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Futuristic urban fantasy.

And after a little while longer spent with his senses bent in that direction, he heard the first of the screams.

There was nothing to be heard outside where he stood, not a real sound there in the darkness, other than the cold wind and the soft sighs of the snowflakes there against his cheek. But that didn't change what they were.

They were the sounds of a female from one of the many... other sides, being dragged against her will over to this one.

There was only one real cry, and that was when she appeared on this plane from wherever she'd been until now. Even that ended in quiet sobs which were still muffled out on the other side of the door in the snow.

Kari looked back in the direction of his few, still-breathing comrades. They were all asleep, overtaken with the debt that running and fighting for one's life could place on a man after two days of it, once he had a few minutes to relax and really rest for a time.

None of them stirred.

He looked at the door in front of him once again. Another man, had he heard what Kari had, might have come to doubt that he'd actually heard anything at all.

But Kari didn't.

When the real screams started - the ones which were originating completely on this side - he knew that he'd been right. He just didn't know yet what this was.

There were more screams - this time in agony - followed by deep sobs and at first, unintelligible speech. Kari knew that sound, though he couldn't understand it clearly by more than feel for a long moment before something clicked in him and then he understood everything. It wasn't easy because that form of speech had no relation here, not even a dialect spoken anywhere on this world.

He'd heard it before, again at his mother's knee, before he'd come to know it a little well. She couldn't speak it either at first.

But the ones that they'd seen together through the portal 'mirror' that she'd erected out of nothingness in the darkness had spoken it as they'd looked back certainly had. So he knew what he'd likely find on the other side of that door once he opened it.

In spite of himself, he spent a moment remembering. In his mind's eye, he recalled the small young pair there among them, a small girl and an even smaller boy, a brother and sister as he came to learn later. The mirror couldn't be passed through by a hand, for example, yet it could pass other things. He and those little demons had spent many minutes with their hands flat against the membrane there between two worlds each time that the portal had been created and maintained by two mothers for a time.

And each time, for periods which had lasted from seconds to over an hour now and then, three children had held their hands up so that their palms could touch through the thin boundary.

Kari's father was a fisherman - and a reindeer herder both. It meant a lot of nights where Kari's mother was alone, doing her best to raise her son by herself until her man could find someone to buy the rights to his share of the herd.

She raised the portal one night in order to show her young son that other places existed beside and beyond theirs. In doing that, she'd come over time to make a friend in one of the ones on the other side - a mother just like her, the mother of the young pair of demon-children.

For his part, Kari could remember the feel of those clawed hands against his own across that boundary, where things couldn't - or weren't supposed to be able to travel through. Yet he remembered staring into those eyes and learning to exchange feelings and even thoughts as foreign as they were to his own at the time.

He looked at the door again.

The worn and tired old door was locked, but that only slowed Kari for a moment.

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