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A wife gives the best presents.

She walked in front of Emerson College and went into Chinatown.

Alexandra kept walking until her feet felt tired. She walked back to the Fisher college dorms. Jennifer was ready to go out. Jennifer's friend Roselyn was there too. Roselyn was a dark-skinned Latina. She was Jennifer's best friend. Jennifer had planned for all three of them to go clubbing and try to meet some guys. Alexandra watched these girls getting ready to go out and stuff. Making themselves pretty. She envied them. They had careers. They had lives. They had boyfriends. She didn't have a boyfriend. Had never had a boyfriend. No, she wasn't like that. And she was not one of those, either. She was just a normal, nineteen-year old girl. Ok, the virgin part sucked.

Alexandra went out with Jennifer and Roselyn. They went to the movies and watched something called Underworld. Alexandra found it boring and fictional. They then got into the car and drove to Cambridge. Alexandra liked Cambridge. She was quite surprised when Jennifer and Roselyn brought her to the Hideaway Pub.

"What is this?" she asked.

Jennifer and Roselyn smiled at her and suddenly held hands. Alexandra's eyes widened. Jennifer nodded, and kissed Roselyn on the mouth. Roselyn put her arms around her. "We're lovers." said Jennifer. Roselyn smiled at Alexandra. Alexandra smiled back.

"Good for you." she said. " Can I have a drink?"

Alexandra went inside the bar. It was full of women. Lesbians. Alexandra had mixed feelings about lesbians and gays. Sure, they were just people and she didn't discriminate but it was a lesbian that seduced her mother and caused her parents to divorce and caused her mother to abandon her. Alexandra didn't hate lesbians. She just didn't trust them. When a pink-haired girl approached her and introduced herself as Joan, Alexandra was polite but with chilly overtones. She let the little dyke know that there was no way in hell.


Alexandra was beginning to feel the pull of the night. The Change was not far away. She walked out of the bar with the lovers, Jennifer and Roselyn. They went back into the car.

"Did you have fun tonight?" asked Roselyn.

Alexandra nodded. Jennifer said nothing and got behind the wheel. She drove from Cambridge to the Back bay

"Are you coming in?" asked Jennifer.

"Going for a walk." said Alexandra.

Alexandra Volcy ran into the night. She knew how late it was. Other people might be scared to go out at night. Some men might fear getting killed. Some women might fear getting hurt or assaulted. Some people were just scared, period. Alexandra was not. She was more than just a girl. She was a creature of the night. She ran from Fisher's dorms to the Public Garden. She went into the garden and started running. She felt the Change begin inside her. She went behind the bushes and let it happen.

She felt the hair sprout all over her body. She felt her teeth elongating and sharpening. She felt her fingernails grow into wicked-looking and sharp claws. She became a hairy creature that looked like more like a fanged and clawed simian than a human being. She sniffed the air. She caught the scents of the hundreds of people who walked through the Public Garden earlier that day. The myriad scents drove her wild. Alexandra Volcy was no more. She was replaced by a rather strange creature....something humans called a Werewolf. A creature of great power....on the prowl.


After night fall, the Demon Achelus took control of Michael Renard's body. The Demon relished those nights. He leapt onto a rooftop, easily jumping sixty feet into the air. Once there, he concentrated and willed a certain change to take place.

The young man's body that he inhabited grew taller and larger.

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