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Kaylee gives into her sex addiction.

" Clara watched as he untied one of her hands, replacing the bloody coarse string with soft rope, and tying it to the bed posts again. She sighed in relief as she flexed her wrists, mumbling through the gag.

"Now for your punishment." Clara's eyes snapped to Tommy's, wide with fear. She began shaking her head, murmuring and mumbling through her gag.

"You didn't think I would let you get away with that bullshit from downstairs, did you darling?" He pulled a pocketknife out from his pants, and flicked it open. Slowly, he began cutting off the dirty dress she was wearing, grinning when he saw she wore no panties. Clara shivered as the cold blade just barely missed her skin. She watched the only clothing she had fall off of her body. Tommy untied her hands, retying them behind her back. Pulling off her gag, he pushed her to her knees in front of him.

Clara cocked her head, confused. She fidgeted as she looked up at Tommy, who laughed at her. He pulled off his pants and boxers, as his shaft popped up in front of the girl's eyes. He was long and smooth, with an impressive girth.

"Have you ever sucked a cock, little kitten?" He asked. "Did those bandits make you suck on their tiny dicks?" He laughed. Pulling Clara's hair, he yanked her face towards her.

"If you bite me, I will kill your bandits faster than you can say Swiper." Clara nodded, and she shuffled towards his cock. Tommy laughed as he untied her hands, and gripped her hair again. Clara placed her mouth on the tip, swiping her tongue over it. Tommy stuffed a pillow under her knees, as she leant forward to take him into her mouth. Sucking slowly, she slowly worked her mouth down his shaft.

"Oh shit, just like that." He mumbled as she licked the tip of his balls. Clara drooled over his dick as she fought against her bonds, tearing up. She couldn't believe she was being intimate with another man.

Tommy groaned again as Clara licked up and down the side of his cock. Slipping his dick into her mouth again, she sucked hard. Coughing, Clara began to gag and tried to lift her head up. Tommy continued to push down on her head, making her panic and cry out as she gagged.

"Shh, little kitten." Tommy let her come up for air, and Clara gasped as she fell over on her side. Coughing and retching, she squirmed as Tommy picked her up and untied her hands. Clara cried as Tommy dressed her in one of his shirts, placing her on the bed.

"You are killing me." She sniffled. "Every time you touch me, it burns. Can't you see that I love them, and not you?" Tommy sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. Too tired to fight, Clara let him kiss her neck and hair.

"Clara, you may love them, but they don't love you back. I can prove it." Clara sniffled again, as Tommy hugged her tighter. Her head was resting on his arms while he hummed a soft tune in her ear to relax her.

"How can you prove it? Why would they go through all the trouble to keep me then!" She cried out.

"Clara, they have already moved on." She sat up, looking at Tommy with a horrified look.

"What do you mean, moved on? Don't lie to me." Tommy shook his head as he grabbed her hand. Pulling himself up, he looked in her tearful eyes.

"They have had sex with their neighbour. I saw it with my own eyes, Clara." She shook her head, eyes welling up with tears.

"You are lying to me! That's not true!" Clara said angrily, as Tommy held her. She fought in his hold, until he pinned her onto the bed.

"I didn't want to do this to you, but I had no choice. Tomorrow, we are going to go back to your bandits, and ask them for the truth. But we are going to make a deal before that happens." He said, pinning her legs down with his own.

"What deal?" She asked, settling down.

"If he confesses, you stop fighting me. You marry me, and live here comfortably. And I'll spare those bandit's lives. However, if he can prove his innocence, I'll let you go. I may see you around town, but I won't touch you again." Clara started to tear up again, shaking her head.

"That is not a choice.

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