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I remembered my nieces hug and the way those tits felt and felt my explosion coming fast. In a matter of seconds I thought about cumming all over her tits, face, and open mouth. "Wow, where did that come from?" I was thinking as I cleaned up.

The usual stuff happened that evening, dinner, talk with family about repairs, and I went to my bed feeling somewhat depressed about 10:30. Rita stopped in a minute later in her pj's and hugged me goodnight. I heard her go to her room next door, and realized the walls are paper thin. I could hear everything, but I don't think she realized it as her parents room is down the hall and she normally had nobody next to her room to hear. I really didn't think much about it and got ready to drift off. Twenty minutes later, I was grateful I couldn't hear anymore noise from her room, and then I heard it. NO WAY, it can't be, not a chance. Go to sleep you silly man. I must be wrong. But there is no mistaking the hum of a vibrator. I listened, smiled, and heard a soft moan. Ohh-boy, what do I do now. Listening was a good option, so I did. Eleven and a half minutes later I was in silence again, hard as steel and not wanting to beat off in bed or I too could risk being heard. Instead of creaking the bed, but needing to cum, I stood up, pounded my cock and came in very short order all over the floor. I needed to think about this.

We all did our thing the rest of the week and Sat. night I took Rita and Jessica out to dinner. Deanna was jealous and I told her she and her husband would get treated to this soon, but I had promised Rita. She smiled and told me I was a great Uncle as she kissed my cheek. She wouldn't think that if she knew what I was masturbating to in her house the last few days. Just for clarification, I cum alot. When I will have someone over for casual sex, I'll go a couple or three days without, but otherwise I'll jack off everyday. Even at my age I'm perpetually horny, just better at concealing it. The movie was over and we were done dropping off Jessica and on our way back home. I had decided to wait till we were alone and then, gently and tactfully, let Rita know about the thin wall separating us at night.

"Tonite was fun, and I needed the diversion, Thank you honey, you and your friend always pick good restaurants. Now if you could only pick good movies!"

After punching my shoulder Rita looked at me. "Uncle Kevin, can I help you clean up at your house next week, we don't have school?"

"Sure!! I need all the help I can get. Wear dirty clothes that you can throw out when we finish, smoke and soot is nasty and we'll get filthy."

"No problem, I have some from helping Mom when we cleaned out the garage."

Good time to sneak this in, I thought. "Rita?" My tone made her know I changed the subject.

"I do need to tell you one thing, but its kinda weird for us both, so don't freak out, ok?"

She had perked up in her seat and was looking at me, curious.

"You realize your room is next to mine, right?"


"You can hear me on my cell phone and my radio, right?"

She looked at me crookedly," yes, but Uncle Kevin, you don't bother me, and it always is after I get out of bed so no problem."

I had hoped she would get the hint, but no such luck "Rita, I can hear you too thru the wall."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I tried to be quiet, usually I play music at night before bed and haven't been, I'm not used to someone next door, I'll be more quiet."

"Actually sweetie, it's not you making noise."

"Huh, Uncle Kevin you're not making sense, and what did you mean don't freak out?"

"Rita, it's not you making noise, it's... it's know your....."

"Spit it out already!" she was laughing at my obvious discomfort.

I tried to think of how to say it, stopped at a stop sign, looked at her and just went "Bzzzzzzzz", so much for tact.

It took about five seconds before her expression went from amusement of my sound to complete utter shock.

" Ohmygod, ohmygod, I didn't.

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