me to show you what was expected of his Oprichniki." He motioned for her to go up stairs.

"Hell, no. I am not going up there." Valerie hissed at Tom. Tom smiled, cold almost feral.

"Okay, follow close." The staircase creaked and squeaked as he climbed up them slowly. Valerie waited and then followed him up. The top of the stairs opened into a tiny studio apartment, on a fold out bed a figure laid completely covered with a red patterned quilt. Tom hooked the corner of the quilt and dragged it from the fold out bed. A red head lay on her stomach, completely still alabaster pale skin. Valerie looked the body wasn't breathing.

"Is she a..." Valerie let the question trail off.

"Elise, she owns Becki, just recently too." Tom spoke almost absentmindedly, as he holstered the pistol, and drew out a black bladed knife. Tom narrowed his eyes, Valerie felt a rhythmic pulse like a giant heart beat fill the room it seemed to radiate from him. The body on the bed stirred. Valerie resisted the urge to close her eyes and let the wave carry her away. Is this what happened last night in the sedan? Elise stirred some more, another pulse this time stronger, angrier?

"She's one of them." A voice whispered in her mind, Valerie again saw the white smile behind the woman's voice.

"One of whom?" Valerie muttered, to herself, to the voice in her head. Tom walked slowly to the side of the fold out bed.

"Who are you?"Elise hissed as she tried to move, her pale hands clawing helpless at the air.

"Tagblut." He whispered and dragged the point of his knife down her chin, down Elise's neck.

"Please." The vampire whispered, the fear seemed to radiate off of her body like heat shimmering off of a street at noon.

"Yuri has a message." Tom paused the point of his blade resting between Elise's breasts.

"What is it?" Elise's voice trembled.

"It's not for you," Tom's hand was a blur the knife rose up, "it's for your friends.

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