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Jenny goes the distance & has her sex change.

I take a cheek in each hand, pulling them apart to reveal my tight little asshole. I breathe in the scent of the freshly laundered mattress cover. Last time, she abused my prostate until I squirted. It took an hour. I fired cum like a burning firehose. I couldn't piss right for days.

Mistress slathers her handful of spit and lube all over my nervous pucker. With a hard thrust, she pushes two, then three fingers up inside me, feeding my backdoor the lube. She pulls out, wipes her hand on the mattress. I feel her press the head of the purple cock against my hole.

"Get ready to scream bitch, you about to get fucked."

She gives it a hard shove and the tip bashes through my defenses, burying the head into my ass. A searing pain lights my ass on fire. I keep my head buried in the mattress, breathing in that freshly-laundered scent, digging my fingers into my gripped ass cheeks. She sees my fingers stiffen and throws my hands off my rear, replacing them with her own. She pushes deeper and deeper into my expanding asshole. Inch by inch the big purple fuck rod invades my sensitive hole.

I feel her thighs press up against my cheeks. She stops - in all the way.

"Oh you think you can take it, huh? You better hold on tight bitch."

She whips her right palm down hard on my ass, and backs up, pulling nearly the whole cock out in one stroke before SLAMMING it back in all the way. I moan and whelp. She fucks me hard, putting her weight and muscle into each thrust and decorating my exposed cheeks red from a fury of open-handed abuse. She hammers my ass with her big purple tool, pulling and pushing in long strokes. Occasionally she pulls back too much, and it pops out of my ass.

"Open that fat ass back up whore", she bellows.

I reach back and spread my cheeks, careful to avoid the sensitive areas where she's been leaving a handprint.

"There it is."

Her slick purple cock rips right back into me. A shaking anguished moan escapes my throat. She laughs.

"Yeah you like that, dontcha bitch?"

She puts one leg up next to me, then the other, and pushes down on my back, burying my face harder into the mattress. She crouches over me, hammering down into my asshole.

"Come check out this pussy gettin' worked."

The group drifts over to the mattress, crowding around to catch the perfect angle of my poor abused ass getting wrecked by a woman with no pity.

"That's right, this prideless slut takes anything you give. You wanna try this bitch ass out yourselves?"

I lift an eye from the mattress, look up at the group. They stare daggers into me. At first, I just see the faces of bored hedonists, but behind their eyes are flickers of mischievous intent and the thirst of selfish superiority. The grunt affirmatives.

"Mmmhmm." "Yeah." "Yes."

I feel the purple cock pulling out slowly. It squeezes out of my ass, leaving me cold and exposed.

"Fine, your turn to play."

She remains crouched over me, purple dick dangling inches above my abused asshole.

"But everyone gotta follow the rules. Number one, clothes stay on."

I catch glimpses of the men. A couple are standing around with nothing but a blank look on their faces. A few others rub their dicks through the fabric of their suit pants. A large blonde man, ripped arms and rolled shirt cuffs, inspects the objects in Mistress' briefcase. One gentleman, younger than me, cradles a significant bulge in his trousers, with a small wet patch forming near it. He catches me looking and smiles.

I look away! Mistress continues.

"I know you probably thinking about getting a nut off it this bitch ass, but it's not yours to seed. If you want to work your meat, go around and stick it in the other end. Whore ain't been working on throating, so make sure you give a lesson, you hear."

The woman in the group pipes up. Her voice squeaks, but there's a bit of gravel in there. She must be older than she looks.

"You got a strap for me?" Mistress chuckles.

"This ain't no fucking charity ball. You wanna fuck this cunt, you better put in some elbow grease."

"With what?"


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