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Two college girls indulge in hypnotic petplay.

He recognized me and got a funny look on his face, probably remembering back to that night. I motioned for him to meet me in the dining room.

He came out to the dining room and I asked if he could take a break. He said "hell yes."

We went out back and he lit up a cigarette and we talked a bit of small talk. I asked him if he ever thought about me and that night. He claimed that he did. I handed him my pizza to hold and without even a request I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out of his pants and proceeded to give him a deep throat blow job that would give him something to think about. After ten minutes of hard work he dropped a load of spunk into my mouth and half of it blew all over my face.

After I finished swallowing what I could and was wearing the rest of his prize, he gave me his number and I dialed it into my phone so I could save it. I told him I'd call him soon and we could discuss my bucket list and what he could do to help me with it.

I returned home with the pizza which was getting cold and did the walk of shame in as my dad saw me covered in cum and couldn't help but ask what I did to earn that load of jism. I explained that I ran into Jamel and couldn't help but go down on him. I saw Daddy's attitude change from his normal self to a reverting to submissiveness.

As we ate the pizza we discussed how we could mark off this item from my bucket list and decided that if we were able to get the whole gang or most of it back together, he would probably have to perform cuckolding duties if he wanted to participate. He seemed more than willing to go with the cuckold scenario. I think that deep down he misses sucking cock and eating cum as Mom had him trained to crave forced bi.

Over the next couple weeks I met with Jamel and we planned to invite the old gang and perform a replay of that night in the locker room. He was only able to secure 9 of the original twelve guys as one was in jail and 2 of them were married and did not want to risk losing their marriages over cheating on their wives. Two other married ones decided that they were willing to take the chance as were four others who had steady girlfriends. Jamel was friends with the janitor and had arranged to get access to the locker room the following Saturday night. I told Daddy that it was "on." He fucked the hell out of me that night.

In the past the two times I cuckolded my Daddy I was not really into it but I could tell that he missed his duties as a sissy cuckold. I gave him a list of things I expected from him. I made sure that my old cheer leader uniform was cleaned and ready to go for our rendezvous with the old basket ball team.

Saturday came and Daddy and I made our way to the old college basket ball building, the specified door was ajar as promised and soon the team would be following. We made our way to the locker room and set up shop. I had my face painted with the school mascot on my cheek and two pony tails with scrunchees holding my hair in place. My uniform still fit in fact it was a bit large on me as I had still not gained all my weight back as I was 99 pounds dripping wet on my five foot petite frame.

The locker room was equipped with a keg of beer, snacks and two tv's on with sports non stop playing for back ground noise/entertainment. Daddy was donning his sissy out fit, silk camisole, knee highs and thong along with a wig and full makeup.

The guys began to arrive and they began drinking and snacking on the chips, etc. Once they all arrived we had a pre-gang bang meeting to explain the rules(hopefully the rules would be followed.) Daddy had white poster board that he had the rules written on and proceeded to discuss the rules with the men in the room.

Daddy explained what a cuckold was and that he was indeed a cuckold and would be performing fluff duties and clean up after the fact.

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