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It's getting hotter in here.

Sandy had reached her limit. She grabbed her sketches and marched down to Richard's office. She didn't knock, and when she opened the door, found him working on a budget, something Sandy knew he could have put off until later.

"I've been in my office for two hours waiting for you to call me," Sandy huffed. "I thought you said you wanted to see my ideas first thing."

Richard glanced up, amazed that it took Sandy this long to come see him. He knew she was going to be angry, but he really wanted to avoid dealing with their situation until after he had gone on vacation and had a chance to sort things out. But he thought Sandy would have burst in first thing and he could have gotten it over sooner. And the longer he waited, the more he dreaded it, as if he just ignored the situation, Sandy would have never come in. He was amazed by how easily his lust and love for her had turned him into such a mess so quickly. When he saw Sandy standing there in this stunning light pink and cream woven suit with the sheer top and pointy pumps, for once he was glad he had a big desk with a high top. His penis sprang to attention and almost popped a hole through his suit pants. Wouldn't it be fun explaining that to his wife, Richard grinned.

"You're laughing at me," Sandy narrowed her eyes, quickly growing furious at Richard's amusement to her confrontation.

"No, Sandy," Richard panicked, "that's not true." Richard was aware Sandy was now defiantly leaning on his desk, unaware of how her cleavage was taunting him, daring him to shove his face inside her blouse and bury himself between her soft, oversized breasts. But he couldn't stand up. His hard on was an iron pole, and if Sandy saw it, they'd be in trouble, big trouble, because Richard knew neither had enough strength to stay in control, and they'd be tearing off each other's clothes in front of his employees.

"Please calm down, Sandy," admonished Richard. "I apologize for not calling sooner, but I had to get this budget done before I left. By the way, that suit is stunning." Richard knew a compliment would soften up Sandy, and he was right. Sandy sat down across the desk, and set the layouts on top so Richard could review them.

Richard took the layouts and gave them a quick once over. They were good, but for this client, not good enough. He was almost afraid to tell Sandy, thinking that she would take it more personally than professionally. But he had to do what was best for the company; this client was way too important, regardless of how much he cared about her.

"I think you have the basic idea, but these columns will never work, and the choice of materials is all wrong on this first one," Richard pointed out briefly. "On the second, I don't see them in this period approach. They're more geared toward a contemporary feel, so this isn't good, either," he continued. "And this one," Richard reached for the final board, the one Sandy felt was some of the best work she had ever done, "I'm just not crazy about the color scheme." What else do you have?"

"What else?" Sandy was standing again, this time her voice was a little louder, her face a little redder, and her nostrils flaring slightly. "I worked like crazy on these! This one here," she pointed to the sketch that Richard just dismissed discourteously, "this is the best thing I've ever done! How can you say you don't like it?"

"Because I don't," Richard retorted, standing up now, since his anger quickly diminished the hard on. "I know you're capable of better work than this, and now that you're a vice president, you need to step up to the plate. Do something different, more creative. This is the biggest and most important client this firm has ever had, and I'm not going to lose them by showing them these mediocre sketches."

"Excuse me?" Sandy was steaming, her voice gaining enough volume to make those passing by slow down enough to eavesdrop.

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