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Everyday life pushed her down; then came the call.

Making sure her knees were far apart I put two pillows in front of her legs so that her ass would be up high and splayed open and her chest could lean forward and down on the pillows. The position presented her ass beautifully and also spread that hairy pussy wide. I could see those long pussy lips in her thick bush. Her butt cheeks had very little padding due to how skinny she was. I silently wondered if this would interfere with our activities. Then she broke character to remind me that she couldn't have any marks left on her. That disappointed me and made me slightly mad, even though we had discussed it before. I was just thinking that to give her the proper experience would be difficult without leaving marks. Plus I had no experience with this, I didn't know how hard a blow to give that wouldn't leave marks. So that suggested I go very light and build up.

I decided that the intensity of the scolding might augment the reality of the scene and make up for the lack of welts on her backside. It came to me that the padded bra was a good place to start because it was undeniably true.

"Let's deal with this matter of your dishonesty regarding your appearance first," I said and tapped the switch on her up turned ass lightly, finding my best position and angle.

"I'm sorry! I didn't do it to deceive, only to feel like a normal woman," she blurted out rapidly, her shame and humiliation were palpable.

I struck her in the middle of her cheeks, though the blow was clearly not hard the surprise of it made her gasp and she tried to raise up, which moved her ass and that lovely hairy pussy down and under from their beautifully exposed position.

"Silence! I didn't ask for an answer from you. You will know it when I do. And keep that ass up and your head and shoulders down!" I punctuated this last with another stroke of the switch.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

"I'm inclined to believe that your primary motive wasn't deception. If it were I think you might have gone for a larger cup size, or more revealing blouses." I continued applying the switch, with increasing force and spreading the strikes out all over her lean rump.

"Still, you are a married Christian woman. What should it matter to you what others think? Are you trying to be attractive to other men?" She tried to bear the strokes stoically while I continued to lecture her, but a flinch or a gasp now and then bore witness to their effect, even though probably more psychological at this point than physical. "Or is it a matter of ego? A little pride? An A cup pride, hidden behind high collar blouses?" She was weeping now, and clearly not from the pain of the switching. I decided to press on as this looked like it could be a cathartic moment.

"Isn't that right? Answer me!" A slightly more emphatic strike with the switch.

"Oh! Yes, yes, that's right. I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed." There were actual sobs and catches in her voice as she continued. "I want to be attractive to men, I want them to think I'm pretty. I want you to think I'm pretty. I went with the A cup only because more would have been too obvious if ... anyone ever saw me naked."

I was surprised by the depth of her revelation and realized that this was beyond our role play, but I couldn't stop now. I lightly rubbed the switch up and down her rear, being sure to tickle the pubic hair that stood out from between her legs and cheeks.

"You are pretty, inside and out." This obviously had an effect on her, her whole posture relaxed a little and she turned a little as if she would break position and reach for a hug.

"And you have confessed to harboring lewd and lascivious thoughts about other men." At this she stiffened a little and made sure her position was as prescribed. "You masquerade as a good Christian woman and wife, but in your heart, you are a slut!"

I punctuated this last with the strongest blow yet. It crossed her butt cheeks lower down and hit her protruding pussy lips. She shrieked and her hand flew back to cover her stinging privates. A faint red line was visible across her mildly rosy red butt.


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