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A wet morning - in every way.

It's something you haven't done here yet. It's insanely loud, and you can have a beer."

"I'll think about it."


Hours later, Samantha sat with her knees curled to her chest on the couch. The fire had been going but sleep eluded her. The rumbling sound of the garage door opening relaxed her and she dropped her legs down, waiting for Gabe to come into the house.

She smiled to herself as he let himself in and kept his noise quiet while taking off his shoes and putting a few things away in the kitchen. Hearing the fire, he walked into the living room and leaned against the wall. "Hey, you."

Samantha tugged on the blanket and beamed at him, "hi."

Gabe walked into the room and sat on the couch, Samantha leaned into him as he kissed the top of her head. "It's past midnight, you didn't have to wait up."

Running her hands along his thigh, she spoke lightly. "I wanted to." They sat in comfortable silence for several minutes before Gabe broke the quiet air.

"How was dinner with Hadley?"

"It was okay, she seems distracted lately."

Gabe leaned back a little and rubbed his eyes, the lateness of the hour and the weight of the day catching up with him. "You said she has been working a lot at her studio, she probably is distracted. Working so early at the coffee shop and then heading straight over to paint, she is bound to be exhausted."

Turning her head, "That's not what I mean by distracted."

Knowing his fianc__e all too well, he wasn't fooled by her statements and laughed. The sound was tired. "Sweetheart, you grilled Marcus the other night and know there is nothing going on. What else do you need to know?"

"I'm not fully convinced. I think they're both not letting on as much as they want."

"Do you now?"

"Yes, I do. So I asked Hadley if she wanted to come and sit with me on Sunday." Samantha brought her legs up to rest over his thighs as he sat listening to her. "I think they're seeing each other, but she's so tight lipped about him, this is a first even for her. We talk about everything. Even Marcus won't say a word. You swear he hasn't said anything to you?"

"Not since she first moved here, but I already told you that." He spoke with a smile on his face, "Sam, if they're seeing each other, then they are. This drives you crazy because you don't know what's going on."

Samantha threw her head back against the plush cushion, "I know! When did I get so nosy? Don't say a word."

Pushing a strand of her wavy hair away from her face, he kissed her lightly before continuing. "You're not nosy, you care about Hadley. Marcus is a good kid, if anything I'd worry about him. She's a tough girl."

"Not all of the time. Underneath all of those layers, she's just as soft as the rest of us."

Gabe moved forward to nuzzle Samantha's neck, he spoke against her warm skin. "Let them figure it all out."

His breath tickled the sensitive skin, and she rolled back pulling him with her. "That's not very fair."

Dropping feather light kisses along her collar bone, he massaged her sides with a free hand. "I could get used to you being up waiting for me when I get home."

His statement weaved through her lust for him, making her remember exactly why she had been up that night. Placing her palms on his chest, she pressed on him so he would lift up and they could see each other clearly. No words escaped her mouth, so he spoke for her, "Have I told you that I love today?"

Tracing his stubbly jaw line, she smiled at him. "Yes, but feel free to tell me as often as you like." Gabe leaned down and kissed the corner of her mouth.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"I don't think so, but I'll check the list on the refrigerator before I go shopping tomorrow."


Her fingers stilled on him. "Have I told you that I love you too?"

"Hmm, yes but I'm beginning to question that one. Have I told you that seeing you in here made my whole day?"

Caving into the very depths of his words and the warmth of his body, she sighed. "Have I told you that I'm pregnant?"

His entire body went stiff as he sta

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