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A crush on a coworker takes her much farther than ever.


"Alright. I was thinking how sexy you are tonight, but was I also thinking a dash of wicked right about now would be even better."

"So, does that mean you want me to go to the bathroom and remove my bra?" She asked with a hint of excitement in her voice, but no fear.


"No?" She sounded confused and disappointed.

"Not wicked enough. What I really want is for you to go to the ladies room and remove your bra AND panties." I said evenly as I looked directly into her eyes.

"Oh!" She exclaimed quietly. I continued to look into her eyes and she blinked twice in rapid succession, but held my stare. Then, taking a deep breath, she stood up and started out in the direction of the rest rooms in a walk that did not betray whatever emotions she was feeling.

I has having trouble containing my own excitement, though. I was also a bit apprehensive because of the greater number of people in the place. I looked around and it was mainly couples scattered about, but there were a couple of small groups of men as well. I wondered what the reaction would be to my wife when she returned. It would be obvious that she was no longer wearing a bra, and from the side it might be possible to get peeks at her tits as she walked because of the three undone buttons.

I thought all the men would appreciate it, especially the single ones, but the women might not approve. I decided that I couldn't worry about that. There was no way they would kick us out for that level of exhibitionism, and I didn't really care what the other women thought.

When Jolene finally emerged from the ladies room I was mesmerized. The silk blouse made it much more apparent that she was bra-less than the other one had! Even from across the room I could tell that her nipples were erect, probably a result of them sliding across the smooth silk as she moved.

At first there was no reaction from the room, however by the time she made it half way back to where I was sitting I noticed some heads turning and mouths coming open. A few of the single guys nudged their pals and pointed in Jolene's direction. I imagined them saying something like "Look at that hot babe, I wish she were with me tonight."

I saw at least one woman poke her man and say something to him causing him to look away. Probably jealous. Hard to blame her though; Jolene looked absolutely smoking hot. As she neared I could tell she was blushing which only enhanced the effect.

It seemed to take an agonizingly long time for her to reach the booth we were sitting at, but she finally made it and deposited her underwear on the table as she sat down. I looked at the two small garments, but did not make a move to pick them up. My wife was breathing faster than normal and took a large swig of her drink, but she still looked excited, not afraid.

"Wow." Was all I could say for a few seconds. "You are incredibly hot. I am the luckiest man on the planet." I wasn't kidding either; that's how I felt.

"I guess you liked that, eh?" She teased. She knew I did.

"Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure the rest of the men in the room did too, and maybe a few of the women." I answered.

"Oh, I doubt that."

"Don't." I asserted quickly before I realized the ambiguity of her statement. Did she doubt that the men liked her performance, or the women? Before I had a chance to follow up on that thought a young man approached our booth.

"Excuse me," he said politely, "I don't mean to be offensive, but my friends and I have a bet, and I need your help settling it."

"We'd be glad to help out if we can." I replied. "What's it about?"

"Well, um, you see, when your woman came out of the bathroom my friends thought that she had removed her bra while she was in there." He explained and then paused, a little embarrassed I think.

"And you bet she hadn't?" I prompted.

"Oh no, I agreed with them." He stated and smiled at the memory. Jolene blushed even more deeply.

"So what's the bet about?" I queried.

"Well, um, it looked to me like she was carrying it in her hand, but I thought it looked to me like she was carrying something else as well.

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