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Whatever it takes to succeed.

They had a beer and then Irma announced that dinner was ready. They sat and ate a very enjoyable dinner accompanied with another beer and then Wayne offered to lend Irma a hand doing the dishes.

Gary went into the lounge and left them alone in the kitchen.

Irma said, 'I couldn't help noticing that you keep looking at my tits, do you like what you see?'

Wayne was suddenly embarrassed and felt himself blushing and said, 'Oh, Mrs Slater I am so sorry, I know I shouldn't but they are so magnificent I just couldn't take my eyes off them, I am so very sorry.'

'Don't be silly, I'm not telling you off, I find it very flattering that someone as old as me can still get looks from younger men. Between you and me I enjoy you looking at my tits,' she replied.

'Have you seen many white women's tits this close up before?' she asked.

'No, only young girls at high school, but they were skinny young things with tiny litle buds as tits, none of them were as magnificent as yours,' he replied.

The Irma asked, 'Is it true what people say about black men being well endowed?'

He laughed and said, 'I suppose it depends on what you call well endowed.'

They finished the dishes and Irma said, 'You can look at my tits as much as you like.'

They went and joined Gary in the lounge and Irma sat next to Gary and Wayne sat on an armchair opposite them. As Irma sat down her short skirt rode up even higher and she made sure that her stocking tops could be clearly seen. And when she did a Sharon Stone movement and crossed her legs Wayne got a long glimpse of her white panties.

They chatted for a few minutes but poor Wayne was feeling uncomfortable as his every hardening cock felt trapped in his tight trousers. This, of course, was the sight of sexy Mrs Slater sitting just a few feet away from him.

Gary then said, 'So, Wayne you like Irma's tits do you?'

At the same time he reached over her and pulled them out of her bra and top and started rubbing her nipples and then said, 'What are you doing over there Wayne, come and help me out.'

Wayne couldn't believe what he heard but immediately sat on the other side of Irma and started playing with her nipples. Irma reached down and felt Wayn'es hard cock through his trousers. She was delighted how big he was and she wanted it now.

Irma uncrossed her legs and parted them. She was feeling horny and wanted more. She said, 'Let's undress.'

Gary stood up first and dropped his trousers and underpants. His rock hard cock stood out in front of him. Irma and Wayne stood up and Gary and Wayne started undressing her.

As Irma's naked body appeared both gary and Wayne's hands were all over her. Wayne was still playing with her nipples but Gary had progressed down below and was slowly sliding a finger in and out of his wife's wet pussy.

Irma grabbed at Wayne's cock and loved how hard and big it was. She was delighted that it was longer and thicker than Gary's.

She pulled Wayne's face down to her tits and told him to suck her nipples. He took one of Irma's erect nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. She loved the feel as he sucked and nibbled on it and at the same time she was slowly rubbing his wonderful cock. Gary had stepped back now and was happy to watch his sexy wife being used and abused by the young stud.

She pulled his head up and started kissing him. Her tongue soon worked its way into his open mouth.

She then said, 'Let's go into the bedroom.'

Wayne looked up at Gary from his agreement. The nod from gary was all he needed.

Irma took Wayne's hand and led him into the bedroom and they fell onto the bed. Gary followed them in, slowly rubbing his erection making sure he didn't cum too soon.

At this stage Irma wanted just one thing and that was Wayne's hard cock deep inside her cunt.

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