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"Are we here to spend money?" Genie asked as the car rolled into the parking spot.

"That's one of the reasons. I'm guessing from what you've said so far that you can't just magic yourself up a pair of jeans and a shirt," Doris said a few seconds before the tickle rolled through her brain. "Unless it's some how sex related," she added quickly.

Genie shook her head. "Actually, I can make anything I want to for myself, but going to this 'Mall' sounds fun," she said politely and the girls got out of the car. "The other reason is that we're going shopping for me, but it's sure as hell not for clothes," Doris added. The heat of the day almost made Doris wilt as they took their first steps away from the car. Doris was looking forward to the air conditioned goodness of the mall, but it looked as if Genie was just fine. Doris also couldn't help but notice that Genie was intentionally walking behind her and off to her left.

"Genie, you don't have to behave like that," she said, knowing full well that even though Genie wasn't calling Doris "Mistress" she was acting out the part in full. Genie stopped for a moment, and Doris followed suit, both of them in the middle of the row, blocking any potential traffic. "Genie, I am your Mistress and you have to obey any order that I give you, correct?"

"Yes, Doris. So long as that command can be done without a wish or does not involve harming or killing you. But even then, there can be grave consequences if the rules are violated."

"I'm not sure I want to know about the consequences right now, but I do know this. I want you to be my friend more than I want you to be my servant. Genie, I command you to not act subservient around me in public unless otherwise commanded at a later point."

"Yes, Mistress," Genie said with a crooked, playful smile. Doris would never get tired of hearing Genie's Mediterranean accent trill out those three syllables. The two of them linked arms and walked through the main doors of the mall.

The cold air hit Doris like a freight train. She felt her nipples puff up and harden instantly, straining the fabric even further. Her shirt was too small to accommodate her new chest and the old material was becoming transparent as it was. The extra strain from her nipples didn't help. She looked down and saw them sticking out, her areolas still puffy, her nipples still larger than she liked.

"Genie," Doris whispered as they moved through the mall to the directory inside the doors. "I want you to make my nipples smaller and not puffy. Can you read my mind and make them exactly the way I'm thinking?" Doris asked quietly as she looked the directory over. She noticed that she could clearly see their reflection in the plastic and she eagerly awaited a response.

"Yes I can," Genie whispered. "All you need to do is..." she started to say. Doris cut her off.

"Genie, I wish you can make my nipples look exactly the way I'm thinking," she said quietly. Doris turned in profile to get the light right. She watched the silhouetted miniature mounds on her chest shrink into her tit flesh and the nipple lengthen just a little bit, reduce in diameter just a hair, and then slowly slide higher on her chest. Each movement made Doris shiver, and by the time they had moved to their new location, Doris was having difficulty breathing and her knees were shaking. The electricity coursing through her body lingered sensuously in her sex, and Doris felt it heat up quickly, getting wetter than she had felt it get in over two years. Every deep breath caused the slowly fading feeling to resurge, sending her on a roller coaster of near-orgasmic bliss.

"Excuse me, Miss?" sounded a deep voice from over Doris's shoulder.

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