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Changing her attitude.

Another moment later as Frank pulled back to catch his own breath, he saw creamy lubrication oozing slowly out her parted and very receptive slit. This soon, he questioned and the bitch is ready? He wasted no more time. His cock had endured captivity long enough and without further delay his belt was loose, his work boots kicked off and his pants down and thrown to the side. Laurels eyes widened as she noticed the huge distention in his underwear. He made a point of studying her face as he rid himself of his last piece of clothing.

His cock bounded out, not yet fully erect but finally free and aggressively inflating in anticipation. Her eyes widened and her jaw went slack. Frank did not have a normal looking cock. It was definitely odd, even grotesque. Much longer than most, its shaft look narrow because of its length, but the circumcised head was huge and bulbous with the piss slit not on the top, but more underneath and gaping. His ball sack and testicles were just massive as if built for a bull rather than a man. In all of Frank's many sexual encounters, only two had ever laughed. Only two and he made sure they didn't laugh long.

"Fair is fair. It's my turn now!" He motioned her to her knees in front of him. It was time to ramp up his authority, but not so much as to be careless. He still needed to be mindful of Laurels state of mind so as to manage the possibility of total panic which could lead to revolt. He didn't need another one getting out of control. Not in this country. He looked domineeringly down at her as she acquiesced to his gesture. The game would now be played at a higher level. He would now be the master, and she, just new meat. "How much cock have you sucked? Her eyes never left his as she shook her head no. It keeps getting better Frank thought to himself before continuing. "You will learn to suck this good. Yes? I tell you what to do and you will ...obey. Now grab it like a child holding a melting ice cream cone and lick it all over. We start there."

Laurel, kneeling mutely before him, found herself inches from this enormous beast. Although bizarre in appearance, she couldn't help but feel drawn to its presence, and the power it possessed. When she grasped it in her hand for the first time, she could feel its heat and the pulsing ridges of its veins. Then she realized it. For the first time in her life she was going to be putting a man's cock in her mouth. She didn't miss the irony that she had been saving such things for someone more her age that one day she would hope to marry. Now the first cock she would suck would be this weird looking thing belonging to a crazy obscene old bastard. She had only seen two penises in real life before this day, and while this one's size and shape would repulse many women, she found herself... wanting it.

"Now!" Franks impatience belied a concern for what her hesitation might mean.

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