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A newbie beauty to swinging is my target. An erotic game.

I lightly pinched her small nipples between fingers just to get her attention. I then whispered to her "I own you, you will tidy everything before you sleep, you will get up the first time and by the end of this week you will feel the pain my family felt all those years ago".

I left her room and locked the door and for back to my office. I had to think of some way of making her life deal. I had an idea and it was long winded but I think worth the slow mental drain on her sanity.

I left it 30 minutes for her to clean and an hour for her to drift back to sleep then bang! I was there at her door barking at her to get in the corner yet again. I started tipping clothes on the floor and this time I stripped the bed just to make her life harder. I walked up to her again pushing my hips against her arse making sure she could feel me close to her. I took a handful of hair and whispered in her ear again "you won't sleep until you complete my life tasks".

She tried to tell me she was sorry. I forced her head against the wall. "Shut up you slag. As I was saying... I want you to find a school tie of the school you got closed down... and I'll know if it's real because I was a student there before you took my education from me and so many others".

I left her room once again only to return at 2am and again at 4am to wreck her room. I didn't assault her physically again as I had made my point. I went to go again at 6am but she left the hostel at 5:30am. I bet she went out to get that somehow.

I had changed the rota so I was in doing nights as over time. I thought she wasn't going to get that tie any time soon.

I came in the next day to see she had signed in again at 8:30am. I bet she took a quick nap outside somewhere. I implemented a restriction on her stating in hours which I took great pleasure in administering.

At 10pm I started the two hour wake up and tormenting cycle again, I asked if she had found my tie yet. She started to get telling me she was looking and needed sleep. I told her she wouldn't sleep until I had my tie and that she had to be in between 7pm and 7am every day. I wish I could have seen her face.

I continued this for 4 days and could only assume she slept in the day. By the weekend I found a parcel on my desk in my office. I opened it and found my old tie from school. I couldn't believe that bitch had done it. She somehow found someone who had a 20 year old school tie. I had to give it to her and I had to find a new way to torment her.

Holding that tie reminded me of old times at school. One of the girls used to suck me off after English on a Thursday but she never swallowed so I would watch it drip off her chin on her tie and shirt, it would sometimes turn her shirt see though. Now I couldn't see a maroon tie or white blouse without thinking of her sucking me off and letting my cum on her chest. Even this was getting me hard as a rock.

I had an idea to humiliate her in a perfect way. I was going to arrange job interviews for her, dress her in a suit and leave my hot sticky cum on her in some way. I probably wouldn't fuck her because she made my dick soft.

On Monday when I was on days I came in with a blouse in her size, a fitted blazer and black skirt. I went to the toilet and got out my phone once I was in a cubicle. I loaded up a little porn while I took out a condom. I put it on and went to town beating my meat which hadn't been touched for 2 weeks. The explosion filled that condom up and I was ready for my plan. I took it off and made sure to hide it in my fist without letting anything spill out. I then got her interview stuff and took it to her room.

"I've got you an interview at a small shop, get this on and I'll take you down."

She didn't dare argue and took the items out of her bag when I handed it to her.

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