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Cathy seduces Gary; Brisa is sick.

They kissed passionately and thoroughly.

Every time one of them paused to take a breath, the other would take charge and use their tongue or mouth to bring about some new pleasure. Michelle did this thing where she would suck on Sam's bottom lip and nip it gently with her teeth, and it was driving him crazy.

Below her, Michelle felt Sam growing harder and she vowed that she was not going to let that cock get away from her this time. Before Sam could start running the show like last time, Michelle took charge. She climbed off of Sam's lap (while still trying to kiss him, mind you) and unabashedly placed her hand on Sam's cock.

Sam moaned into Michelle's mouth, and she took this as all of the encouragement she needed to start massaging him through his pants. She couldn't wait to get him free, but also didn't want to push things too quickly. Sam had taken his time with her, so she was going to do the same to him.

She alternated between rubbing/massaging him, and just lightly running her fingers along his length in random patterns. Sam's moans were growing as this continued, and Michelle decided it was time for her to make much better use of her mouth...

Without a word she settled to her knees in front of Sam, and began to undo his belt and the button to his pants. Sam's eyes were wide with excitement as she moved on to unzipping him with a painful slowness (that was probably actually pretty fast if his brain had been capable of processing events in real-time). Sam put his hands on either side of the chair and picked himself up a bit so Michelle could slide his pants down.

Sitting there in just his boxers, all breath left his body when Michelle's mouth was suddenly pressed against the outside of the material. The pressure...the warmth, damn it felt good.

Michelle teased Sam a bit by kissing along the inside of his thighs. She nipped at the soft flesh of his legs and made up for it by licking the spot afterward. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and Sam eagerly picked himself up again so she could also pull those out of the way.

Michelle helped Sam get his shoes, pants, and boxers all the way off so that he'd have nothing restraining him from just sitting back and enjoying the ride. As he got settled in again, he looked down at Michelle.

His eyes had adjusted to the dim light, and he could see the small smile she had as her eyes looked right back at him. In an instant he realized two things: that she must have been planning this, and that she was really enjoying herself. Both thoughts turned him on even more (well after he thought that was possible).

Michelle was absolutely thrilled to be at the moment she had been waiting for. Softly, she took Sam's cock into her hand. She loved the way that the skin felt so smooth while he was so hard at the same time.

As she lightly ran her hand up and down it, Sam let his head fall back onto the chair and he closed his eyes, trying to do exactly what she had told him in the first place-relax. With her hands now taking turns to massage his cock, he wasn't sure how long he would be able to accomplish that simple task.

Since Sam wasn't watching Michelle's moves, he was again taken by surprise when suddenly her tongue swirled around the head of his cock. He let out a loud moan as the sensation washed over him and was promptly given a stern, "Shhh!" With her head still buried in his lap, Michelle admonished Sam, "Get too loud and you might get us caught, and I'm NOT about to lose my job. Keep that up and I'm going to stop... You don't want me to stop, do you?"

Sam looked down to see if she was serious, and saw that mischievous glint again. Michelle said to him, "I find it really hot when a guy pulls my hair if something feels good, how about we try that?" In one swift motion, she used one of her hands to wrap her hair up in a tight spiral. "Will you hold this for me?" she asked.

Sam almost laughed to himself-where does she get off acting innocent with one hand wrapped around his cock and her mouth about to f

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