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The first time my husband and i went to a private party.

She had a beautiful figure, about D sized breasts, and her arse was anything but boring. She was a brunette and nearly always wore her long hair up. Today was no exception.

Jim was obviously impatient to get started so he positioned the pair in front of his white screen. He instructed them to stand close to each other facing each other and smiling while shaking hands. "That's nice," he said, clicking away.

The photographer then moved them even closer together, asking Fr Joe to bend down and give Ruth a more friendly kiss. "Only if it's OK," he joked. The two laughed for a moment and then Joe leaned over and immediately saw that the top of Ruth's dress was allowing him a lovely view of her fantastic tits. His cock instantly started to shift in his clerical trousers. As he held her close she thought she could feel something as well. As his lips came closer to her, she parted hers. She had glossed them carefully before she left for the studio as she believed it would good in the photos.

He wondered for a brief second about what he should do but his caution passed quickly and soon the two were kissing quite softly but also very sexually. He tasted her full lips with his tongue and it was far more than the randy cameraman could have hoped for. After almost a minute, Joe realised what was happening and he suddenly pulled back. Ruth also blinked in feigned disbelief at what they had been up to in full view of Mr du Bois. The whole thing had been recorded. Maybe over a hundred photos had been taken.

"Don't worry people. Happens all the time. Wouldn't think of using them," he lied. "But while we are in the mood, would you like some more private photos?" While Fr Joe was still in shock, Ruth gasped out "Oh yes please!" And Fr Joe, the new vicar, could do nothing other than nod his head. He knew he was in serious trouble here. He had a full erection and the other two also knew it. He was vulnerable to all kinds of charges by either of them, but they were both so friendly and they were on his side, weren't they? So he thought, "What the heck!"

Ruth asked Jim what he had in mind and he told them he would like to see a little more skin. Ruth was out of her dress in an instant. All she had on underneath was a small red thong. She also removed the red comb holding her hair in place and it cascaded down past her shoulders to be midway down her back. Near naked like this, she was stunning. Looking straight at her dear Fr Joe, her hands on her hips, she asked him with a saucy pout on her lips "Do you like?" He nodded, his lips slightly apart and dry so he had to nervously lick them.

"You too Joe," said the camera man. In saying this he was stripping the priest not only of his clothes but of his ordination title. Joe slowly began to remove his trousers, knowing that he was now involved in something very risky. Ruth playfully pulled at his briefs and then finally his hard cock, looking all of its seven inches in length, sprang forth, pointing directly at Ruth's face, only inches away, as she finished pulling off his underwear.

"Oh my," she said and now it was Ruth's turn for her mouth to become dry and for her to need to lick and moisten her lips.

"I tell you something Joe, leave your clerical shirt on. That'll be a great effect!" And it was too. The photos of Fr Joe, vicar of a large parish, pants off with cock fully erect, his priest's shirt on including his collar, lip-locked with this stunning woman wearing only a tiny thong, was superb.

Ruth just had to get Fr Joe's cock in her mouth. She squatted down in front of him and engulfed his dick with her wet and wanton mouth. She was expert in this, bobbing up and down like a real pro. She loved the feel and the taste of his vein-covered penis in her mouth and the copious amount of pre-cum that leaked onto her tongue.

Ruth was quickly taking charge of the situation.

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