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Neverending moment between master and slave.

Her whimper excites him, and his breath becomes husky against the back of her neck as he continues kneading and fondling her through the fabric.

His hands move down, over her flat stomach spreading over her hips and down her thighs finding the hem of her slinky black dress. His touch is like a blind man mapping her terrain. Sam's breath moves over her neck, his lips grazing her collar bone. Slowly his fingers begin to rise, gathering the fabric as they ride up grazing her skin. Rachel feels intensely sensual, and she tingles with arousal. Farther and farther up Sam travels, lifting her dress revealing her body while gently sucking her neck. Rounding her tits, he drags his fingers over her nipples as a bolt of lightning shoots down her spine. She gasps and arches, arcing herself towards his touch.

'Ooooooo. You are so sexy," Sam whispers, his tongue wet and warm on the sensitive skin beneath her ear.

Lifting her arms she allows him to lift her dress off, peeling it over her head and letting it drop to the floor. Now she stands in her ankle strap heels, her clinging black panties and sheer black bra. Her breasts round dangerously, hard beckoning nipples threatening to tear the fabric. His hands caress her arms working their way back down, featherlike touches which make Rachel shiver and her pink areolas pucker in anticipation.

He traces the straps of her bra, over her shoulders then down to the line of the cups into her cleavage. Chest heaving Rachel whimpers.

"I love your tits," Sam breathes as his tongue sinks into her ear, fingertips exploring the curving slopes of her breasts, searching for her nipples. "Yeahhhhhh," he breathes hotly squeezing the rosy tips of Rachel's breasts. "So sexy, nipples so hard."

He pulls her bra down under her mounds, baring her for his viewing pleasure. Her pert nipples and swollen full breasts delight him, so soft and feminine. Her shallow breathing and whimpering, the sight of her, the smell of her, her 1000 thread count skin all work to make his dick throb and he feels drunk from her. He's kneading her naked breasts now, stroking her nipples- pinching them to hear her sharp intakes of breath. Her hips have begun to sway against his, grinding. Her arms are still raised, draped over his shoulders -- she is defenseless and vulnerable to his touch. He savors the feeling, knowing that he has her, that she is willing and needful -- her responses fueling his own desire.

Once again his hands begin to descend, down her belly its downy texture smooth. He grabs her hips and thrusts his pelvis into her mockingly pressing his erection hard into her ass. Her body a playground of firm silky curves -- rounding like flesh pillows. Sam wants to grab and tear in desire. Instead he plays with the top of her panties, loving the way she squirms when his fingers touch the hollow spot near her hip bones.

"Hold still, baby, let me touch you," Sam whispers softly onto her neck, his fingers slipping just below the elastic of Rachel's black panties. Her muscles jump as he teases the line of her pelvis. "Let me explore your body, Rachel. It feels so soft, so nice." Slow, so slowly, he begins to peel those panties down -- teasingly pulling at them so that they slide over her hips. Sam brushes the top of her soft tangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair, stretching the fabric so that the elastic tugs at her skin. Her panties are now down to the top of her thighs, and she begins to pant and squirm under his touch.

"Spread your legs for me, Rachel. Open yourself so that I can touch you." She widens her stance and slips down his torso a little, granting him better access to her sex.

"That's a good girl," he moans as his finger slides tantalizingly over her shaven slit. "Sooo wet, Rachel, your pussy is so wet and hot. It smells so good"

"Sam!" she whimpers, trying to be still.

"Tell me what you want, baby" he teases, his fingers dancing over her lips inside her partially removed panties.

"Touch me!" she moans pl

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