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My hands shook and my throat was dry.

Perplexed and blushing Kira replied, "R-Really?"

I nodded, further explaining, "I had to leave the room after a while. It was insane. I went to our bedroom and I...pleasured myself to the thought of the three of us...playing together. I think Dan saw me. I think Dan heard me call your name and his as I climaxed."

I heard Kira gasp and the room fell quiet. Kira was at a loss for words, I'm sure.

My body tensed up and chills ran down my back as I asked, "Kira, would you ever want to visit our lake house? I must admit, you are very beautiful. I see why Dan is attracted to you. We can both teach you things. He can have us both! Wouldn't that be fun?"

Kira paused before asking cautiously, "Are you sure, Miranda?"

Without hesitation I replied, "Oh yeah. I really want to play. I get the feeling you do, too, Kira."

Kira's eyes widened with excitement and she smiled big into the camera. Before the video chat session ended I gave Kira our address and told her when Dan was expected to return home from his fishing trip. Now Dan was going to be the one in for a surprise.

Two days passed and Dan was expected to return from his fishing trip around six that night. I asked Kira to come over a couple hours before then. I wanted her to get comfortable. Kira arrived spritely, wearing a loose baby blue sweater that hung off one shoulder and black leggings. We did not discuss sex or anything like that, at least not right away. I gave her a tour of the house and fixed us both a cup of hot apple cider. We chatted on the back porch about everything except the inevitable. Conversation came naturally. I began developing more respect for Kira and further appreciated her beauty.

It was well into autumn, the weather was cool and crisp, and I felt the urge to take a swim in the lake. The cold lake water was always so refreshing and exhilarating. I invited Kira to take a swim with me.

"The water is going to be freezing!" she laughed.

However, after a moment or two I finally convinced her to join me. I stepped off the back porch and headed toward the dock. Kira followed behind. As we neared the dock she slowed down and asked, "Wait, what about our swimsuits? I didn't bring one...".

I smirked, "Don't worry. We don't need them."

Kira stood next to me on the dock in silence. We looked out over the water that was smooth as glass, dark as sin. It was mesmerizing. The cloudy sky hid the sun and a cool breeze brushed over our skin, chilling us to the bone. I slowly unzipped my dress and let it fall to my feet. I intentionally did not wear a bra or panties. Goosebumps covered my body and my nipples were firm.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye Kira staring at my naked body in amazement. I turned to her, smiling and said, "Your turn." I helped her out of her sweater, leggings and undergarments before kissing her softly on the lips.

With her eyes still closed from the kiss, I asked her, "Have you ever been...close with a woman?" She blushed and shook her head before mumbling, "I've always wondered what it would be like, though." It was if I was standing before my teenage self.

I grabbed onto the ladder attached to the dock and slowly began to lower myself into the cold water. The milfoil and other aquatic plants swayed under the water, sliding over my bare skin and tickling me between my legs. I motioned for Kira to come in the water.

Her body was beautiful...slender, pale, tight. I could not take my eyes off her, her flowing auburn hair, her pert breasts, her little hard rosy nipples, the little curls of dark auburn pubic hair that partially covered her young vagina. No wonder Dan wanted to fuck her. I watched her tight, round bottom as she made her way slowly down the ladder and into the water. She shivered and giggled at herself as she swam toward me. We both laughed together over how cold it was before swimming around for a while, allowing our bodies to become accustomed to the water temperature.

Eventually I swam over to her and rested my hands on her sma

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