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"So, you tried something new, and you're not sure it's really right for her?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"Well, dude, and I know that this is easier said than done, but just freaking ask her about it. You won't fuck up any worse by asking her than not."

"How the heck am I going to just come out and ask her?"

"That part's on you, buddy. Heck, Jeff and I are still trying to figure out how you landed such a great girl in the first place."

Monica's story

"Hey, Jennifer, didn't know if I'd see you before Sunday, with your special weekend with Mark and all."

"I still have classes, you know, and I had books over here that I needed," Jennifer said. "Still, I really need to talk to you."

"OK, what's up?"

"Well, you remember that stuff you told me about the other day, I mean about sex?" Jennifer was asking this stuff, directly?

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, Mark was, gosh, I'm not sure how to say this, I guess kind of rough last night."

"Oh, my God, he didn't hurt you, did he?"

"No, nothing like that, it was just so, so, I guess the word is aggressive, so strong, definitely not gentle at all."

"Are you mad at him, or was that OK with you?"

"It was OK, it was just way different than I ever expected."

"Was it good for you?"

"Oh, my gosh, it was fantastic, but it was kind of scary, too."

"So, you liked it and you didn't like it, at the same time? Tell me, what did he do?"

"Well, we got back to his place, and started kissing right away. Then he pulled my pants off, and, well he kissed me down there. You'd told me about that, and I was surprised, but it was still pretty nice, and really, pretty good; it sent me into orbit. That part was OK, but then he pushed me down on the couch, and he just took me, really hard. That was really good, too, but that was the part that scared me. I mean, I felt just completely overpowered."

"It's real simple, Jennifer: if you don't want him to do that again, tell him!"

"But that's just it: I do want him to do it like that again, just not all the time, but I'm wondering if I'm somehow weird or something, because it scared me a bit, and I still liked it."

"At least you liked it, but girl, I think that you've just learned the difference between making love and just plain fucking."


"Hey, Jennifer, all I did was tell the truth. And, quite frankly, you're lucky as Hell: listening to you, it really doesn't matter how y'all do things, you still get your rocks off."

"You don't have to put it that way."

"Did I get it wrong?"

"No." Jennifer said that kind of quietly. All of a sudden, I think the impact of this discussion sort of hit her, and she started looking like the old Jennifer. Maybe pointing out the difference between making love and fucking was too much for her. Time to change the subject.

"So, what are you doing for Mark's birthday; you said it was tomorrow, I think?"

"It is, but I haven't gotten him a present yet, and I don't really know what to get him."

"I think you've already given him a really great present." Jennifer gave me a 'really?' look at that one. "But I've got an idea; why don't you and Mark get a portrait done together? After all, you guys are engaged, and a portrait with you two, now, would be a great thing to have thirty years down the road. And, not only would that be great to have, but it would let Mark know that everything's OK. Or, is he even worried that maybe things aren't OK after last night?"

"I kind of think that he's a bit worried, yeah."

Just then, the phone rang. "I'll bet that's Mark," I said, so Jennifer answered it.


"Oh, sure, that sounds great. Listen, we've only got one more week until exams, and I have to get more done on this term paper. Can I meet you at your place around six? OK, bye now, love you lots."

Jennifer had a big smile on her face. "So, what's up, girl?"

"Mark suggested a picnic in Woodland Park for dinner, and said that he'd pick up everything we need at the store."

"Hmmm, he sounds contrite."

"It sounds romantic to me," Jennifer beamed

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