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The couple starts to get to know each other.

I told him I didn't want to suck his cock and he felt my groin with his hand and found me hard

"Why are you so hard if you don't like it?" predictable, but enjoyable. Before long we were both naked and he touched me all over, he liked this, he liked my body, liked that it was almost twenty years younger than his, liked that I was trim, that my bum was firm, he was always touching my bum. he played with my cock for a while and my protests began to soften as his tongue found my aching cock and his finger found its way into my asshole, I knew what was coming next, or at least I thought I did.

Normally at this point I give him a blowjob and he talks dirty to me, although sometimes blowjob might not be the right word, sometimes he fucks my mouth, standing above my head as I lay on my back he slaps his cock on my face and then pushes it into my mouth as far as he can until I can feel his balls resting on my nose then thrusting it in and out. Since I've been seeing Tom I've mastered the art of the deep throat blowjob, a fact I'm rather proud of. I think I could even my wife a few tips on how to suck a cock nice and deep although I'm not sure that she'd want to know how I acquired the knowledge. That's what normally would happen, but not tonight.

Tom pulled his mouth off my cock but left his finger inside my ass, he moved next to me and kissed me before he stuck out his tongue and licked my mouth across the lips before pulling his finger out of me and sticking it in my mouth, before I could say or do anything he slid back down and flipped me over onto my front and buried his face in my ass grabbing my bum cheeks in his hands and licking at my asshole with his tongue. He knew I loved this, when he rimmed me and I pushed my bum into the air to give him better access to my ass, I felt one of his hands reach beneath me and grab my cock squeezing it hard before in moved onto my balls then it moved again and found its way into my asshole. I moaned with pleasure and vaguely registered Tom wanking himself behind me when he suddenly pushed up behind me and I felt him starting to push his cock against my asshole.

In all the time we've been seeing each other Tom has never fucked my ass, and that's not because he doesn't want to. We'd discussed it and I'd told him that I really wasn't sure if I wanted to, he'd understood not wanting to let a man fuck him either, but he definitely wanted to do me and suddenly he was attempting to do so.

"Tom wait" I said and tried to turn and face him but he pushed me down and before I could complain again the end of his cock was pressing inside me, he grabbed my shoulders and pressed me down as he attempted to push further inside my ass and I realized that he hadn't been wanking behind me, rather he's been lubing up his cock ready for its intrusion.

"I don't know if I want this" I told him but he buried his face into my back and pushed further inside me, I felt my asshole stretching and full, an uncomfortable sensation as he tried to work himself into me and I felt a sense of unease flood through me, all my attention now focusing on the growing discomfort his cock was causing.

I'd now lost my erection and was on the verge of panic as Tom started to buck his hips and tried to build up a rhythm inside me when I felt his balls hit my bum and I knew he was all the way inside me, I was about to speak when Tom pushed two of his fingers inside my mouth and started to lick to back of my neck and then the side of my face, and then as though from nowhere like a key finding a lock the pain in my ass subsided as Tom pulled himself out, and when he pushed back in again the pain was replaced by an almost pleasant fullness as the muscles in my ass started to relax.

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