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She wasted no time in preliminaries, her hand grasping my flaccid cock and rubbing it against her hairy slit while her tongue snaked its way into my mouth.

My response was immediate and most direct, part of me had obviously been planning for just this moment and my movements were almost automatic. I grabbed her ass cheeks and kneaded them as we ground our crotches against each other. I began to suck her tongue and felt my cock hardening rapidly as she continued to stroke it and at the same time her teeth nipped my lips. I threw her against the side of the stall and pressed my body to hers, pinning a helpless Kanan against the tile. I began to maul her bare body, pinching and twisting her skin and raking my nails across her small pancake shaped tits and down her flanks, feeling the ridges of bone that composed her ribcage. I pushed my knee between her thighs and forced them open so I could enter her. She bit down on my shoulder as my cock broke through her defenses and began stretching that wet cunt that I sought. For the first time I was doing exactly what the animal part of my brain was ordering and I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of being free to act on my needs, unburdened by the tyranny of my intellect.

Without thinking, I had bent my knees so I could penetrate her as she leaned against the side of the shower stall. Now my passions grew and I grasped her under her arms and raised her body sufficiently that I could once more stand erect. Then I proceeded to give her cunt a furious battering as she just stared, mouth open, almost slack, her body being pounded brutally against the unyielding tile wall. I have no idea how long I remained in this frenzied state, but by the time I drenched her insides with my furious discharge, she was limp in my arms. I felt like bellowing my triumph! I had conquered this mocking, angry, exotic, erotic, conflicted, creature. She would be bent to my will, nothing in this world could stop that from becoming true.

I have no recollection of Kanan leaving the shower and returning to her bedroom. It was as if I were in a fog. My actions were those of a man in a trance. Then it sank into me what I had just done, and I exalted! There was so much anger still locked within when it came to Kanan, that I knew what had transpired tonight was but a prelude to a lengthy and most daunting relationship. She would be a worthy challenge, but beneath her veneer of sophistication and cynicism there was a woman who had been severely harmed by numerous unthinking men, doing what the culture allowed them to do, uncaring about the effect it had on the unfortunate person who had been gifted with a bright mind and a will to succeed.

There was no interest on my part in being just another version of her father or brothers or those students who thoughtlessly demeaned and degraded her without any consideration for the consequences it had on her life and spirit. Tearing her down to her essence and then rebuilding her into a stronger, more understanding representation was a task that might consume a significant fraction of the next few years. That was something to consider when I thought of the end of my sabbatical, mere months away.

I curled up on the divan in the parlor and fell fast asleep. When I awoke the next morning, the sun was just beginning to transform the darkness. I lay there recalling the startling but inevitable event that had occurred last evening. There were no recriminations, no feelings of guilt over what had transpired. In point of fact there was great excitement about what was going to develop between Kanan and myself. Then I realized that my first loyalty still was to Neleema and her conflicted daughter who might be more twisted than any one of us knew.

That morning as we assembled for breakfast it became apparent that Neleema sensed something had happened to me that involved Kanan.

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