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Jim finds Carol's dirty panties and can't help himself.

ensual voice "You like when I'm nasty honey? , Your a bad boy, you like when I'm drunk, you, you like to take advantage of me don't you?"

I said "Yes baby do you mind Ray watching us?"

Dianne caressed my face, kissed me , looked at Ray and said "No it's cool, I'm drunk, and it's your fault, I'm yours do what you want!'

She laughed in a playful voice and then gave me a kiss and a big hug! So I had Dianne turn around and hold onto the counter and I again started massaging her all over , rubbing her back, shoulders, arms, kissing her gently on her neck, rubbing her tits as I kissed her, I was grinding my hard cock on her ass as we moved togethger. Then I started caressing her ass and inner thighs gently touching her beautiful bald pussy. I now had Dianne bent over and I spreaded her legs with her tits hanging, ass and pussy exposed so Ray could see her! Ray could see everything! I started grabbing her tits again ,massaging her arms, ass and thighs, I massaged her arms and back some more while Ray was now standing right next to me watching and getting a close up of view of Dianne! Aftre a few moments I took Dianne by the hand, she asked me where we were going in her sexy voice and I walked her over to our couch, I told her I can give her a better massage on the couch. I then told her to sit in the middle, I told Ray to sit on her left behind her and I sat on her right on front side of her.

I asked her "Would you like Ray to massage you baby?

Dianne still very drunk and tipsy drunk told us "I'd love to get massaged by both of you! I want all your hands all over me!"

I said "Are you sure babe?"

Dianne now feeling in the mood just said "Come on Ray massage me and show me what you got!"

Ray then started rubbing her shoulders and Dianne had her legs across my lap and I was massaging her legs, thighs and knees, it was pretty hot and awesome, here we were the three of us! Another guy , my wife and me! Ray was massaging her back.

Dianne said "Ray honey, it's okay if you go under my nightie ".

Ray and I just looked at each other and smiled, he started massaging her really good, he was giving her an awesome backrub and arm massage Dianne was loving it! This went on for about fifteen minutes, I figured it was time! I continued massaging her legs and now started rubbing her thighs, I went up pretty high and I could tell she loved it as she looked at me and gave me the biggest smile! I now had my fingers inches from her inner thigh area and pussy, so I decided to go for it! With a move of the hand as I massaged her inner thigh, I caressed the outside of her pussy, Dianne sort of clamped her thighs together then relaxed again, then I put a finger gently touching her entry way, she was wet I could feel it, just then I pushed two fingers up her pussy!

Just then Dianne reacted , put her hand over her pussy and moved mine away, just looked at me in shock, smiled, laughed and yelled out "OH MICHAEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME"

Ray and I just looked at each other.

I then broke the ice! "SURPRISE!" "Dianne remember you said if I found the perfect guy, well Ray is the guy!"

She looked stunned at first (but remember she was drunk, I mean she was still drinking and she sort of knew what was going on but I knew she was out of it)

She looked at Ray smiling and said "Did you guys have this planned all night?"

We both nodded and said "Yeah"

Dianne then asked Ray, "Ray, do you really work with Michael?"

Ray looked at me I motioned to him tell her the truth.

Ray said "No, we met over the Internet".

Dianne said " I knew it, your too hot looking to be working at his company, you should model or be on TV"

I grabbed Dianne's hand and asked her "Baby are you okay with this?, Are you mad at me? Do you want us to continue or do you want Ray to go home?"

Dianne leaned over and gave me a kiss and said "Well, let's see get massaged and fucked by two great looking guys, ummm hard decision" "Ok guys you better give me an awesome massage first!"

Ray said to Dianne "Ok but you have to do ME a favor take off your nightie

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