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Afternoon lab delights & domestic threesomes.

"You have some music?" I asked.

"All ready for you." he said as he raced back to the living room.

"Okay guys. Take your seats. We have some more entertainment for you." Jerry announced. He started the dance music and I strutted back into the room to another round of cheers. The guys had been disappointed that the fight ended so prematurely, but my appearance changed their outlook immediately.

I went straight in front of the TV, now turned off, and started dancing to the music. I felt every eye locked on me. I could tell that they all had indecent thoughts about what they wanted to do with me. Many told me precisely what they wanted to do. Some wanted to kiss me. Some wanted to grab me, or kiss me. And others said they wanted to fuck me.
I swayed to the music, moving my arms and hips seductively. I turned and bent over, this way and that way.

By the time the second song started they were again chanting "Strip! Strip! Strip!". This time I obliged them. First I removed my tiny skirt which wasn't hardly covering anything anyway. More cheers and applause.

I felt empowered. I had them in my control. Yes, I was doing what they wanted. But I felt in control.

Next I untied my halter top. I took a long time, while continuing to dance seductively, to finally expose my large 36D titties to the guys. A louder burst of cheers and applause.

I continued dancing while wearing only my high heels and the tiny g-string thong. Soon the g-string was removed.

A black man in the front pulled down his pants and showed me a very nice sized cock.

"Suck this." he commanded, more like a dare.

"You think I won't?" I challenged him. Then realized what I had committed myself to do once he accepted my counter challenge.

"Prove it." He said as he stood up, his hard cock pointing slightly up at me.

Without any hesitation I dropped to my knees, grabbed the base of his cock in my hand and began licking his cock like a lollipop. The whole room exploded in yells and cat-calls.

It was so thrilling. I felt so naughty. It was incredible. My body was tingling like never before. My pussy was soaking wet, begging for a cock. And I was surrounded by cocks.

All of the men, including Jerry and Bill were stripping off their clothes. All those hard cocks were becoming visible to me. This was really happening. My pulse was racing.

I continued licking and sucking this black cock. It was amazing. Some of the guys used their cell phones to take photos of me sucking that cock. And I was aware that Bill was taking photos with his camera.

I pulled back off of the cock and looked up at the owner. "And whose cock do I have the pleasure to be sucking?" I asked.

"My name is Terrell. You are one fine cock sucker." He said with a big smile on his face.

"Would you like to fuck my wet pussy?" I asked directly, dismissing any thought of a prolonged tease.

"I sure would." He said as his white teeth showed in his smile.

I stood up and held his cock. As I looked at Terrell and the other men I spoke out loud.

"You only get to fuck me if you have protection. A basket of condoms is on the dresser in the bedroom." I said.

Holding that large black cock I led him to the bedroom. I selected a condom and put it on his beautiful cock.

Terrell then lifted me up and laid me on the end of the bed. I held my knees up, my legs open wide for him, inviting him fuck me.

"That is a mighty fine looking pussy you have there. It would be a shame if no one ate that before we all fucked you." Terrell said as he lowered his face and licked my pussy. His tongue felt so good, and was obviously experienced in how to eat a pussy.

I did notice that he said "before WE ALL fucked you.". I wondered if all eight of them would fuck me. But at this point there was nothing more to do than to lay back and enjoy. I did remember the safe word, 'PINEAPPLES' should I need that. I hoped I wouldn't need it.

The other men had wandered into the room.

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