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First time 'ponygirl' is outfitted by master.

That brought visions of my cock being bone hard and that brought my cock to full attention. I was thankful that Liza couldn't see my stiff cock under the table but was wondering how I was going to get up and move into the living room when supper was over without showing her how hard I was. Then I thought 'What the fuck? She's shown me her tits and ass for a month and she's going to see my cock tonight. What's the big deal?'

When I stood up, Liza's eyes immediately went to the bulge in my shorts and I could almost hear her mind working overtime. Well, it would only be a little longer that she had to imagine what a hard cock looked or felt like. She could wait. I went into the living room and switched on the news, something I knew Liza would not hang around to watch. But, Liza came in and plopped down in the chair facing me. She picked up a book she had been reading and settled in, spreading her legs slightly. She wasn't wearing panties! I had a clear view of her trimmed pussy--hairs and all. My cock which had been softening just a bit rose to it's full seven inch length and was almost painfully hard.

The evening passed slowly but soon I announced that I was going to bed. I went into my bath and took a shower. After drying my body I walked naked over to my bed and crawled under the single top sheet. I actually did doze off before I heard the bedroom door open. Liza was standing there with the hall light backlighting her body under an almost sheer nighty.

"Grampa, can I come in and get in bed with you?"


"Momma kicked me out of our bed. She said I was moving around too much and she was tired of being kicked. But I really didn't think I was moving that much."

"Well. I do sleep in the nude. You'd have to promise to not look or touch." I smiled to myself since I was planning on doing the looking and touching in the not too distant future.

"I promise" came out in a small timid voice.

"OK. That's your side of the bed. Please stay on it or you'll be sleeping on the couch."

Liza crawled into the bed next to me. "Where's the blanket?"

"I don't use one."

"You don't? Don't you get cold?"

"Well, your mother and I have been keeping each other warm lately."

"Can you keep me warm, Grampa?"

"It's really wrong for me to do that, Sweetheart."


"Some people wouldn't understand a grandfather keeping his granddaughter warm at night."

"What if they never found out?"

"Well, it could happen then, but..."

"But what?"

"But the people who keep each other warm have to really love each other very, very much."

"I love you, Grampa. Don't you love me enough to keep me warm?"

"Yes, Liza, I guess I do. Why don't you get rid of that nighty and come over here close to your grandfather?" In a heartbeat Liza had the nighty over her head and headed towards the floor. I had a great view of a pair of firm young tits jiggling slightly as she moved over to get close to me. As she moved closer to me, my cock began to thicken even more. I couldn't ever remember it being as stiff and hard as Liza had inspired it to be just by being in my bed.

"Grampa, why did I have to take off my nighty if I'm cold enough to move close to you?"

"Good question, Sweetie. Your Grampa likes to feel naked skin instead of cloth no matter how thin it is."

"Oh." With that she moved her pretty little ass right back hard against my lower abdomen.

"Grampa, what is that poking me in my back?"

"It's my cock. Do you know what a cock is for?"

"Grampa, I had sex education years ago in the fifth grade. Of course I know what it's for. It's to make babies with."

"Well, yes it is, but it also makes you feel all nice and warm inside. Do you want to feel warm inside."

"You mean you're going to fuck me?"


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