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Eve plays role of a Ring Girl.

"Have a seat over there Rob, sit back and enjoy the show."

Tammy still held Laurie's hand and took her to another sofa in the room. Tammy walked to the wall opposite Laurie and turned on some music, different than what was being played in the club. She poured from another bottle of champagne and took a glass to Rob. Laurie was handed a glass too and Tammy began slowly dancing in front of her. Laurie sipped the champagne with her eyes focused on the young blonde woman dancing for her now. Tammy slowly untied the front of the white blouse of her school girl outfit and turned around. She bent over in front of Laurie looking at her through her legs. Tammy stood and slid the sleeves off her toned arms and dropped the blouse to her side. She slowly licked her upper lip as she unhooked the plaid skirt and let it fall to her feet. She kicked it away.

Tammy seductively stepped toward Laurie and took the champagne glass from her and sat it on a side table. She then straddled Laurie's lap and leaned in and again began slowly kissing her. Their tongues darted around exploring the other's mouth. They kissed like this for several minutes. Tammy pulled away and her mouth went to Laurie's sensitive neck. She nibbled on Laurie's ear and whispered into it. "Unhook my top."

Laurie's hands found the clasp on the back and she slid it off quickly. Tammy leaned up and let the top fall from her chest. She tossed the white bra to the side and then cupped her tanned 36C breasts. "Suck my nipples Laurie. Flick your tongue across them." Tammy leaned forward offering her breasts to Laurie. Laurie's mouth opened, her tongue slowly extending and for the first time in her life she tasted another woman's nipple. Tammy cooed as Laurie's mouth pulled her nipple in. Tammy cupped fed one and then the other breast to Laurie's eager mouth. Again the two women began to kiss.

Tammy stood and slipped her fingers inside her white panties and slid them down her long legs exposing her clean shaved pussy. She stepped up onto the sofa and leaned forward, her pussy just inches from Laurie's mouth. Laurie took in a deep breath. The musky aroma of Tammy's pussy was intoxicating. Laurie could not believe this beautiful young woman was offering her pussy. Laurie's hesitation allowed Tammy to slide back down into her. Tammy again kissed her, first her mouth and then she went back to Laurie's neck. Tammy's breathing was heavy and the warm air coming from her mouth into Laurie's ear was driving Laurie's lust. "Oh yessssssssssssss."

Tammy whispered to her. "You want me don't you? You want to be naked with me don't you? You want me to explore your body don't you? You want me to make love to you don't you?"


Tammy's kissing went from slow and soft to fast and rough. Her hands went behind Laurie searching for the zipper on the back of her cocktail dress. When she didn't find it quickly she ripped it open. Tammy pulled Laurie up quickly and slid the dress down. Laurie's black bra followed quickly as did her black panties. Tammy shoved Laurie back into the sofa.

Tammy stood above Laurie taking in the view of the 38 year old dark haired beauty. Looking down at the tanned body beneath her, Tammy could not help but admire the firmness of Laurie's 34B breasts. Tammy got down on her knees in front of Laurie and spread her legs apart. She began kissing the inside of Laurie's tan thigh working her way up. She took Laurie's small perky nipple into her mouth. The tension in Laurie's body began to melt away as Tammy sucked and nibbled on the nipple. An intense sensation was building inside Laurie. It couldn't be. This beautiful young stripper was only working her tongue on her nipples, yet Laurie could sense an orgasm building insider her body. How could this be happening already?

Tammy too could sense what was happening to Laurie.

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